We’re closing in on Summer. This is usually where I get ready to make an excuse about how I’m traveling to escape the heat, but not this year.

Returning to work is going to be awkward for Ruru.

Imagine having to conceal the fact that one of your superiors tried parading around as a middle schooler.

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There’s really nothing that important to discuss until Fairilu releases news about the new season or Summer gets here.

There always has to be that one stranded away team fan.

It looks intimidating, but it’s actually the dream position to be in if you like smack talking.

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We’re back to the normal grind for the meantime. I don’t intend to take anymore random vacations in the coming future barring any urgent personal business.

Gegege no Aine.

I imagine the Christmas episode is going to be something about how Aine believes she made friends with the real Santa Claus.

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Today is Children’s Day in Japan aka a perfect day to wait to post this week’s LGAPR. And saying that is a great cover up for me refusing to do anything over the Golden Week period.

Today we celebrate the youngest generation on LGAPR.

Ruru is just finishing up with escorting those that are too old out.

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I’ll feel a lot more energetic once April is over.

Welcome to the family, Mio.

None of Aine’s family looks related and they keep a highly intelligent penguin as a pet. I’m fairly sure something funny is going on in their household, and Penne is the most suspicious.

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It’s been a rough week so I didn’t have the energy to turn on PriChan or Precure until yesterday.

Farewell, Mr. Harry.

If a Toei character grabs a hold of you and starts to glow, then it’s fair to panic.

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Dawn of A New Day.

Nothing beats free advertising.

I know the whole point of PriChan is turn little girls into YouTubers, but you could at least make the player look like Nico since they’re the service streaming your series.

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I was going to do an April Fools joke version involving taiyaki, but we actually have some important things to talk about after the jump.

Man, I love happy endings.

I had so many options with so many finales, but I couldn’t resist a happy Elza finally experiencing a proper childhood.

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Strangely early.

What caught your eye first? The baby, the dog, or Hana’s legs?

I just thought I would throw that question there and force you to do a quick evaluation of yourself.

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A little later than planned, but at least we’re not behind.

He’s for everyone of us, stand for everyone of us.

A shame this is probably the last scene the males will have for the rest of PriPara and it was nothing more than a gag.

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