So I ended up deciding to change the two-hundredth edition celebration post to an end of LGAPR celebration post since the season is almost over. It’s only a couple of months away, and I think you guys can hold out until then.

No need for the long face.

I promise (almost) everything is worth the wait.

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We went from one season, to a one-hundredth edition, to a now two-hundredth edition milestone. The train might be stopping soon but it turns out LGAPR is still full of surprises. And I hate surprises.

Look who’s back to make the party awkward?

I hope you enjoy that title card because we have things to talk about again.

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Next week we finally hit that big 200th LGAPR post. Which would be great, but I don’t even have the celebration post halfway done yet.

Did I fall into a time slip?

I’d rather reverse my age fourteen years rather than just travel back fourteen years in time.

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Summer has finally begun, but we’re still a couple of weeks off of Fairilu coming back.

I can’t wait for the ceremonial weigh-in.

If Anna has proved one thing, it’s that she could probably take out Emo in a fight.

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I’m a little sad we’re not getting any random soccer episodes to celebrate the World Cup, but I guess we’re in a season with both a Captain Tsubasa remake and a new Inazuma Eleven series.

At least she didn’t try to put the proposal after the credits.

The only way you can get someone to wait through credits nowadays is if it’s a Marvel movie.

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Yes, I’m late. It happens.

That paint is all going straight into her mouth.

There’s a reason they needed to make a point about how the paint they were using was edible.

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We’re slowly approaching our 200th edition and I do have a little something special planned. I don’t know if it’ll actually get done in time, so cross your fingers.

I’m sure Coco would give a similar reaction if you had her Google herself.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a virtual existence; the internet is a scary place.

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So me being lazy paid off again in giving time for news to come out. Outside of Precure spoiling developments by it’s own hand, Fairilu’s third season was finally revealed. It’ll be joining back in on the action starting in July. I’ll crunch the numbers of how many compensation points it’ll receive some other time.

Mirai and Emo have begun to embrace true YouTuber principles.

Putting your life in danger to gain a few extra views and likes is part of the job description.

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We’re closing in on Summer. This is usually where I get ready to make an excuse about how I’m traveling to escape the heat, but not this year.

Returning to work is going to be awkward for Ruru.

Imagine having to conceal the fact that one of your superiors tried parading around as a middle schooler.

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There’s really nothing that important to discuss until Fairilu releases news about the new season or Summer gets here.

There always has to be that one stranded away team fan.

It looks intimidating, but it’s actually the dream position to be in if you like smack talking.

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