Posted by: Leek | October 9, 2010

Kamen Rider OOO – Episode 5

Oh hey, been awhile. Alright, a long while. Well I redid the banner and decided on a few new directions. For those of you not personally acquainted with me should know I have dived head first into the Heisei Kamen Rider generation. While I am constantly watching old stuff I have also got into the newest show OOO to watch every week or so.

I am enjoying it quite a bit and figured it wouldn’t hurt to provide brief screenshot commentaries when I felt like it. These are by no means any summary of the show and are merely meant for snide remarks. I also don’t promise to do these every week since there are many where I’ll be wrapped up in work and won’t have time or energy. They’ll be random, so just keep your ears perked and don’t expect too much of me.

Disguise yourself as a creepy girl JUST FOR THIS MOMENT
Fuck you Mezuuru, this isn’t a horror movie

So today’s episode delves into the realm of the rich bitch. Rich bitch gotta shop, rich bitch gotta be a bitch, and rich bitch gotta get what she deserves. Really though, it’s all about Ank and his iPhone, the real love between man and machine.

Oh yeah, that’s right we ended the last episode on a cliffhanger didn’t we? KOUSEI FINALLY MEETS WITH OUR MASKED HERO. Via what looks basically like a iPad, I’m pretty sure it’s not but I want to say it is because of Ank’s iPhone.

Please bake me a cake Kousei

I have to admit I am still fishy about Kousei. There is nothing more threatening then a man addressing you while baking a cake. Really? When a man has his attendant show a live video feed of him baking a cake while he gives you the go around about his corporation, then you have the right to be scared. Really though Kousei plays the friendly roll again and even gives Eiji some parting gifts for all his hard work. So despite his dark nature in using the core medals to his advantage there’s the fact he’s helping our hero.

It's so....cute
I’d like a walkie talkie grasshopper

I have to admit I love Eiji’s character. He is every bit the lovable happy go lucky idiot that I think I haven’t seen in most of the Riders I’ve been watching. It really makes me thing of Kuuga in all his thumbs up goodness. I think Eiji could give a good thumbs up to be honest except the thought of him trying the exchange with Ank plays out ridiculous.

Anyhow, Kousei starts explaining the Kougami’s use of the core medal and the medal system. To be honest if I were in the OOO world, I’d dive right into that shit. The medal system is awesome and it’s really making me lean towards the idea that our favorite biker gunman will be donning some Kougami Foundation Rider suit. I ponder what it’ll be like but I hope it happens soon because I want to see some double Rider action.

Little sister with a brother complex ♥

So I finally went to the OOO website to do some research. In this venture I looked at the actors and found that Hina is portrayed by Riho Takada….16 YEARS OLD. Now I realize I’m reaching that age where this shouldn’t surprise me anymore but really. She had hardly turned 16 before the show even started. Why so adorable Hina, why so adorable. I really have nothing to say about her part in this episode that would stem outside of her older brother complex. Love. Really. GOD LIFE STATUS ACHIEVED. DAMN YOU SHINGO. DAMN YOU ANK. Yeah, I’m done. Hina really is a good girl and I hope she starts doing pro wrestling moves at some point in time. Do that and I will pretty much lose it.

Leek: So yeah, Hina’s actor is freaking 16.
Friend: You act surprised.
Leek: She’s so adorable though. And now it just makes me seem like a creep that I like her so much.
Friend: Pretty sure you didn’t have to worry about being any creepier then usual.

( ´・з`・)

Ice pop and iPhone, work it Ank, work it

I’m pretty sure even taking Hina into account, Ank is the real moe character of OOO. Always after his ice pops and always checking his iPhone. It’s adorable really and I’m pretty sure Ank’s mind is something like…

Technology/iPhone >>>> Ice pops >>>>>> Core Medals >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Eiji >>>>>>>> Greeed >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Everything Else

Really though, Apple fans must be eating this stuff up. How many more times will we get to see Ank rock the iPhone?

“Mommy I want that phone because Ank uses it!”

Okay, fine. I’m done. Oh, Eiji complains that Ank is a fatty and needs to cut down on his ice pops. Between technology nerd sweet toothed monster and underwear wallet goofball I don’t know who to pity more.

Oh hey! Action scenes, forgot about those

So finally Uva comes to take back the core medals that Ank has in his possession. Actually Uva is just an idiot and gets baited by Ank into losing more of his medals. That’s really all there is to it, we get to see Tatoba Combo and Takatoraataa again this time around. I still think Cheetah is the coolest leg part ever just for the sole reason of running stupid fast. If I had a choice I’d take cheetah core medal just so I could run to class every morning. Not even kidding. I’m just that shallow.

Oh hey, I could be wrong but Tatoba Combo actually has a vocal song this time around. I remember hearing a song before but I don’t remember hearing any sort of singing involved with it. So it might be the first in a series of awesome vocal rap outs for all these crazy combinations. Probably not but I do like the music for OOO so I hope that we’ll get a few more.

All Green
And three core medals…

SHIT YES. THREE CORE MEDALS OF THE SAME COLOR. I’ve actually been mulling over if there was any meaning to a complete form and it appears by preview that there is some trick to it. Too bad it’s the end of the episode and we only get to see Ank in all his ikemen glory being all Ank about it.

This is also, upcoming anyway, the first time we’ll see a head part other then Taka. I was wondering if we’d ever escape from Taka head but it’s not hard to guess that a lot of these medals are going to be lost in some quick fashion. I mean, ultimate form so fast? I don’t think so. I also question with all these combinations if we’ll be seeing them all. We still have no name for Taka, Kamakiri, and Cheetah which I’m kind of curious about.

But until next time. Next episode is the premier of a triple core medal fusion and possibly more shenanigans that we could never imagine. I do kind of wish OOO had a catchy “catch you next time” phrase like 555. So I guess I’ll just have to say, “Strike a cool pose and wait for the next adventure of OOO!”

( ・´ー・`)


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