Posted by: Leek | February 14, 2011

Just For Fun: Valentine’s Love for my Favorite Nico Personalities

Happy Valentine’s Day. Yeah, mine was pretty awesome

Before getting sick before New Years, one of my friends noted that I hadn’t written a real self-serving article on my new blog yet. Or, at least, nothing like I had turned out on several of my other blogs. In that respect I decided it was in fact a irregularity and, now that the new year has rolled in, it’s about time I publish one.

Now most of my self-serving articles often have something to do with my horrible taste in woman…this was pointed out as well. So, it’s that time of the year again. And the honest truth for me is something like…

“When you’re out of a relationship…you tend to write these horrible articles about your horrible taste in woman.”

Well, I can’t think of better timing. But all of my previous articles have been some critisism of a variety of fictional fancies. Not to say it’s a bad thing but I would like to aim for something a little different for once. But, just the same, writing about celebrities isn’t quite so much fun either. So I decided I would pay tribute and appreciation to the many people who make life more fun. So with that here is my oddball overview of some of my favorite female contributors to Nico Nico Douga.

Originally I was supposed to do these illustrations for each of my selected five. But I realized it is hard enough to turn out one decent illusration in some amount of time, more or less five illustrations. I might do them eventually but not for this article. Sorry about that one. Doing things on a whim doesn’t always mean doing them to their 100% planning.

And as self-serving as this seems, I do plan on linking respective communities and blogs. Not like I expect anybody to actually care but it’s my way to feel like I’m not just saying embarassing things about people with no merit. And on the certain level of familiarity I’m at with some of these girls, I’d probably get smacked over the head with something if they heard me saying such things.

Nickname: Yamitsuko
Notable Work: Jikkyou Player
Most Adorable Moment: Any of her botched free talks in her videos
Blog: そこらの女が一息つこうかな。
Community: やみつこの風になる瞬間を見守る

I had to throw Yamitsuko into this article just because I got introduced to her last last year. Honestly I get bored pretty easily in my free time and part of what I do is “talent scouting”. This can entail scouting any kind of talent depending on the mood but in this case it was to look for an interesting new jikkyou player. Having found someone with an interesting repertoire of games, I just by chance started to watch Yamitsuko’s videos.

Yamitsuko is a girl that I like for her sheer amount of love for what she does. Upon getting introduced to Yamitsuko she made it fairly clear that she does what she does because she loves it. And it’s something I could love and respect. With how Nico has gotten nowadays, it’s easy to find people uploading videos just for a quick power trip. So encountering someone who isn’t in it for any sort of merit and was just enjoying the work was pretty phenomenal.

There’s really something about the informality of most of Yamitsuko’s viewers. In all honest it’s far from large and everyone feels relatively close knit. It could just be because there’s so few of us or it’s just something of Yamitsuko’s personal charm. In all it just keeps a real casual environment and more often comments on videos are just given hints to help her get through a lot of the games she’s playing. The fact that several of her other day to day friends were helping to support her endeavors made it even funnier. Something about not being the stereotypical “closet jikkyou player” was amusing. It was instead something that she was full intent on doing and confident with.

Due to the fact I’ve known her for a short time it’s really hard to identify too much about her just yet aside from what I’ve seen. Unlike most other on this countdown she’s hardly skated even a few good months of familiarity and even talking with her buddy hasn’t made it like my relationship with others. Still, Yamitsuko does feel like a bit of a good best friend that is easy to chat with. And as you’ll see from other people on this countdown, it’s probably part of the reason why I threw her in.

Nickname: Mii / Miico
Notable Work: Jikkyou Player, Full Voice Work, Nico no Mori (Radio Show)
Most Adorable Moment: Her early year streaming where she was playing with her voice mixer
Blog: miico blog
Community: 愛内みいこちゃんをにこにこ応援する会♪

While not technically going by her original name anymore, Mii is a Nico member I’ve been familiar with for awhile. After stumbling into her uploads by accident, I’ve supported her since fairly early on. Mii was probably found around my peak time of really getting into the jikkyou community on Nico and she was well a person to act as an introduction.

Now why I’ve been a fan of Mii for so long is far too easy to explain. Mii is another uploader that probably hasn’t seen the stretch of popularity that the big names do. Despite that, she does what she does and makes good friends with about everyone. This year turned out to be big for her as aside from moving to doing live streams, she changed her nickname as well. Aside from the lack of video uploads and what I became aquainted with her with, the live streams kept most of her regular viewers tightly knit together.

I’m pretty sure anybody familiar with her could see Mii as an older sister. In all honesty, I can’t see her as anything else. Aside from having the amazing ability to pull you into her life, she’s one willing to help you out with about anything. She’s always on the sidelines for you and, especially if it’s Nico related, she’ll have your back 100%. Actually, it’s probably her fault that I’ve been converted to be the same. The incessant need to support others, it rubs off too easily when Mii is so willing to share her heart with you. And if anybody has convinced me to keep at my own uploads and work on Nico, it is most certainly Mii.

Honestly, I doubt I’ll ever grow off of Mii. It’s one of those people you’ve been familiar with so long and that you’re so close with that you’d hate the idea of them just disappearing on you. As of the coming year though, it feels like Mii’s dream chasing has taken a bit of a step forward thanks to support. Since she appears to be really intent on getting a job in voicing permanently it might not be too long before she’s not just a Nico personality. And it’s something I’d most certainly look forward to. I’ve seen a lot of people gradually moving from their fame on Nico to mainstreams jobs so it would just be another good friend in the industry so to speak.

Nickname: Akua
Notable Work: Jikkyou Player, Live Streams, Music Covers
Most Adorable Moment: Valentine’s Day Live Streams or her cover of “Susususu, suki, daisuki”
Blog: ひとやすみ
Community: 【公認】水城あくあさん応援会【ニコ.ver】

Akua was my first real “guilty pleasure” on Nico. I have my issues, I know that very well. One of the big name female uploaders on Nico, Akua is about as high spirited as they come and ranks with a rather agressive and large fanbase. Sporting what one could call a “unique” natural speaking voice, it’s not hard to see why. I got into Akua rather early into her career and I’ve seen her unique talents reach quite a built up status.

I still stand by Akua and she’s kept up her work well over the year. Along with that, she’s moved on to doing covers of music to rub all that adorable charm of hers. Much like Mii, I feel like this was a rather busy year for Akua. I could say that over her year that she probably doesn’t rank in like she used to but it would be a stretch to say that her fanbase hasn’t gotten any bigger. Her move to doing several live streams have become huge events and it’s kind of sad when you have to raffle your way to get to get into a chat or game of Mario Kart. Regardless, she’s also started up her own site to share her voice talents and I only hope her the best if she’s really trying to pursue a career.

Somehow all these raffle situations make Akua feel like that popular girl. I’m pretty sure all her fans get a little jealous when we see someone bonding with her. At least, I know I do every so often. She’s certainly someone who’s not terribly easy to get attention from and you’d have to stick your neck out quite a bit to do so. Regardless, she’s not unapproachable either and generally I still believe she’s willing to cater to everyone had she the time. Not necesarilly popular and living it up but someone who managed to score popularity and is kind of stumbling along with it.

Regardless, I always get reminded of there is Akua’s nickname. If you know her long enough then it won’t be long before you add an “m” into her name. Along with Akua’s bright personality is an incredibly biting side that has made about every guy bow down in front of her. To take a bit from chat this morning, someone perhaps suffered some harsh hostility,

Cheerful Viewer: Actually, I managed to get one chocolate for Valentine’s Day!
Akua: Oh, that’s nice. It was from your mom, wasn’t it?

In this way, Akua is openly ready to speak her mind in several situations. Whether it be to criticize you as person or to set her high standard for her ideal guy, the girl isn’t afraid. And her blacker side is really a charm point. That or it’s just because I’m M like that. Akua could honestly slander me all day and I would enjoy every second of it…what were we talking about?

Like all of the girls in this article, Akua can legitimately make anyday a little brighter. But I think with her exceptional charm and ability to strike me in a certain way, I can often talk very fondly of her. Plus, unlike the previously mentioned, Akua has kept up a decent amount of activity over the year to back her up.

Nickname: Nocomochi
Notable Work: Live Streams
Most Adorable Moment: A very chaotic stream of Wario Ware for the Wii
Blog: (´・ω・`)
Community: (´・ω・`)

Noco is another girl who wandered into my knowledge base this year. After adding several Twitter friends, one just happened to post an amusing comment along with a live stream link. And thus, I encountered Noco. A bit of a dunce who happened to do live streams and another person with a interesting natural voice, Noco was hard to break away from.

Noco’s strongest trait was the fact that she followed the best schedule and a schedule I could easily keep to. Her streams for games always ran on Thursdays (I had no class) and Sundays (when I was bummed with another week of oncoming classes). They always ran right in the afternoon and it made lunchtime the best time. Not only that but on Saturday early mornings (for me anyway) she would read a bedtime story. This would be either a good thing to listen to before bed or to chill out at the end of a busy Saturday. All in all, she was consistent and busy over the course of the year. Something you wouldn’t expect.

Where I guess Mii could be a big sister, Noco, if anything, was a little sister to everyone. Actually, she was just kind of someone that was really easy to make fun of. While we often took the word that Noco was flat chested, it was something to actually see it. Included in a very chaotic yet adorable stream, Noco decided to simply webcam for awhile. When she chose to pat her chest, well, you can only imagine how hillarious and adorable it really was. Noco was really close with all of us as fans and listeners and I think with how often streams were, it was a really offbeat community.

Noco easily could have been my favorite personality on Nico all year because of how close I got with her. Unfortunately, and unlike anybody on this list, Noco legitimately had to stop her live streams near the end of the year because of a new job (thus no blog or community link). Far beyond heartbreaking news, it’ll be a rough year with just being able to chat her up on Twitter. But there’s always the chance (though very small) that she might waddle back onto Niconama. Until then she still goofs off an Stickam every so often that I get to hear her voice and have a bit more group chat that’s not on Twitter.

Nickname: non
Notable Work: Music Covers, Dance Covers, Live Streams
Most Adorable Moment: Her live performance of “Kurumi Ponchio”
Blog: nonのひとりごと
Community: *nonノンのんこ*

Surprised? I doubt anybody who knows me would be. I’ve known about non for almost a year and a half now and she’s another girl who was victim of my talent scouting. Upon wandering for some different vocalists on Nico, I ran into non through a bit of accident. I didn’t think much about her at first but as she gained experience, she grew on me in an instant. Bearing a very interesting natural voice both speaking and singing, non is an irreplaceable part of my music collection.

Nothing quite changed with non to be honest from the previous year. She still uploaded music at a constant rate and it was only really the first full year where she did much more live streams. I’d say this was the biggest change as she started to experiment more and hearing her singing voice live as well as more as she was as a person, changed my perspective on her a bit. Her older sister also became a larger part of the picture and with both of them singing together, I can’t find much a better duo I want to listen to.

In the very harem esque picture I have been painting so far, non is by far the idol. Hard to approach and while not very popular, I hold non in high esteem. As with any person who can sing a song in a way that I can enjoy, I respect her and it’s always hard for me to treat her as any ordinary person. Her often admittal to being hesitant around males also makes it hard to not give her special treatment. Still, everyone knows I support her like an idiot and I’ll tweet, post, and throw out every comment when she puts up a new cover. She even was the first person I was willing to put money towards on Nico. Yeah, my support goes that far. Maybe non and I will never be on a personal speaking level but I’m more then happy to cheer her on from the sidelines.

There’s also the odd joke I had made awhile back in a post where I said that no girl could eat sweets (referencing Yui from Flyable Heart) yet retain an adorable figure. Somehow non defies that assumption in every way as she’s flat out adorable yet I don’t know one second of the day where she isn’t tweeting about eating something sweet. I often mock her for it but it’s something that I’m really loving towards. Though that’s not to say that I kind of chuckle a bit whenever I hear her going on about eating some form of chocolate, cake, donut…the list could go on forever.

For all these reasons, non is and may forever be my favorite personality on Nico. For sure, her activity of 2010 didn’t make me like her any less, it just re-enforced it. A day without non to me is almost a day without living and people know I’m infamous for doing stupid things just to watch her live events. And when I’m forced to miss them…well…you can usually tell.

Wrapping it all up
As you can see, I’m a bit of fiend when it comes to my Nico personalities and I left out quite a few big names that I would have loved to add. But really I could go on forever about girls and guy and all kinds of different people, it all constructs the oddly different flavors you’ll get on Nico. If there’s one thing I did learn it was that the Nico community only begins to grow bigger and spread out farther. Not to mention, it might not be too long before I start seeing a lot of these names in bigger projects trying to move themselves forward.

And that’s far from meaning things will change any soon. For all this, I continue to work at my own Nico oriented projects while trying to keep up with those people I’m familiar with. And, hey, maybe there will be a day where some random group of girls or guys will be talking about how awesome I am…


…one can dream, right?


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