Posted by: Leek | February 27, 2013

Just another day in this neighborhood…

After nearly a year of hiatus I return…not with an article! Sorry about that. This update is mostly meant to announce that the radio page has been heavily updated in honor of the new radio/podcast project I am starting. To give you a short overview…

This new show is meant to be a anime community centered spin on Mr. Rogers. Except not kid friendly and let’s just say it won’t be teaching you the best life lessons at any time. But it will be centered around various topics that any of you lovely internet neighbors can apply to talk about. Yes, that’s right. I’m letting anybody contact me to apply as a neighbor that I call up to speak with. Depending on the number of interested parties the group will sort through the topic at hand as well as make merry. Simple enough, right?

While the project has progressed to a certain extent I will say it’s far from a pilot right now. Why? Because I still need the help of you, my lovely internet neighbors. So check out that lovely radio tab I have up and read to your heart’s content about the project. And most importantly, tell your friends! The more early support the project receives, the earlier it can take off and gain more speed. More willing hands in the project and viewers means the quality will increase exponentially. I know it’s hard to support something that is merely on paper right now but I’ll hope you all trust me enough to put your support forward!

I’ll be expecting your tweets and e-mails, neighbors.