Posted by: Leek | October 11, 2013

Memetaa TV Episode 1: Jojo: ASB 1.03 Universal System Changes

So remember how I kept hinting and hinting that instead of radio for this month I was working on something new? Well here it is. I’m sorry I’m slacking on everything else for Monster Hunter but I did FINALLY do something. It’s not a tutorial like I promised from the get go. But, BUT, it is something. Feel free to watch if you want (it’s mostly for people that already own the game) but if you don’t want to I will list basically how I translated most of the patch notes below the cut.

Changes Regarding Jumps
・Landing frames are back to 1.01 build (1 frame recovery I believe), if using a jump attack you are unable to guard or break throws on landing frames
・Any special moves that have aerial properties behave the same as jump attacks
・Time at which you can perform jump attacks is back to 1.01 (no longer have to wait until peak of jump)
・During jump, guard gauge no longer refills
・Behavior is changed when you make contact with opponent during jumps
・Fixed issues with goofy hitboxes with Stand On and jumping

Stylish Moves/Guard Gauge Changes
・Stylish Moves now cost 30% Guard gauge rather than 25%
・You can now recover Guard Gauge while getting hit, however, it is half speed and will stop during HHA, GHA, and throws
・Guard Gauge now recovers slower…quite slow
・Max Guard gauge has fallen from 750 to 500
・On Guard break moves with throw properties will now hit

Combo System Changes
・Super Gravity at wall has been removed
・Within one combo, if you use the same move while the opponent is in a similar state more than X number of times, this move will force a hard knockdown (Similar state = Standing hitstun, aerial juggles, crumples, on the ground, or other situations where the opponent is hit. Same moves are applied to anything including normals) Thanks to a friend for making the explanation a lot clearer to me.
・Damage after throws will be scaled properly to account for heightened throw damage

Other System Changes
・QSO (Quick Stand On) – For stand users, during normal attacks you can hit the Style Button to cancel your attack and automatically call your Stand for 1 gauge
・You cannot break throws while executing a normal (non-cinematic) taunt
・Using Taunt Combos will force invincibility frames on the following taunt restand. This means only one taunt to continue a combo per combo.

Universal Character Changes
・GHA can be canceled into from normals now
・You can cancel into command moves, specials, HHA, GHA from crouching heavy (medium for those it acts as a sweep for)
・Throw damage has been buffed (60-80 damage up from previous version)
・Health of Phantom Blood characters reduced slightly (exact amount unsure)
・Can perform any action other than guarding 1 frame after guarding (potentially to increase punish opportunities? relatively unsure about this change)
・Invincibility after throw breaks adjusted (before, person who broke would not get invincibility now both do)

That’s about all there is for universal changes. Make sure to watch the video if you want to see some of it in action!


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