Posted by: Leek | October 24, 2013

Memetaa TV Episode 3: Jojo: ASB – Narciso Anasui Basic Introduction

Since I really lack the ability to stream fluid video, I decided to do this in replacement for the stream. No write up this time but that’s the kind of thing I’d save for an actual in-depth tutorial. This one is just to give you an idea of how Anasui is played just in case you didn’t know if you want to buy him or just want some insight into his movelist.

It should have techincally been up this morning but YouTube kept eating my videos so about the 4th time I finally got it up. So it’s almost a day late but at least it’s out in the open. Hope you guys enjoy.

What do those numbers and abbreviations mean?
Just in case you aren’t familiar with the number notation for fighting games here’s a quick explanation.

When you’re looking at a pad, joystick, arcade stick, you can break it’s movement into 9 main directions. Just imagine the standard numpad you have with 123 on the bottom, 789 on the top, and so on. The picture in your mind would probably be this…

7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3

Now map that image onto your stick and it’s a great way to simply annotate moves. This is especially handy since Jojo move names are REALLY long (because they’re just taken from lines. So here’s some common names you will hear. Of course all these commands listed are assuming you are on 1P side.

“Hadouken”, Quarter circle forward, or QCF = 236
“Shoryuken”, Dragon Punch, or DP = 623
“Tatsumaki”, Quarter circle back, or QCB = 214
Reverse DP = 421
Half circle forward or HCF = 41236
Half circle back or HCB = 63214

These are the most common and the only real ones you’ll see in ASB since no other commands are really present out of double commands. But this gives you a general idea of what all those numbers I put in combo annotations will mean. As for game specific you should look out for…

L = Light Attack (some people use A)
M = Medium Attack (some people use B)
H = Heavy Attack (some people use C)
S = Style Button
ATK = short way to say any attack button will work
SR = Stand Rush (indicating you should use a Stand Rush here)
QSO = Quick Stand On (indicating you should use a Quick Stand On here)
PC = Puttsun or Universal Cancel (indicating you should use a cancel here)

Hopefully that makes more sense of some terms I use in this video and future videos.


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