Posted by: Leek | November 28, 2013

Jojo: ASB 1.04 Complete System Change List

So it came at a little bit of a unpleasant time (both a great and horrible holiday treat at the same time). But here’s my translation for the 1.04 update that breaks down every single system change. This time around since it’s mostly a balance patch I’ll break apart what each character change is in another article.

General Game Changes

    Regarding Jumps
    ・ During standard landing: Guarding, Attacking, Throws, and Throw Breaks cannot be performed
    ・ After an empty jump (no attacking) the window you cannot Stylish Move was increased
    ・ All these changes are also applied to back jumps (when not attacking)

    High Jumps
    ・ Excluding Dio, all High Jumps now have a 3F startup vs. 1F
    ・ Being hit during High Jump will now count as a counter hit

    Stylish Move Changes
    ・ If you Stylish move an overhead while crouching or a low while standing you will be penalized by using 40% guard meter vs. the usual 30%
    ・ If you perform any action immediately after a Stylish move you will be given adjusted invincibility frames on that action (Movement 10F of incinvcibilty, Attacks or Moves 5F of invincibility)
    ・ If you stylish move an aerial attack you will be allowed to act 4F faster than normal
    ・ While on horseback, calling a horse, and Iggy with Stand Off can no longer Stylish Move

    Counter Hit
    ・ Counter Hit now causes 2x damage on that hit
    ・ For opponents counter hit in the air, they will be in hit stun for 5 frames longer (allows combo potential)
    ・ Standing and Crouching Light Attacks will only counter hit again aerial attacks (this is what I’m getting out of their wording)

    Kakugo Mode
    ・ Super Armor starts from 2 frames after the move is activated as opposed to instantly

    Guard Break
    ・ Combos performed after Guard Break now scale properly

    Guard Gauge
    ・ Guard Gauge now changes colors based on status (100% and below green, 40% and below yellow, 30% and below red)
    ・ Guard Gauge Damage now scales in combos
    ・ Guard Gauge now recovers during down Taunts for both sides
    ・ After landing, Guard Gauge will not recover for 7 frames
    ・ Guard Gauge recovery speed acts in reverse proportion to your remaining gauge when below 50%. When you have no guard gauge it recovers twice as fast but slowly returns to normal as you reach 50% again.

    Mode Style Changes
    ・ Initial Activation changed from 15 to 9 frames. Deactivation from 15 to 36 frames.
    ・ Wham and Cars can recover HH during normal Mode activation
    ・ During normal Mode or super Mode if you use an HHA you will forfeit all gauge and revert to normal status (however you suffer no cooldown animation)
    ・ Normal Mode activation now costs 25% of one Heart Heat Gauge
    ・ Manually deactivating Mode now costs 25% gauge and cannot be performed if you have below 25% gauge
    ・ You can now activate Mode via a cancel (similar to using a Command Special)
    ・ You can now activate super Mode via a cancel even having not activated Normal Mode by performing the 22+S command
    ・ If you activate Super Mode with 1 gauge you can still input a HHA before your gauge runs out
    ・ Recovery on Super Mode activation has been increased and no longer allows follow up combos afterwards

    Stand Style Changes
    ・ Quick Stand On (QSO) now costs half rather than a full gauge
    ・ After activating Stand Rush, inputs will be taken 3F faster than before
    ・ QSO can now be performed after command moves
    ・ You can now act 10F after performing QSO as opposed to 15F. However any combos performed during this time will not recover any gauge and will suffer from extra damage scaling.
    ・ QSO can not be performed during the latter half of recovery frames on either command or LMH moves

    Horseback Changes
    ・ Quick Horse On (QHO) which functions like QSO has been implemented. Spend half a gauge to cancel a normal and instantly get on your horse.
    ・ Again, Stylish Moves cannot be performed while on Horseback or while calling your horse
    ・ Guard Gauge will no longer recover while on your horse
    ・ On your horse you can no longer be hit by command grabs.

    Misc. Changes
    ・ Various commands 28 and 46 commands have been made so they will not be performed on accident. They now force a neutral state before input to come out correctly. EX. 528, 546
    ・ If you are in a dash state for more than 5 seconds you will be forced out of it to a walk state
    ・ The Stage Gimmick on the Steel Ball Run stage only recovers 1 Gauge and no longer 3

That’s everything with regards to the system. Be sure to read the follow up to see specific character changes.


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