Posted by: Leek | December 19, 2013

7 Anime related features to get you ready for Christmas Eve: Number 6

So we’re back again today with the next item in your Christmas watch list. Actually, to be honest, I’m watching most of these over so I can even remember why they stood out specifically to me. And I will admit it’s a very nostalgic feeling (since I haven’t seen some of these things since they aired). A good example being the item for today.

That’s right, we’re at Christmas romance already

Background and Reasoning
So after making you watch a war story yesterday, I obviously need to lighten the mood a bit. It’s no argument that Christmas and romance go hand and hand and the sappiest of love stories are most likely based around Christmas. So what’s better than one of the most classic and well known harem series of them all? Heck, it was such a instrumental part it needed a 45 minute special.

If there is one thing you could watch that manages to fit all the aspects of the Love Hina series into one, the Christmas special is probably a good example. The special doesn’t just start on Christmas but covers the entire timeline of Christmas week as the three main characters are preparing for yet another entrance exam. But being the Christmas season Keitaro tries to find a way to get into the Christmas spirit. This (obviously) turns into a wave of misunderstandings, freak accidents, coincidence, and an all around really goofy Christmas Eve. And, with all that aside, it still manages to serve as a fairly significant step in the main plot despite all the goof. Despite focusing on the main three you still get to see from the perspective of the entire Love Hina harem and, not surprisingly, emotions are run amuck.

So outside of the romance perspective of the Love Hina Christmas special, why watch it? All around it’s just what you’d expect from any Christmas story. It’s something like watching the cast of Green Acres going to New York combined with the shenanigans of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. So that’s kind of a horrible description but it really is just that goofy of a special. Sure, it’s predictable. And yes, it is overall pretty damn stupid and full of coincidences that don’t make sense. BUT. Isn’t that what every Christmas special really is? It just doesn’t feel like Christmas without watching something incredibly stereotypical and the Love Hina Christmas Special executes it miraculously well.

So go ahead and check it out if you haven’t. If you’ve been one of the great people who’s seen the Love Hina Christmas Special already or just got through watching it, then feel free to read more about my thoughts on it below.

Stereotypical as Fuck

All the Rest (aka spoilers)
So what’s really great in this chaotic special?

Just like you expect as it almost turns to midnight on Christmas Eve, it’s the romantic Christmas miracle. Keitaro finally (albeit stupidly) gets his foot in the door with Naru. And even though the entire cast tries to downplay the entire Christmas Eve romance ideals throughout the episode, you see Keitaro in the back doing just the opposite. Working ridiculous jobs in the background, Keitaro is performing a background made for TV Christmas special within a Christmas special. Oh and he manages to do this job with a broken leg. And the whole breaking his leg part makes no sense and is that one lovely touch for unnecessary dramatic effect. I mean who knocks over a dude limping around on a crutch and doesn’t help him back up? C’mon now. But this is Love Hina we’re talking about.

Then there’s the lovely coincidences on top of coincidences. You have the classic discovery of a love letter that isn’t a love letter. Not only does this spark the entire broken leg thing but it also sets off the entire special. Man what a cheesy piece of…! And this not only sets Keitaro on his way to a very painful Christmas Eve but sends out all the other girls on a wild goose hunt. One that, like I said before, is like you sent the most uneducated bunch of people you could into the city to survive. But with Christmas miracle after Christmas miracle it somehow manages to work itself out. That’s just how these things work right? That’s how they work in the world of Love Hina at least.

So sappy and so classic.

If nothing else, the Christmas Special ending is what you could imagine. Just to ensure that she makes a statement before Christmas Eve passes (not a confession mind you) Naru gets up on the big screen and calls out to a downtrodden Keitaro. And Keitaro magically uses this to determine her position so they can finally meet face to face just before midnight strikes. And then that’s it. No affectionate hug or any romantic scene for that matter. Naru just puts on her new gift from Keitaro (good thing nobody stole that on the train) and, of all people, Shinobu runs up and embraces her. Sure, the entire fiasco can be traced back to Shinobu and I guess it’s somehow a secondary resolution. That or she was just deeply traumatized from getting dragged around by Keitaro for a part of the day. Your pick.

But at the same time Keitaro did still make a confession to Naru early in the episode. And she did, more or less, accept this confession. Then we have the side information where Keitaro finally learns that Mutsumi had been lying to him the entire time and she was not his promised girl from his past. And Shinobu third wheels as always. What a great Christmas, right?

All in all, it’s so stereotypical that it’s damn fun to watch. And, like I said, it’s really Love Hina doing exactly what Love Hina does best. That and it was really odd listening to Yui Horie in her early 20’s again since it’s literally been 10 years or so. Goddamn.



  1. Hah, didn’t think you would actually give this a mention. Then again, more like why wouldn’t you if you’re doing a Christmas piece.

    Fun fact if you didn’t know already, in the scene near the beginning just before Shinobu, Su, and friend #3 show up…. the duo that are singing on the monitor? Horie Yui and Tamura Yukari (a.k.a Yamato Nadeshiko when they were a unit)

    • I am 100% no matter where Yukarin shows up that I recognize that damn voice in a instant.

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