Posted by: Leek | December 24, 2013

7 Anime related features to get you ready for Christmas Eve: Number 1

Christmas Eve is upon us and it’s time to close out this series with the best of the best. We’ve seen it all by now. So what could really be so great that it trumps every one of those things that I’ve recommended thus far? What could have possibly beaten out number two which should have easily been filling out the number one position? Well even if the feature from yesterday was legendary, there’s been legends that have been standing long before it.

Yeah. I went there.

Background and Reasoning
That’s right. Those that are familiar with Kyojin no Hoshi will know exactly where this post is going. Those who aren’t are probably wondering…why baseball? Kyojin no Hoshi episode 92 will probably seem like a mystery. What in the world could happen in a baseball anime on Christmas that would make it legendary? A miracle perfect game? Jesus being born and carrying the ball out of the park to win the underdogs an impossible game? Unfortunately, it’s none of those.

Hoshi, who’s brain has been programmed from childhood to only play baseball, begins to have nightmares in the hospital about his status as nothing more than a baseball playing robot. He begins to worry if anybody in the world truly sees him as a human just as his contract renewal has come to rear it’s head. Scarred by his own nightmares, Hoshi panics in the hot seat and demands twice the salary of his former contract. Being the star player he is, the news immediately jumps on the story and a huge ruckus breaks out. Hoshi, trying to forget the incident, decides to prove his humanity by throwing a party on Christmas Eve and invites his greatest rivals. But is Hoshi barking up the wrong tree?

In the history of anime Christmas stories, there are very few who haven’t heard SOMETHING or seen a bit of the Kyojin no Hoshi Christmas episode. There’s really nothing quite like it and anything that truly tries to imitate it could never come close to stacking up. It really is a special and a half and, no pun intended, really knocks what it wants to do right out of the park. Unforgettable. Unimaginable. Truly one of a kind. Just watch it. I gave you all the background you need and it’s really just on you to see how Hoshi’s Christmas Eve party goes.

So go ahead and check it out if you haven’t. If you’ve been one of the great people who’s seen episode 92 of Kyojin no Hoshi already or just got through watching it, then feel free to read more about my thoughts on it below.

Man, animation back then looked so real…wait.

All the Rest (aka spoilers)
Why is Kyojin no Hoshi episode 92 the staple Christmas Eve episode?

Even before the modern ideas in Japan where Christmas Eve has become a romantic holiday, it was always a holiday that you never wanted to spend alone. Everybody knows it’s about family, togetherness, and all that cheesy stuff. So who better to want to celebrate it than Hoshi, one of the most tragic sports figures of all time. He wasn’t raised to make or have friends. He was raised to play baseball. Heck, HE DIDN’T EVEN KNOW WHEN CHRISTMAS EVE WAS. All he knew was that people get really excited, throw parties on it, and spend time with friends and family. Except Hoshi has none of those. He has rivals. He has teammates. And he has a trainer, aka his father. But no. Hoshi is convinced that he can prove he’s a normal human being.

And the episode really sets you up for the fall. Even if you know in your heart that nobody is going to go to Hoshi’s Christmas party (maybe you’re a hopeful and believed it), you still have to watch him trying as hard as he can to make it perfect. Maybe there is a part of your heart watching it the first time that thinks a Christmas miracle will occur. And it’s a real shame that nobody went since Hoshi actually looked like he was throwing a good Christmas party. I mean he did all that decorating and, I assume, bought all that food for everyone. It’s really a shame. But the reality is that everybody actually hates Hoshi.

Really. Fuck Christmas.

And then we have the famous fall. If nobody has watched the entire episode, then chances are everyone has at least seen Hoshi ravaging his own party. After receiving a note of refusal from his own sister, Hoshi finally snaps. And, you know, who wouldn’t? I mean, sure, he probably invited a lot of the wrong people in the given context. Heck, he could have AT LEAST invited Ban. I mean, why do you think Ban actually ran off crying? I would too if the guy I’ve been friends with and supported all the time wouldn’t invite me to his Christmas party just because I’m not big league enough. But it’s the scene everyone knows and loves. For all those that spend Christmas truly alone, the scene goes out to them. But hopefully none of those loners out there are flipping tables and throwing Christmas Trees out windows. Just remember if you’re throwing a Christmas party to invite people that don’t have a reason to hate you. That’s a good place to start.

I guess the really moving part is that Ban actually sympathizes with Hoshi at the end of the episode (even after Hoshi literally chases him away). Or, I don’t know. It is a little creepy that he was just standing outside the window like that. Pretty sure he was there since the start of the party or something watching like a hawk. I guess the only thing lonelier than throwing a party and having no one come is being the guy who wasn’t invited and is watching from the outside. But it does provide a good reflection. If you really don’t have the friends and family to carry you through the hard times it’s easy to fall back on money to buy you satisfaction. It’s just that money doesn’t always buy you friends. Remember, just don’t throw the Christmas Tree out the window.

Kyojin no Hoshi episode 92 will always be a legendary one. As long as there are lonely people spending Christmas by themselves, there will be a reason to watch Hoshi crash his own party year after year. Just think of it as your duty to those people to remind you of their existence.

And that wraps up this countdown. Hopefully you’ll have a great holiday regardless of where you are and who you’re spending it with.


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