Posted by: Leek | April 29, 2014

Memetaa TV Episode 9: Jojo: ASB – Talking About Tiers

I got a small request and even on the side I’ve been asked for my opinions on the tier list in ASB. I can’t stand by my list entirely and I’m sure as more people touch the game that a lot of things will be subject to change in the future. But I compiled a list according to discussions with other players, various tier lists from other players, and my own experience against certain characters.

A Short Bit about Tier Lists
Before I even show you the tier list, let me say a short little bit about tiers and, more specifically, how it applies to ASB. Now the ASB tier list is kind of a finicky one due to the fact ASB never had the biggest offline community. But there are a good number of players who have touched the game and a lot of matchup discussion has happened here and there. While there is a lot of discretion when it comes to the middle ground there is generally agreed characters that have moves, normals, and combos that allow them to rise above the rest. But don’t feel too restricted by them as nothing has been set in stone. And if an update happens to ever strike again then it’s very easy that the tier list will get shaken up again. The important thing to remember is that tier lists are always subject to change and there are games who’s tier lists have changed nearly years after the game’s release. So don’t feel too restricted and see what you can do with the character you want to play first.

The Tier List
So luckily MMCafe had ASB as one of their options which saved me a lot of time in making this. But it’s exactly as you could imagine. You can basically read the individual tiers as S+, S, A, B, C, D, E, and F. I’ll break down what each tier level means. And I did actually bother to put significance in the left and right sections of the chart. That one is based on my own experience with characters than anything else.

So the most important things to stress on the tier list are the top tier trio, the bottom tier trio, and how much you should be worried if you play a certain tier.

Tier Separation
So before we get into the tier extremes let me talk about how severe the tier separation is. As you can tell there are quite a few levels going down as far as F. But is the S+ vs. F matchup really that bad?

S+ and S Tier: The top tier trio. These characters aren’t devastatingly broken but more on the end of having tools that make a lot of matchups incredibly easy. Since I’ll talk about them more later I won’t go into full detail just yet. But you should know and you’ll be seeing these three a lot.

A Tier: About 10 characters land themselves in A tier and if you’re interested in one of these characters you won’t have too much trouble getting Ws. These characters aren’t the top of the top but they all have good combos, tools, and abilities that will allows you to get the better of a lot of opponents. While you will have to work a little harder to beat S Tier characters it isn’t terrible as long as you understand the matchup.

B Tier: The next 9 characters you’ll find land themselves in the B tier which is still above the general average. Most of these characters excel at certain abilities and most likely have flaws in parts of their game that keep them just out of A tier. And, to be honest, you’ll find a lot of characters can be interchanged between B and A tier depending on the player you talk to. The point is these characters can compete against A tier but will most likely suffer a bit of an uphill battle when against S tiers.

C Tier: Hitting right at the middle, the next bunch of characters fall into C tier. While a lot of these characters have some great tools, they just lack a few abilities to put them above average or just have painful flaws that hold them back. Characters like Anasui, Jotaro, and Jousuke (8th Arc) all have a good variety of tools that aren’t too far from characters in upper tiers and are generally easy to make work. Other characters like Pucci and Hermes aren’t bad by any means and have great abilities, but you’ll have to find a way to get around their flaws. Once again, a lot of these positions aren’t set in stone and a lot of these characters can easily jump up once more people get their hands on them.

D Tier: Now we’re falling hitting into the actual low tiers and characters that will take more effort as a player to get wins with. You’ll find the problem with most of these characters isn’t their lack of tools but generally that they have a hard time getting as much damage as other characters. Characters like Lisalisa and Fugo are held back by unsatisfactory normals and Baoh is cursed with a bug that renders him in longer guard stun than any other character. If you’re trying to use this bunch then you’ll generally feel like you’re fighting a losing battle but it’s not impossible.

E-F Tier: The trio of bottom tier characters. While a lot of argument can be made for Shigekiyo, it’s generally set that these characters have problems. Whether it’s low health, no combos, or no damage, it’ll take a lot of effort to make them shine. I’ll go into them just like the top tier in a bit.

The S Tier Trio
So while I don’t plan to go through every character, let’s at least talk about the S tier. Now the S tier is generally considered Hol Horse and Vanilla by about every player. Are they impossible to fight? Not really and it’s generally best if you learn the matchup and what to do as soon as possible. It also might not hurt you to learn at least one of these three characters. As for Diavolo, you’ll find that he’s not necessarily grouped with these characters all the time. This is generally a personal opinion of mine and don’t feel too inclined to consider this a overly common opinion. But I’ll give my reasons as we go along.

Vanilla Ice: One of the very few DLC characters that got the good end of the stick, Vanilla Ice has been a threat even before getting buffed in 1.04. So what makes Vanilla Ice worth of the top three position? Generally, Vanilla is just an example of a good character. With an easy to perform an heavy hitting combos, an unblockable move that can be used to zone out about the entire cast, a incredibly reliable hard knockdown, and a plethora of moves that can hit opponents when they’re down. Add this all in with some fantastic normals and a Stand ability that can both grant a ton of invincibility alongside a good amount of damage and you’ve rolled together a fantastic character. On the surface he doesn’t seem great but the unpredictability and reliability of his combos simply allows Vanilla to dominate a lot of characters.

Hol Horse: Hol Horse is actually a character that gets most of his top tier ability due to the use of one move. Hol Horse’s QBC+ATK aka calling the Hanged Man is easily the cream of crop of frustrating moves to deal with in ASB. Not only does it give Hol Horse some great offensive potential, but it generally gives him a gauge free burst as long as he’s next to it. Hanged Man can be called at anytime so whether Hol Horse is taking a swing, jumping, on the ground, or even taking damage, Hanged Man can come out to harass you. However, a Hol Horse without Hanged Man out is just an ordinary zoner. Generally, in a defensive player’s hands Hol Horse will be incredibly frustrating to fight against and the entire matchup will be dependent on you learning how to get around Hanged Man.

Diavolo: Diavolo is a character that can be questionably put in the highest tier but let’s look at it this way. Diavolo has one of the highest damage outputs in the game without any gauge required and learning his BnB combo will give you a combo that can output a damage that nearly equals what other characters get for a single gauge. Doing this allows you to get access to Diavolo’s various moves that expend gauge or you can just save it all for a big damage combo. But a Diavolo with gauge gets access to Epitaph (aka nearly free stylish moves), his burst, and even his GHA if the player finds a good attack they can catch with it. So with little reason to expend gauge for combos and a bag of tricks to use with gauge, Diavolo can be a scary opponent to deal with. Add in that he can confirm a lot of moves into his various combos, partially invincible forward and backsteps, and a powerful counter and you’ve got quite a scary character.

The Iggy Tier Trio
Shigekiyo: Shigechi is one of the DLC characters that’s really hard to judge. There’s nothing particularly wrong with him but his abysmal range and necessity to continually stack Harvest generally keep him from being a great character. If it weren’t for these two major flaws, Shigechi wouldn’t have too many problem but it eventually comes down to a struggle of doing proper damage. And being small doesn’t matter if you have just as much problem hitting your opponent as they do you. But of all the characters bringing up the rear, Shigechi is the most likely to be considered nearer or even in D tier.

Kawajiri (Kira): Counting out the DLC, Kawajiri would generally fall on the bottom tier by himself. So when his counterpart is sitting pretty in the high tiers, why is Kawajiri stuck with a dog and a fat kid? Kawajiri is generally the one character in the game who has been noted to have little to no combos no matter how you decide to spend hi gauge. With a counter HHA and a unreliable hitting GHA, Kawajiri struggles to use gauge properly and get any real damage. All of his tools feel incomplete and it’s just hard to find a practical situation for a lot of them. It’s really a shame since if he was fine tuned a bit more he would have great potential but the system seems to work against about all of his abilities as of now.

Iggy: So with the nightmare of how bad Kawajiri is, why is there a need for Iggy tier? The point is Iggy is actually a really interesting and amusing character to play. But with the recent patch they chose to buff him with Stand On that his Stand Off mode feels almost pointless. But why is this a problem? Equipping your Stand with Iggy generally means you lose the advantage of being a small character and generally become a much bigger target for your opponent. And since Iggy has such little health vs. the rest of the cast, it generally means getting hit once already puts you at the verge of death. In general, Iggy’s health handicap is too hard to overcome. And with the need to call your Stand to do any real damage, it become a high risk with a rather sub-par reward.

So with the tiers in your head, you can go into ASB with a better idea of what to look out for. But don’t let this list decide everything for you and feel free to pick what character works for you. In reality, a lot of players still like to dip down as far as D Tier and there’s really nothing saying you can’t win. In fact, it’s more of learning what tools make the top tiers and seeing the matchup in action to really net you wins. Once you learn how to fight the higher tier characters, you’ll find yourself in a lot better shape. But just always be aware that when you’re fighting these characters that they are, most likely, putting forth a lot less effort then you are trying to combat them. That’s just how tiers work out, unfortunately.

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