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Uki’s Manga Pick Up: Cahe Tanteibu (UPDATED)

(Update: I’ve added a critical section that was somehow missed in the original submission. Check for the Uki’s Seiyuu Demand after each girl’s overview)

After a much prolonged project of doing blogs due to laziness certain delays, I have finally decided to go through with it thanks to my good buddy Leek who’s been generous enough to set me up as an author on his blog.  For those who haven’t been listening to Leek’s awesome Some Unnamed Anime Podcast (go there NOW), I’m Uki….that go that goes on and on when it comes to Nanoha/Mizuki Nana topics. I classify myself as the classic combination of being a anime/manga/gamer, or as I like to call it: an animangamer. Corny yes, but it’s a new spin on the typical otaku label.

There are actually quite a few topics I have in mind that I want people to read about, and this post will be the first of those. I’ll usually try to aim for the niche type of things since they probably don’t get the spotlight they more likely than not deserve. So don’t expect me to cover anything of the over-hyped stuff like Attack on Titan or other main stream series. Unless I feel like it that is. Most likely won’t happen.

Quality & Quantity Done Right

Cahe TanteibuSo what did I choose today? It’s one of my favorite manga series that’s published through GanGan Online on a somewhat bi-monthly basis: Cahe Tanteibu (translated Cahe Detective Club). Yes, that spelling is not an accident as it serves a significant purpose in this series. This is a series written and drawn by mangaka Fujishiro Takeshi who is probably more known for his other (and still running) series Nagasarete Airantou. The anime adaptation of the latter series is what drove me into reading the original source material which is how I got to know the mangaka, and the result of that was how I found out about Cahe Tanteibu.

Fujishiro’s characters achieve something that is almost rare for me to admit in most, if not all, series with many bishoujos. I actually like ALL of them. Not one of them is a useless character that takes away precious panel space nor one that I find annoying.

Before I get all giddy into why all characters are awesome, here’s the rundown of what this is all about and why Cahe is used the way it is. Setting is usually in the Tsubame all girl high school where the main heroines are all entering as 1st year students. This school is known for having many clubs including the typical & oddball ones like a Peace With Nature club. The main heroines all wanted to create their own club based on their interests but find out that there enough budget to only have one more club initiated. The teacher who would be the adviser of the new club then tells the disappointed girls that whoever gets the required number of members for a club first gets to have their club granted officially.  As the 1st chapter goes on, they end up in a stale mate in that…….well, no one succeeded. Without giving too much away, let’s just say that their quirks were too much for the potential recruits to handle. Then one of the main heroines, Tokigawa Emina, cleverly pulled the strings into getting everyone to join forces into one club, a cafe type, while keeping their interests still doable there. Everyone agrees to it, but the kicker was because it was Emina who came up with the idea, she gets to name the club. And the birth of the Cahe Tanteibu is made.

Oh boy, here comes the fun part.

Introducing the main heroines of the series:


Cahe Bu Members

(left to right: Hanazono Shizuka, Naguri Risa, Tokigawa Emina, Mizuho Nana, Hatoyama Miyu)

Tokigawa Emina – The Little Demon

I guess you can call her the “main heroine”, but I honestly wouldn’t put that title on her. She’s the club leader of Tokigawa EminaCahe Tanteibu as mentioned earlier, and she’s the reason why it’s called “Cahe”. Emina has this really adorable habit of slurring her words at critical moments, when she’s excited, or even some of the most random moments. So when she picked the name of the newly formed club, she slurred “Cafe” into Cahe….and the rest of the girls picked up on it. It was unanimously agreed (minus Emina who was still trying to pronounce it) to stick with it since it was funny.

As the name of the club is the Cahe Tanteibu (Cafe Detective Club in case you missed it earlier), it’s pretty much a give away that her interests lie in the detective area of things. She likes detective novels and is of course good at piecing things together. Emina wanted the club to offer detective type services for the other students, but instead they get more requests in love advice. She also has this uncanny ability in remembering everything including books she’s read, the order of playing cards when shuffled randomly (no tricks), matching student names to faces once introduced, and even deciphering all orders shout out at once to her to the correct customer. She’s also vertically challenged……in other words, very short. And this shortness is part of her charm aside from having very good proportions. Most notably, she’s often called “a little demon” by her friends and the other club members. She’s so cunning and sly that she can manipulate events around her to her advantage. And she’s short. She also has a brother complex which ensues in some pretty funny events between her, Touma (the younger twin brother), and Nana (the other club member which will be introduced later). Did I mention her shortness? I have to make note of it because for some odd reason, it adds a lot to her likeability.

Uki’s Seiyuu Demand: Horie Yui. Just from the way Emina acts, I can picture Hocchan doing her thing and bringing out her character even more. And to note, she did the lead character Suzu’s voice in the Nagasarete Airantou adaptation. Could work out.


Hatoyama Miyu: The Unfortunate Boku-ko Rider Goddess

She’s a goddess. Her stats practically make her unrivaled in my book that it’s almost unfair. If you know me, you probably knew that she’s my favorite one of the bunch already. For those not in the loop, I have this thing for twintails. If anything, it’s the characteristic that immediately gets my attention with first impressions (as mentioned by me in the Valentine’s Day episode of SUAP…..I think). Anyways, Miyu is often seen as a beauty that reaches even model levels. She’s got godly proportions (and twintails) so she stands out quite a bit. She’s always being hit on guys whenever they’re in busy districts and such. Sounds like the typical hot bishoujo character right? Well, add this to the mix:

Miyu Rider

She is a legit tokusatsu fan (see the SUAP episode Super Hero Time for overview of what tokusatsu is and then some). More notably, she’s a Kamen Rider maniac. Remember how I said people see her as a model level with her proportions? The only reason she tries to stay slim is so she can wear the Rider belts which are made for kids. Miyu’s reason for getting into Tsubame High was to be part of the Tokusatsu Club which was unfortunately disbanded since all the members graduated. Since all their interests were merged into one club, Miyu’s case was out of the ordinary when tyring to fit it into a cafe. The little demon got away with it by suggesting to have tokusatsu videos playing on a TV throughout the day…..which Miyu quickly approved. Before I starting reading Cahe Tanteibu, I finished Kamen Rider Faiz & was watching Fourze at the time. I saw all these references she was making to a few Rider series (Faiz quite a few times), and I was smitten. Inspired by all the Rider shows, she kicks a lot through the chapters. No really. She does kicks. A LOT. She probably provides the most fanservice shots out of everyone solely because of those scenes. Her mindset to that when pointed out is “then what’s the point of having cute panties if no one seems them?” I liked where that was going after she said that.

Anyways, lots of Rider references along with some Super Sentai and Ultraman stuff. You know Fujishiro himself is probably a tokusatsu fan just by everything thrown in here. Miyu refers to herself as “boku” which adds another plus in my book. If an anime version of Cahe Tanteibu came out, I can imagine either Kitamura Emi or even Mizuki Nana (like you didn’t see that coming) playing her perfectly as I’ve heard their boku-ko characters. She’s also called an “unfortunate girl” a lot because she’ s got all these great things (athletic ability, style, proportion, etc.) but she ends up with a lot of unfortunate things happening to her like failing an audition for modeling set up by her sister due to the fact she got disqualified because of her special talent. Yep. She kicked. She kicked so hard her show stabbed one the judges straight into the noggin. She failed obviously, but she wasn’t interested in modeling in the first place. Another one involves panties. Take what she does best with that scenario, and you can piece it together as to what the unfortunate event entails.

Uki’s Seiyuu Demand: Kitamura Eri/Mizuki Nana. I’ve mentioned it up above already in case you missed it. I guess an alternative I would choose would be Katou Emiri.


 Mizuho Nana: Hungry Tsukkomi Master

Mizuho Nana
I’ll admit, I was expecting Nana to be the most uninteresting heroine when I first started reading it. She’s the tsukkomi character with the typical kansei-ben in case her being the tsukkomi wasn’t obvious enough. Nana’s also got the endless appetite archetype embedded in her character, so you’ll always see munching away at something from time to time….in great quantities…..without ever getting fat, much to the jealousy of all the girls. The club she wanted to be in was a club that was centered on eating/cooking food, but she was unfortunately infamous known as the Eating Demon King who was blacklisted in certain restaurants and food shops. More than that, others heard that the other people who were with her back in middle school got fat yet she stayed the same. In the start of the series, she lets the girls know that there was a guy that she was interested way back when she was in middle school but it was only for a brief moment.

And this is where things started to turn things around with her character development: the relationship with Tokigawa Touma, the twin younger brother of Emina and the guy that Nana fell for at first sight. As this is not a romantic comdey, a harem based motif, or an all girls series where not one guy is ever drawn, seeing a romantic story line develop makes for some fun and interesting relations. That little demon Emina is hellbent on keeping any bugs (aka Nana) away from her precious brother, but the string of events with Nana & Touma getting to talk to each other more despite Emina’s efforts makes for some enjoyable laughs. Nana is unfortunately the butt of all proportion related jokes as she’s part of the chippai (small brest) group along with Risa. She’s also known as the most normal of the group as everyone stands out in some way or another whether it be in looks or tests, and Nana somehow ends up being the most normal. But hey, she’s got a somewhat love relationship with a guy that no one else has. More power to you chippai master. As part of the collaboration in joining together, Nana was nominated as being the chef of the cafe since….well, she knows a lot about food and how to eat it. Oh, and Nana puts her hair style as twin tails when swimming in the school pool. That must point be stressed and mentioned.

Uki’s Seiyuu Demand: Nakajima Megumi. There’s a legitimate reason for picking her aside from being in my top 2 favs. A kansei-ben speaking Megumi is just too cute. She’s done it before in the probably-not-seen-series Akikan where she plays the (I guess) antagonist character Miku. That was when she was just fresh off of Macross F, but after leveling up as a seiyuu, she may pull out something magical. And if not, it’ll be funny cute since it’s Megumi.


 Naguri Risa – Female Animangamer (Mostly Retro Gamer)

Risa is a Retro Gamer, as in she likes to play the old school games. And I’m talking about the OLD old school style Naguri Risagames including the Game & Watch and classic arcade table top games. Those table top arcades are used as the actual tables in the cafe they all work in making the club even more interesting. This was also according to the plan of the little demon who said arcade games are a must in cafes….to which Risa agreed and approved of.

Aside from being a gamer, Risa is a hardcore fujoshi as well. I won’t get too much into that, but it’s pretty much the same as any one you see. She is however really REALLY good at cosplaying. As seen in later chapters, she is practically unrecognizable when dressed up to even the Cahe Tanteibu members. Her parents are a game director and game programmer which reflects why she loves video games. She lends a hand sometimes in game development by testing out and making suggestions for the games they make…..while doing this in Hawaii. Her family is rich after all. Oh, and she speaks many languages including English, French, German, etc. Huh, looking at her character now she’s actually one with a lot of high stats. Well, she is part of the Chippai club with Nana so I guess not everyone has everything. Not even the Goddess Miyu.

Uki’s Seiyuu Demand: Morohoshi Sumire. I have no idea how this would turn out, but it would be interesting to see her try a tomboy role. Ah, in case you don’t know who Sumire is (shame on you), she’s Ichigo from Aikatsu. Yeah, try imagining her referring herself as “ore” when she speaks. God I would love to see this happen.

Hanazono Shizuka: Creator Of All Things Cute

nullShizuka is the tallest of the girls, and this is a fact that she doesn’t really like. Despite her looks and height, she enjoys making cute things like frilly dresses or stuffed animals and loves cute things like Emina (I like you already Shiuzka). Because of her height she feels that cute things do not suit her well, and so she would rather have other people wear the clothes she makes….like Emina. Yeah, she’s kind of obsessed with her if you haven’t guessed already, but it’s not what you think it is apparently. She just really loves adorable things….like Emina. In the purest since I would say.

So she wanted to make a club that designed cute things, and it’s a perfect fit for her to be the designer of the club’s waitress outfits (see below for the 2nd design). Not only does she do that, but there’s lots of cute stuffed animals scattered throughout the cafe. And if you know Fujishiro’s animal designs from Nagasarete Airantou, you’ll know that these are probably the most adorable things ever. You’ll even see some cameos of Yukino’s animal friends as stuffed animals.

 Despite Nagurin (her nickname) being the gaming aficionado, Shizuka is actually a beast when it comes to gaming. Nagurin challenges her (a lot) and gets beaten so badly that it’s a mystery as to why Shizuka is not knowledgeable about current trends. She really hasn’t kept up with the times as you see throughout many chapters when they use words that’s of common usage today like smartphone. But to have the ability to demolish anyone in video games even when she plays it for the first time is something to admire, especially when she’s a looker herself….and as long as you ignore the fact that she literally wants to take Emina home with her because of her cuteness and do who knows what to her.

Uki’s Seiyuu Demand: Itou Shizuka (That was coincidence really). Probably wouldn’t happen, but Shizuka (the seiyuu) does some really great onee-san type roles that I love. Shizuka (the heroine) definitely gives off that vibe, and of course the perfect fit for me would be this seiyuu.


 And there you have it. Believe it or not, I was holding myself back a bit when talking about everything. This series did so many things right that even if there’s practically a 2 year gap between volume releases, I still check every month to see when the next one will be released. Because it’s a bi-monthly release for each chapter, it takes a looooooooooooong time for the volumes to come out. But it’s so worth it for me. I believe you can find these translated versions of the volumes online, but remember it’s only limited to volume releases when translations would begin. The official site of GanGan Online uploads every chapter gets released but bring it down once the next one comes out, meaning that you can’t check the backlog of past chapters. Since they have a limited time upload of each chapter released, it’s hard to keep up to date with the new chapters since the volumes are probably a chapter or two behind.

BONUS! Uki’s Anime Studio Demand: Madhouse Studios. I want quality, so who else to go to? Ok, I probably could say Seven Arcs but that would have been too obvious right? Seeing as how there’s a few fan service scenes, I can definitely see Seven Arcs having no issue with it.

My next post will about another niche (maybe) manga or about a game that was probably overlooked that shouldn’t have been AT ALL. So depending how angry I am that know one has heard of either one, that’ll probably be my pick. Until then, see ya.


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