Posted by: Leek | September 14, 2014

Little Girl Anime Power Rankings: Intro

I may have (didn’t) hint that I was working on something new. I’ve been wanting to do some kind of frequent posting that wasn’t very committing. And, ever since one of my friends became a father, I found that I’ve been watching a lot of anime directed towards little girls. Alright, so he’s only partly to blame for what I watch. But it doesn’t change the fact that I wouldn’t have bothered to watch more than two of these shows without his poking and prodding.

DU-DUM. So it’s not like I’m watching every anime that a little girl might watch but this is what you’re getting. A ranking between only four things? Deal with it. Since most of these shows air around the weekend you can expect the posts to come every Sunday/Monday. This is just an intro post so you can expect the first week of carnage to happen tomorrow. Until then, let me explain exactly how my power rankings work.

Rankings? What?
You heard me. It’s kind of like doing reviews except a little more dynamic. So what can you expect from here on out? It’ll be simple enough. Every week I’ll make a little post where I award points and give some small reasoning as to what made each episode excel or fall flat. I won’t be saying any spoilerific so you won’t have to worry much about me ruining something for you. At the end of each season I may award points to certain scenes in which case I may have to go into details (so be forewarned).

From there on out I’ll evaluate the rankings at various points in time to see what franchise is doing the best. And since these are all franchises these rankings will go about as long until one fizzes out. But since I’m fairly sure they all have at least one year’s life, chances are I’ll get tired of doing this before one of them dies. Life is just beautiful like that, yeah?

Le Rules to Duel
So how will it work? Like I said, at the end of every week I’ll do little recaps of what series had a better overall episode than the others. How I imagined the point system will be something like…

1st – 9 points
2nd – 6 points
3rd – 3 points
4th – 1 points

I totally didn’t steal that from Super Mario Kart. And, just to make things a little more interesting outside of the weekly points, I plan to award bonus points at certain intervals based on various factors. So if you think that it’ll just be some simple cut and dry rankings you are terribly wrong. I love to spice up my life and there will be plenty of hilarious happenings along the way.

The Contenders

Precure (Current: Happiness Charge) – Easily the most well known among all these contenders. Precure is everybody’s favorite long running magical girl series and there’s nothing that can quite replace it. It’s current series Happiness Charge is following up my personal favorite installment but holding up well even as it reaches into it’s latter half. With plenty that can happen story-wise and a lot of action in the future, it’ll probably be a fairly strong contender up until the series closes out.

Aikastu! (Current: Season 2) – If you frequent this blog, you’re probably no stranger to Aikatsu! and less of a stranger to how much I enjoy it. The standing strong idol anime is on it’s way to a third season and getting ready for it’s finale next week. Because of that you can expect it to have a wavering stand in earning points as it has to re-establish itself for the new season. It’s a large question of whether it can stand strong in it’s third 50 episode run but Aikatsu! can really prove itself as something special by ranking high even in it’s late life.

Jewelpet Franchise (Current: Lady Jewelpet) – I’ll be honest and say I haven’t touched the Jewelpet series in a long time. It’s been around for quite awhile and there’s a large number of people that seem to enjoy it (for various and questionable reasons). This is just one of those things I got pulled into and somehow don’t regret. The Jewelpet Franchise’s current installment is filled with drama, romance, and a ton of things that are questionable to show to impressionable little girls. And while I expect Lady Jewelpet to hold the franchise strong during it’s run, I question what will happen once it finishes running it’s course.

Pretty Rhythm / PriPara (Current: PriPara) – The newest of the four series yet oh so familiar. PriPara isn’t exactly new as much as a reboot of the long running Pretty Rhythm series. While it has new characters, a new concept, and shiny new arcade cabinets, it’s still the same Pretty Rhythm we’ve seen for the past few years. It had a lot of impact from the get-go for being so new but it’s a question of whether it has enough finesse and creativity to compete with the other three. And since I’m not here to be hard on the newbie, I’ve decided to award PriPara 10 bonus points from the get-go.

With all that wrapped up this is all just something fun and new to do. Frankly, I don’t know how it’ll turn out myself and it’s all just fun and games to see what series consistently had entertaining episodes from week to week. So look forward to it and be ready for the first batch of points to hit tomorrow.


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