Posted by: Leek | October 6, 2014

Little Girl Anime Power Rankings – Week 4

I had to make sure to really set aside space in my brain to create rankings this week with so many premieres happening at the same time. If I had to choose this week I’d fail all of these shows and replace this series with the “Little Boy Programming Power Rankings”.

Tell me what you eat, and I’ll tell you what you are.



Previous Standings

1) Aikatsu! – 21 Points
2) PriPara – 20 Points
3) Lady Jewelpet – 18 Points
4) Happiness Charge Precure! – 11 Points

Well there’s no doubt one show that seems to be lagging behind all the rest. Hopefully Precure starts dusting itself off or the numbers aren’t going to look any better anytime soon.

Weekly Point Distribution

1) Lady Jewelpet – +9 Points
2) Aikatsu! – +6 Points
3) Happiness Charge Precure! – +3 Points
4) PriPara – +1 Point

A Word From the Big Man
Unfortunately, we don’t have a Judge’s Table. You have me. And I’m always that bitchy food critic at the end of the table that always hates the challenger, acts really stuck up, and talks shit to the younger judges that are amazed by everything that’s put in front of them.

Starting from the bottom…again.

Aikatsu! kind of had a rough situation put in front of it. Not only did it have to do a premiere for a new season but it has to turn out a completely new cast that can follow in the footsteps of the previous. No matter what you say, that’s harder than doing a new series in it’s entirety. So how was it? So-so. The point is nothing will change the fact we’ve seen this once before. But that “we’ve seen this once before” was nearly two years ago and, while it will never feel completely fresh, it really wasn’t that bad. It’ll take awhile for the new season of Aikatsu! to bring in the new girls and make it feel right again but, after seeing this episode, I’m generally confident they can pull it off. Aikatsu! basically has it’s new OP/ED and stage song to thank for getting bumped up to second place for the week. The amount of polish in that respect brought it above the average level and out of the shark tank that Precure and PriPara had to face.

A little less action, a little more conversation.

I don’t really know what PriPara wants to do sometimes. Well I do, but I just don’t think they make the best decisions at the best times. After establishing a new team the logical decision would be to let them get their feet a little wet for awhile, right? Nah. Let’s just rinse and repeat what you saw last episode with a new set of characters. The point is, they didn’t have to do what they did this episode. And it wasn’t very fun seeing something I saw a week ago over again. As always, PriPara just feels a little too rushed for my blood and it just strikes me that they’re trying to do too much in one step. It’s fine if you want to skip a few steps on the staircase but you’re not going to get to the top in one shot. The decisions that PriPara keeps making feel as if it will only hurt it in the long run. So I hope that they learn to slow the pace down soon or they’re going to struggle for material even before the season finishes out.

You’re still an ass Romeo.

You might be thinking, “Well since it’s always second Lady Jewelpet just got lucky because everything else was a blowout this week”. You’re halfway right but Lady Jewelpet was also just ridiculously amusing this week. Had it not been for Lady Jewelpet I wouldn’t have been able to make all the Iron Chef jokes at the start of this post. I wouldn’t have had a thumbnail for this week. This week would have just been really lame without it. But to talk about it outside of the humor, it gave a few hints into the most recent plot twist that’s waiting in the wings. It also seems to be setting up a lot of people for really big falls. So, even if it was one of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen in awhile, Lady Jewelpet still manages to keep the ball rolling (somehow).

This arc will be over soon Hime.

You know I’ve said this two weeks in a row and I don’t feel a need to repeat myself. Even if it would have been more predictable, it honestly feels like the Phantom arc should have been the one to spawn Innocent From and not what they’ve been choosing to do. The only really fascinating thing to happen this week is they taught all the cute little boys and girls how to make honey candy. And that only occupied the intro of the episode? The rest I could forget and never bother to remember again. Sorry Precure. Maybe you’ll turn something out again once everybody gets Innocent Form.

Kind of a downer week. I’m not lying when I say that Lady Jewelpet really saved everybody’s butt this week. Saying that is a little hard on Aikatsu! but in hindsight it still wasn’t the most interesting thing I’ve seen from the show (not like first season was either). But I can’t say Aikatsu! was the best thing ever based on the fact that I played the opening 50 or so times by now. So let’s all hope for a better experience from all of these shows next week.


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