Posted by: Leek | November 24, 2014

Little Girl Anime Power Rankings – Week 11

I don’t know how many people who read this actually celebrate Thanksgiving, but this is going to be our honorary Thanksgiving edition. So I guess this is where you say thanks to all the nice staff for giving you all these shows meant for little girls that a ton of grown men and women watch anyway (because all of it is just that entertaining). And the big part is to be grateful that the staff recognizes that existence and throws in a lot of good stuff just for us.

Now hold on for a second while I strike some poses.

Wait………almost done. Alright. Let’s move on.

Previous Standings

1) Aikatsu! – 65 Points
2) Lady Jewelpet – 63 Points
3) Happiness Charge Precure! – 53 Points
4) PriPara – 42 Points

Could Happiness Charge finally be on it’s way to an amazing end of the year comeback? The tension builds as we all know the real showdown will happen on the battlefield known as Christmas. Luckily, we don’t have to worry about it for a few more weeks. Or so I think.

Weekly Point Distribution

1) Happiness Charge Precure! – +9 Points
2) Lady Jewelpet – +6 Points
3) Aikatsu! – +3 Points
4) PriPara – +1 Point

A Word From the Big Man
I had hinted that I was fairly sure the rankings would be very likely to not get shaken up too much for the next few weeks. This week was definitely an affirmation of that as every show played out as much as I expected it. I will admit that Aikatsu! and PriPara were both fairly decent and are basically just being edged out by two heavily climaxing series.

Takes some good acting to keep a straight face looking at that.

I’ll admit it. I was pretty convinced that Juri’s entire existence was to be the new Mizuki (aka main rival) to Akari. Half of the reason Ichigo’s growth was so accelerated was Ichigo trying to catch up to Mizuki (which was nearly the entire focus of the first season). So I found it a little funny that Juri just turned about to be another ally to add to the main group. It’s perfectly fine and, in hindsight, I probably prefer it to them introducing a rival character so early after forming the new generation trio.

Honestly, I just have very little to say about the episode. It was good and it was kind of nice to see yet another character type that somehow Aikatsu! hasn’t exactly created. While Ichigo’s mother was an idol, it never really impacted her directly. So having a character who actually lives in the shadow of her own mother is different. I’ve been wanting a sibling rivalry for awhile from Aikatsu! but this will have to do in it’s stead. Rather than worrying about this episode, I’m just generally interested in where this season will go. It has a very different approach from the first two seasons; so it digging out an actual plot to run with will be interesting, to say the least.

At least somebody loves you Luea.

Lady Jewelpet probably has my favorite character building format where you essentially have two main characters. And while Momona isn’t perfectly developed yet, her traits essentially force other characters to develop past her. Momona is that wonderful Gon to Lilian’s Killua self. And this episode is really the wonderful cap on that where she’s finally pushing Lilian to the point where she’s (maybe) starting to think for herself. And seeing that after so many episodes is honestly really rewarding (as was Momona and Lilian spending quality alone time together).

What was brought up to me was that this episode would probably be a lot more appealing if I was a mother. I’m not really sure I had a description for the relationship between the mentors and ladies to be, but after my friend told me “mother and child”, it really made sense. Garnet is that weird mom that’s having a crisis and wants to hang out with her daughter. Sapphie is just a standard mother that’s looking out for her little girl. Luea is the super overbearing type that restrains her daughter to the very end. And Ruby is that somewhat irresponsible mom that always pulls through and shares that real special close bond. Not like dads can’t be like this too but you probably shouldn’t be putting yourself into the position of a fluffy, tiny female enchanted stuffed animal. Let’s be honest. I don’t have a proper description for the jewelpets.

Far, a long long way to run.

You know I could probably make fun of a few things in Precure this week but I’ll lay off for once to highlight how many things they did right. But, before that, I would have never seen that twist coming at the end. That one came straight out of nowhere and nailed me dead on.

It’s nice when a series writes those really great episodes from time to time, but it’s generally better when they bring it back later. Making the entire final fight with Phantom mostly dedicated to Honey was probably the best thing they could have done. Period. Sure, he has a history with about everyone but that has, for the most part, been settled. Instead they went back to that sweet, tender episode Phantom and Honey had together and built on it. And it was good. It was outstanding. Phantom hasn’t popped up a tremendous amount compared to the other villains but he’s still been a incredibly powerful existence. And his entire monologue and struggles during the episode really brought back what I really loved during the better episodes of Happiness Charge. Even without the heavy action it would have still been a top class episode.

The depressing lives of idol fans.

I’m pretty sure the only reason I enjoyed this PriPara episode is for mocking every hardcore idol fan for the fact that they probably think of nothing else. And I feel it only made me laugh because of how incredibly true it is. Those obsessive types are pretty scary; so it’s pretty hard to watch what happens once you unplug them. Sure, most are stupid enough to just fall for the next thing that crosses their line of sight, but it doesn’t always happen. And well…that’s the rough part to see.

Other than that, nothing else really happened in this episode. It had one decent gag and the rest was just kind of follow up gags that were standard PriPara quality. It was definitely better than last week but I really stopped caring at some point because a lot of nothing happened.

So the staff didn’t completely answer my challenge, but they still did pretty good. If it were any other week Aikatsu! and PriPara would have looked fairly decent. And it’s nice to see that Aikatsu! isn’t falling too flat, especially with it’s movie just around the corner. Guess we’ll just have to wait until the inevitable Christmas bloodbath.


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