Posted by: Leek | December 1, 2014

Little Girl Anime Power Rankings – Week 12

You know, if I really wanted to I could probably have a screenshot of food for every single post. I wish I was kidding. And it makes you wonder how a mix of shows that’s about idols, high living, and fighting evil has so much time for food. Whatever the reasoning might be, let’s just enjoy the elegance.

There’s always room for more food.

But first we have to prepare a four course meal of criticism.

Previous Standings

1) Lady Jewelpet – 69 Points
2) Aikatsu! – 68 Points
3) Happiness Charge Precure! – 62 Points
4) PriPara – 43 Points

Lady Jewelpet managed to sneak it’s way back into first place as Happiness Charge has continued it’s full force charge towards the front. With only a month left who will be standing at the top at the end of the year?

Weekly Point Distribution

1) Happiness Charge Precure! – +9 Points
2) Lady Jewelpet – +6 Points
3) Aikatsu! – +3 Points
4) PriPara – +1 Point

A Word From the Big Man
You know what. I think things speak for themselves at this point. Let’s just proceed.

Levin living the easy life.

At the start of the episode I was almost ready to put Lady Jewelpet nearer to the bottom of the rankings, but it really stepped up it’s game again during the latter half of the episode. I feel a lot of this episode had to occur eventually as it prepares for the last arc of the series before it eventually closes out. But with that in mind, I can only feel that really young audiences probably had a really hard time keeping up with parts of this episode. I’ll always prefer shows with substance since it pays off well, but I can understand where a lot will pass right over the heads of younger audiences. That also might just come from being part of an older generation where the larger fraction of shows for younger audiences were less PriPara/Aikatsu! and more Lady Jewelpet/Happiness Charge. Enjoyable, yet you know the feeling of going back and realizing how much information you missed as a kid.

That all being said, this episode was really just a lead up to the next episode. Not like it still didn’t have it’s charming sections (Charon and Levin, Miura and Lillian). It also had the “big reveal” that you most likely knew and were just waiting to show it’s ugly head. Of course, it doesn’t actually get revealed to any characters. Information heavy aside, it’s all just meant to give the audience a good outlook of what to expect from Lady Jewelpet in the coming year.

Dances with old men.

Continuing with it’s new character focus, Aikatsu! moved right into introducing Juri’s designer counterpart. That’s about all I can really say. It’s not an episode worth going into extraordinary detail about because it’s about as cut and dry as every episode like this has been since the first season. I guess you could say it worked as double development for Juri (because it somehow taught her to be a better actor), but even if you say that it wasn’t exactly as dynamic as her introduction episode.

And that’s just it. Both Aikatsu! and Pripara went backwards compared to last week. Where both shows seemed legitimately interesting last week, it was easy to sleep through both this week. Oddly enough, both introduce new music this week. And since Aikatsu’s one performance was marginally better than what PriPara provided, it was worth putting a rank ahead.

Namakelder still hardly put any effort into fighting.

Where Phantom had gotten his spotlight last episode, the three idiots got to step into the limelight this week. And, while the action might not have been as detailed as last week, it was still a great episode for similar reasons to last week.

I still don’t think I completely get where the three idiots came from and it would have generally been nice to have seen a little bit more of them fleshed out over the course of the show (especially since they show up so much). I feel like this is directed towards Namakelder in particular. As a guy who came and complained about love (and people) so much, you’d think he had some extravagant story where some girl or guy stabbed him in the back. It’s hard to believe he just popped out of Pandora’s Box and existed with a grudge towards every single person in the world. But with all of Happiness Charge being like some weird Greek/Roman myth, maybe it shouldn’t seem so odd. I would have enjoyed if they made him a little more human rather than some weird evil spirit seeking rebirth. But it did a good job of making the three idiots look good one more time before they went down and it also got to put some individual spotlight in on everyone (even though Honey probably got enough last episode). Clean and easy to understand, it was just a good episode.

You’re not the only one hurting.

So I guess to be fair to PriPara this was a plot (?) progression episode. Which would be great if PriPara had really established what it wanted to do. The problem is it’s started two plots without deciding which one it wants to make the sub plot (convincing an old women PriPara isn’t bad or beating Salad Dressing). I would probably have less issue if one of these was an arc and they weren’t trying to cover both at the same time. Can both be done in parallel? Probably. Would it be better to make something an overarching plot without throwing it in too heavily early on? One would say yes. You just started PriPara, no need to burn through ideas so quickly.

And as true with it every week, PriPara just tried to do too much in one episode. While most of it was invested into one event, so many miscellaneous things happened during it that I had lost a sense of what was going on at certain junctions. I also brought it up in talking about Aikatsu!, but PriPara introduced not one but two new songs. A shame that both of them sucked. I was generally alright with the last set (despite having to hear them so many times), but it’s a shame that now I have two new terrible songs to listen to for the next set of episodes.

To be perfectly honest, the one thing that amazes me is the new Precure doesn’t start until February. Precure doen’t have a reputation for taking breaks between series so that means Happiness Charge could very easily have 50 episodes. And if it continues at the pace it’s going right now it’s going to have a very cushy lead when the new series starts. Not that I mind as Precure has went from being a thorn in my side to the highlight of every week.


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