Posted by: Leek | December 14, 2014

Little Girl Anime Power Rankings – Week 14

After a good four day flu I bounced back enough that I could get things watched and sorted just for you guys. I know. I’m such a nice guy. What would you do without me?

Wait. Something’s wrong here.

I hope that image messed with your mind for a second.

Previous Standings

1) Happiness Charge Precure! – 80 Points
2) Lady Jewelpet – 78 Points
3) Aikatsu! – 77 Points
4) PriPara – 45 Points

Well it’d be hard to make the top three any closer than that this far into the rankings. At this rate anybody could still pull into the first before the end of the year.

Weekly Point Distribution

1) Happiness Charge Precure! – +9 Points
2) PriPara – +6 Points
3) Lady Jewelpet – +3 Points
4) Aikatsu! – +1 Point

A Word From the Big Man
I could probably say that this week caught me a bit off guard. Where things had been so predictable for the past few weeks, it was pretty odd to have my expectations blown away by a few things. Not like I mind.

The world could use more Seijis.

I’m pretty sure I mentioned that it would be easy this week for Precure to fall a little lackluster. And I really thought this would be the week where I would have a little bit of issue with it. But nope. In fact, I might have enjoyed Precure this week more than a few of the straight battle episodes. Why? It was just well set up and it hit pretty damn hard at a pretty instrumental point of the series. I can’t say I’ve had a great relationship with any of the Megumi development episodes. Mainly because she never really developed in any of them and just learned how to cope her way around situations. So go figure it would take an absolutely crushing emotional blow to help break down a few walls. Seiji has slowly been brought up to the surface thanks to recent developments, and this was finally the episode where he got to show off the good in his character.

I had honestly thought the developments we saw this week would happen next week but hopefully they do have something decent stored for the Christmas episode. Happiness Charge! staff has surprised me on numerous occasions, so I’ll just choose to trust their judgement for the meantime.


I think a lot of the issues of Lady Jewelpet showed last week managed to carry themselves over to this week. There’s a lot of new in the Royal Palace and that means a lot of events have to happen all at the same time. So what goes on because of it? A lot of muddled jibber jabber that doesn’t really carry too much weight. If Lilian and Miura’s ongoing fiasco isn’t enough, there’s the oncoming presence that Elena presents by interacting with Momona. Momona finally gets to interact with Cayenne but Cayenne naturally has his previous relationship built with Elena that occurred when he was off screen all this time. On top of that, they just decided to throw Romeo and Elena together probably because they felt bad for the guy after the last episode.

All in all, I think it would help on them to focus on one thing at a time for awhile. I can see them being able to handle two issues at a time, but I think trying to fill everyone’s heads with too many happenings is going farther than need be. From what I can tell, Lady Jewelpet still has quite a few episodes to work with so there’s no real need to push things too far too fast. Rather, I’d like to have them slowly put Elena into place for whatever position she is meant to fill for the remainder of the season. Once she fits into the cast nicely I think they can start emphasizing more happenings at the same time without it seeming too messy.

(insert movie advert here)

A few weeks back I mentioned how I felt Aikatsu! might hit a stop in the road because they wanted to set aside something for the movie. And just when I thought we were in the clear, this week happened. Was Aikatsu! particularly bad? No. Was it entertaining? Eh, hardly. There was nothing really exceptionally special about Aikatsu! this week. Put against last week, it wasn’t as educational and it didn’t really go out of it’s way to explain anything. You literally just went on a short expedition following everybody around and watching some really minor activities. And that was about it. Maybe a cute little movie advert in a way but definitely nothing worth putting before the other shows this week.

Back in my day…

If we were to talk about surprises this week it would definitely be PriPara. After last week, I didn’t know what to think and I didn’t exactly expect them to have another sit down. But I’m happy they did, and they actually wove a rather cute story. A little cliche? Yeah, but it’s still commendable versus squirming out of situations with ridiculous antics every time.

Heck. Even the flashback itself was fun to watch just for trying to make it a little bit of a time jump. It didn’t show much but at least there was a decent amount of effort to make it seem a little retro. With both Lady Jewelpet and Aikatsu! falling pretty short of the line this week, it was pretty damn refreshing to see some effort put into PriPara’s storytelling.

Next week will probably be the biggest gathering of Christmas episodes (most likely sans Aikastu!). So the time has come to be merry and see what staff has cooked up for the holidays. Could there be a Christmas miracle in the making for one or more of these shows?


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