Posted by: Leek | January 18, 2015

Little Girl Anime Power Rankings – Week 19

Another week and still no awards ceremony for 2014. Yes, I know. It’ll hopefully happen later this week now that I’m back on a normal schedule. What’s more important is to look forward and realize we have another week of shows and rankings to fit them into.

But first, Akari with the weather.

I always dreamed of being a newscaster. Just kidding.

Previous Standings

1) Lady Jewelpet – 193 Points
2) Happiness Charge Precure! – 190 Points
3) Aikatsu! – 176 Points
4) PriPara – 155 Points

Precure’s early award almost managed to sneak it past Lady Jewelpet’s lead. However it looks like it might take some time if the current momentum continues.

Weekly Point Distribution

1) Lady Jewelpet – +9 Points
2) Aikatsu! – +6 Points
3) Happiness Charge Precure! – +3 Points
4) PriPara – +1 Point

A Word From the Big Man
This marks the first week where I managed to change my decision WHILE writing this post. Usually, I come to a really solid conclusion as to what shows I stick where and why. But this is the first week where I realized my judgement might have not been so sound. And I honestly don’t regret going back on my original decision.


Lady Jewelpet finally had that episode where all the loose ends get tied together. They finally had the flashback so you could see what exactly occurred the generation before Momona and friends. And it felt good. It felt REALLY good. And that’s really all the episode was. It’s nothing special, but it provided all the real answers the audience has been waiting for. That and soap opera level cliff hangers and dialogue.

All this setup and preparation Lady Jewelpet is doing almost makes me nervous. It has very rarely fell flat on it’s face once it got into mid-season, but it’s not without it’s flaws here and there. I’m sure I’ll be stuck to it like glue no matter what happens, but I really hope it can keep this consistency until the end.

“I hate the Earth because it’s blue” -Red

I had really felt that Precure might have deserved a number one spot last week, but somehow I felt the charm drop off even more this week. Again, I really feel that it’s become an issue of the battles just being too saturated. When you come off a huge battle, after coming off a huge battle, after coming off another huge battle, it kind of gets a little old. No matter what kind of show you are, you can only do so much action before a margin of your audience gets tired of seeing it. I would probably fall into that category.

But I think what really bothered me is what Happiness Charge has come down to. During a large chunk of the early series and well into it’s middle, they had built up Hime as Megumi’s partner. So I felt that the series would do a little bit more to develop them together and have them function as dual main characters. The end result was all that time spent on Hime was wasted, and, despite the fact she was the spark for the majority of the events, she was simply meant to be a throwaway character. It’s not that Happiness Charge hasn’t done interesting things story wise, but it definitely feels as if they were forced to trash certain ideas along the way. Thus the end result feels like they simply gave up on certain things and everyone that’s not Megumi managed to fade into the background.

All of this reality naturally hit in this episode where it slowly went from Happiness Charge Precure to Happiness Charge Lovely. Happiness Charge’s predecessor did a good job of defining a scenario where a solo main character carrying all the burden made sense. Happiness Charge felt as if it shifted into the scenario last minute, and this episode feels like a good example of that fact. Not terrible but definitely flawed.

If only TV Tokyo, if only.

Aikatsu! was originally in the number three spot but I bumped it up to two after re-evaluating both it and Precure. This week was another one of those Aikatsu! episodes that really managed to roll all the good points of the series into one. It’s finally reached that time where the new generation gets slightly more shaped into specific roles, and it gracefully stood with Akari focus after painting her up last week.

I really love when Aikatsu! has these technical episodes. They’re fun, they’re cute, and they’re educational. Those are the three things you want out of a show directed towards kids, right? Of course. This week of Aikatsu! was just a cleanly executed and fun to watch episode. It doesn’t push things forward too fast but still manages to highlight a good amount of characters and push them a few steps forward down the path of development. I really don’t have much to say about it, and that’s not always a bad thing. It just executed things so cleanly that I can’t really complain or comment on it without being repetitive.

Shion (it’s a) no go.

If you were to ask me how many girls in the current generation were interested in playing Go, I would probably say none. And, I honestly wonder if any of the ones watching PriPara really know the rules. That all taken into account, I’m pretty sure an episode that mostly focuses on Shion trying to play a game against her old rival with absolutely no explanation of what’s going on is a generally bad idea. But that just might be me.

I know. This was supposed to be some attempt at character development. The problem is, it’s hard to develop a character who has rarely gotten screen time as of recent and has only hung around to say her catchphrase every few lines. And yes, that’s half the cast of PriPara in a nutshell.

PriPara has really been scraping the bottom of the barrel since Christmas, but this week was just straight nonsense (and not the good kind).

Next week means the end of Happiness Charge and a new show will be taking up the torch to continue Precure in the rankings the following week. It’ll be the second torch passing that happens within the rankings and hopefully not the last.


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