Posted by: Leek | January 27, 2015

Some Unnamed Anime Podcast Episode 10: Kantai Collection Anime from a Player’s Viewpoint

I had hinted at doing this episode when ending last time but it was in the air whether or not it would happen. Are you tuning into the Kantai Collection anime and wondering how it looks to players? Are you a player avoiding the anime that wants to hear a opinion? Are you just looking for an honest second opinion? Feel free to tune in to this episode for all of that and a few laughs here and there.

Today we come back for a shorter episode to discuss the new Kantai Collection anime in general. As two players of the game itself, Mike and I break down our opinions as well as give an episode to episode breakdown. This episode does feature explicit language, as always.

People on the Show
We don’t have the full crew but Mike is around to keep my company.

Part 1: “хорошо”

Download this episode (right click and save)

Part 2: “Blueberries”

Download this episode (right click and save)

If you don’t want to listen to the entire show then feel free to check below the cut for some time stamps and notes.

Part 1 Timestamps
00:00 Show Intro
02:47 Brief summary of current opinion
06:28 How well it captures the game
11:02 Benefit as players
16:33 What’s missing
27:43 Expectations and hopes

Part 2 Timestamps
00:00 Episode 1
10:20 Episode 2
23:29 Episode 3
35:51 Future outlook
39:24 Conclusion

Note: At around 11:22 we are talking about this video in particular.

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