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Little Girl Anime Power Rankings – 2014 Awards and Final Point Tally

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and also…that one article I keep getting too lazy to throw together.

Look I even brought back the old logo.

I hope you enjoy that visual because it’s the only one you’re going to get.

I finally took the time to come up with some staple awards as well as compile all the data over the past weeks to calculate a few other things. The result is this somewhat larger post than usual where I list off the various achievements various shows earned over the year. Note that all these points will be added and be reflected in the rankings from the second post after New Year. Why? Because if I don’t then it’ll screw me up when I’m taking stats for next year. But since you guys won’t be looking back anyway, you’ll probably just notice the difference as of the following post for this week. Let’s just move on.

Seasonal Episode Awards

The following awards have already been distributed and mentioned in previous posts. But I’ll go over them one more time to both reiterate who won them and why. Also you can finally see who I considered the runner up. Remember these awards were worth 10 points each.

Bonus: Starter Award

Winner: PriPara
Naturally this award was given to PriPara as a good gesture for it being a new show in the 2014 year. Unlike the previous series, it was hardly carrying that much over and I felt a bit of sympathy for essentially throwing it into the lion’s den.

Runner Up: None
Obviously since this was a special award for the 2014 year

Halloween Award

Winner: Aikatsu!
In the Halloween episode department, I don’t think anybody came close to the level Aikatsu! did. Outside of representing the holiday well, it was just a good humored and adorable spectacle to watch. Characters from all seasons managed to make an appearance and do their thing to brighten up the event. It would have been hard to ask for more from a holiday episode.

Runner Up: PriPara
Even if it wasn’t the most interesting thing to watch, PriPara still managed to make a humorous and decent Halloween episode. When I set it against everything else, it’s hard to say anything really captured the Halloween vibe outside of some spooks and costumes. PriPara at least brought a certain element of (humorous) horror to make it an enjoyable enough watch. The puns needed to go though.

Christmas Award

Winner: Aikatsu!
Showing that it’s still no slouch in making Christmas episodes, Aikatsu! managed to take the other holiday special award for the year. It’s probably not entirely fair that Aikatsu! built off of it’s two seasons of Christmas episodes to construct the third, but it also would not be fair to hold it against the staff. Aikatsu! just has this legacy of over the top and amazing to watch Christmas specials that never loses it’s charm.

Runner Up: Lady Jewelpet
Lady Jewelpet managed to capture the other half of Christmas with it’s romance filled romp. In light of all the developments at the time, it actually slowed things down to let some characters bond. There was really nothing particularly special about it but the romance was just enjoyable to watch blossom. There was just something about it that just filled a hole that was waiting to be filled.

End of the Year Merit Awards

The following rewards are much of what you’d expect from a post like this. I selected some arbitrary (and by that I mean common) categories to award to several shows. I realize it’s a little unfair since I only did the rankings for three months but it still was a good amount of material to judge from. All these awards are worth 10 points and will be added into the final year tally at the end of the post.

Best Leading Character

Winner: Akari Oozora (Aikatsu!)
Akari had some big shoes to fill replacing Ichigo. And even if I didn’t put Akari here, I would have rewarded Ichigo since second season was still running when I began the rankings. But, as a new main character, I feel like there is something fresh about Akari. She’s not perfect and she’s almost a step in the opposite direction when you compare her to Ichigo. However, I’m fairly sure that Akari will always be a better role model than Ichigo. You can teach a lot with a character who can do anything, but you can teach even more with a character who knows nothing but trial and error. Akari is just charming to see on screen and her failures are just as enjoyable to watch as her triumphs.

Runner Up: Megumi Aino (Happiness Charge Precure!)
With how hard Megumi worked during the period of Happiness Charge, it’d be hard to say she didn’t deserve credit. Do I think she’s the most thrilling main character? Not really. But the scenarios they set up for her make it really easy for her to win you over. Megumi was made to carry the entire plot of Happiness Charge by the end of the year and, while I don’t necessarily approve of it, it was a spectacle to watch. Megumi managed to triumph over every major trial and was a part of almost every iconic fight in Happiness Charge. She’s just that main character.

Best Supporting Character

Winner: Lilian (Lady Jewelpet)
With how severe her role became in Lady Jewelpet, it’s hard to call Lilian a supporting character. But Lilian is what she is and she was really the character that went from boring to bringing every bit of life to the series. And even if it’s fun to see all the romance in Lady Jewelpet, there is something that was thrilling about seeing Lilian and Miura get together. They are truly the odd couple in the bunch and seeing their irregular relationship blossom was part of what made Lady Jewelpet grab me every week. It’s hard to have a dunce like Momona develop, but a good rival and friend in Lilian was definitely what it took to make it work.

Runner Up: Iona Hikawa (Happiness Charge Precure!)
Iona is one of those characters that only comes around every once in awhile in Precure. I feel like there has been very few cases where a character could have so many good episodes dedicated to them. And, the funny thing is, Iona felt like the most unlikely character to spawn it. Like Lilian, Iona was a character who started rough around the edges and slowly got refined to a really amazing character. And she is another character who would probably be more fitting for the main character position. In fact, had she been the main character of Happiness Charge and not Megumi, I feel it would have improved the series marginally.

Best Theme Song

Winner: “SHINING LINE*” (Aikatsu!)
I am about 100% sure in all the opening, endings, and inserts, there is nothing that comes close to fitting a series as much as SHINING LINE* did. Aikatsu! has had a long history of really great music, so when a song comes out that just hits the nail on the head so well it’s almost unbelievable. Maybe it didn’t feel perfect when it first came on as the opening but the theme of it made more and more sense as the series came to a close.

Runner Up: “Make it!” (PriPara)
Of all the music PriPara has turned out, I don’t think anything has matched the series quite as well as it’s original opening. I think it’s really the song that gave the series that starting oomph it needed to win people over, and I just don’t think that oomph has been replicated yet. Despite that, there was a time I think PriPara had it right and I don’t think it’s just the initial appeal that’s talking. I legitimately feel there was something that really clicked with Make it! that has yet to make it’s return.

Best Overall Soundtrack

Winner: Happiness Charge Precure!
When it comes to the actual in show soundtrack, I feel like Happiness Charge really runs away with it. At the end of the series, it really managed to set the mood perfectly during scenes and the soundtrack really stood out. Even if I would notice the soundtrack in other shows, I feel like Happiness Charge managed to give the most impact at the times it needed to.

Runner Up: Aikatsu!
Only a few hairs behind, Aikatsu! is the runner up for the same reason. I place it below Precure merely because it had less moments where I felt the soundtrack really stood out (obviously stage performances only count for so much). While I’m more likely to listen to the Aikatsu! soundtrack in my off time, I can’t say that I feel it’s utilized as well as the Precure soundtrack.

Best Visuals

Winner: Happiness Charge Precure!
Happiness Charge had some pretty shaky times this season when it came to off shots, but it wouldn’t be the first time they pulled some budget in places so they could put more effort into other areas. Despite the rough edges, it’d be hard to say that the wait wasn’t worth it. A margin of the fights and even midway into Precure created some really genius scenes. I could make a list of a lot of great scenes that were released during the time I started these rankings and it’d easily knock out anything from the other series.

Runner Up: Aikatsu!
Aikatsu! really stepped up it’s CG little by little over time and it’s really become a pleasure to watch (versus the pain it was early into the franchise life). Now that setting, lighting, and camera angles have all been worked in, it’s hard to say what they can improve on further at this point. Add that in with it’s always charming animation and visuals and it can easily stack up even next to what Precure managed. Of all the shows on this ranking, Aikatsu! easily makes second on the list of easy on the eyes.

Best Single Scene

Winner: “2wings vs. Double M Conclusion” (Aikatsu!)
Ichigo vs. Mizuki is one of those eternal rivalries that you just want to see the end of. So go figure it would take 100 episodes before we could see it finally swing to the side of our hero. It’d be hard to even say there’s a single scene that defines it, but that moment of victory where it hits everybody was definitely an unforgettable moment in Aikatsu! Even if you saw it coming it had no less impact on you and chances are everybody really reacted the same way when it happened. It’s just a scene that had to happen and was no doubt worth the wait.

Runner Up: “Cure Lovely vs. Queen Mirage Latter Half” (Happiness Charge Precure!)
Speaking of Precure’s stunning visuals, this would probably be the best example. It’s almost hard to believe a series can put so much effort into a battle that it literally looks like a different anime entirely. I don’t know who directed or even thought of doing the latter part of the Mirage fight, but it was really something else. In fact it was such a showdown that it overshadowed every other episode until the series ended.

Bonus: Biggest Animation Botch

Winner: “PriPara Male Cheer Squad” (PriPara)
I don’t know if I have any other plan to do this award again but it’d be hard to not give it out this year. I made fun of it and I’ll never stop as long as PriPara hangs around. In fact, PriPara has probably had some of the worst off shots (which is saying much) of any show in the rankings. But three guys waving their glow sticks with little to no animation was probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

Runner Up: “About any off shot” (Happiness Charge Precure!)
I can’t say there was any other definitive moments on this run outside of PriPara but if any other show, Precure would be the other offender. While it’s action might have been great, there are times Precure’s day to day shots just got awkward. While most happened before the rankings started, they were still there every so often to offer some inconsistency.

Sick Day Tally

This section merely adds in the points that were left out until now with concern to the “sick day” rule. There’s not much to see here other than a simple point count.

Sick Days: 0
Point Bonus: +15

Happiness Charge Precure!
Sick Days: 1
Point Bonus: +10

Lady Jewelpet
Sick Days: 0
Point Bonus: +15

Sick Days: 0
Points Bonus: +15

End of the Year Ranking Awards

These awards are given based on various achievements in the actual rankings. Due to it putting more value on performance overall, I decided these awards are worth 20 bonus points each.

Awarded to the show that was involved in the most ties in the weekly rankings.

Winner: Lady Jewelpet
Two ties overall.

Runner Up: Aikatsu!, PriPara
One tie each.

Get Out of Jail Free Card
Awarded to the show that was in fourth place the most times in the weekly rankings.

Winner: PriPara
Nine overall fourth place finishes.

Runner Up: Happiness Charge Precure!
Five overall fourth place finishes.

Number One
Awarded to the show that was in first place the most times in the weekly rankings.

Winner: Happiness Charge Precure!
Eight overall first place finishes.

Runner Up: Aikatsu!
Four overall first place finishes.

Consistent Finisher
Awarded to the show that held the longest streak of finishing in the same place in the weekly rankings.

Winner: Lady Jewelpet
Finished in second place six weeks in a row.

Runner Up: Happiness Charge Precure!
Finished in first place four weeks in a row.

Bottom of the Pile
Awarded to the show that held the longest streak of finishing in fourth place in the overall rankings.

Winner: PriPara
Spent ten consecutive weeks in fourth place.

Runner Up: Happiness Charge Precure!
Spent five consecutive weeks in fourth place.

King of the Hill
Awarded to the show that held the longest streak of finishing in first place in the overall rankings.

Winner: All
All shows spent three consecutive weeks in first place.

Runner Up: None

Year End Point Tally

So now that all the awards have been handed out, who really stood at the top of the rankings by the end of the year? The winner is…

1) Lady Jewelpet – 175 Points
2) Happiness Charge Precure! – 166 Points
3) Aikatsu! – 165 Points
4) PriPara – 146 Points

So, in the end, Lady Jewelpet managed to sneak past everyone by the end of the 2014 year. I realize these awards were a bit mini-sized since I started late, but it’s merely to give you a taste of it for next year. All this means is at the end of 2015 the numbers will be bigger, the stakes will be higher, and there will be potentially more awards to hand out. Until then, the rankings go on.


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