Posted by: Leek | February 2, 2015

Little Girl Anime Power Rankings – Week 21

The awards are finally over and we can get back to the normal rankings, right? Of course not! This week means a new Precure and all the fun that comes with it.


It means hello and goodbye!

Previous Standings

1) Lady Jewelpet – 208 Points
2) Happiness Charge Precure! – 196 Points
3) Aikatsu! – 191 Points
4) PriPara – 157 Points

Another week and more lack of movement. But the lead held by the top two isn’t growing as quickly as before.

Weekly Point Distribution

1) Aikatsu! – +9 Points
2) Go! Princess Precure – +6 Points
3) Lady Jewelpet – +3 Points
4) PriPara – +1 Point

A Word From the Big Man
I actually did not feel comfortable scoring this week. At all. It’s just one of those weeks where there were so many issues that I had to pick out which shows had the least amount. And picking the best out of what did the least things wrong is never fun.

Still more interesting than both Hollywood Godzillas.

There are times where you wonder if there’s some random member of the Lady Jewelpet team that just isn’t on the same page as everyone else. And that person writes an episode every so often and absolutely nothing blends. This was definitely one of those episodes.

I won’t say all of it was horrible. And, to be honest, there was a few good scenes and reality strewn about (mostly involving the male cast members). Even Ruby and Luea (never mind that Luea is a jerk) have a cute little moment that just makes you feel tremendously bad that Ruby is an idiot. But it all kind of comes down to a really nonsensical turn of events at the end. I honestly don’t know why they had to throw so many things into one episode. Like I said last week, they have all the time in the world (or at least I think they do). But with how hard they are pressing forward you’d think they were preparing for a forced finale to be sprung on them at any moment.

It’s not like Lady Jewelpet isn’t interesting and they’ve honestly put in good work over the year. So it’s sad that all it’s flaws recently have come down to an unnecessary pacing problem.

Gokigen yo face in.

What is there to say about the new Precure premiere? You know, it’s really hard to make a thrilling first episode for any of the series covered in these rankings. No matter what, you’re going to have to start a little slow. That being said, the first three quarters of the Precure premiere was not exactly fun to watch. It’s like going to a party with a ton of people you don’t know and laughing at weird jokes. Maybe it’s kind of fun, but it’d probably be a lot cooler if there was a friend to help loosen the air a bit.

But as with any starting Precure episode, it’s about the action. And Toei unleashed a whole new kind of beast for the action scene this time around. Happiness Charge did have this charm to it’s action that made it different. I feel the action scene in Princes Precure tackled something completely different. And it’s actually the kind of action that I really enjoy the most. Do I think this kind of thing will happen every episode? Of course not. Do I really hope these kinds of dynamic camera angles and pure punches being thrown comes back? Please.

The other complaint is that the CG this time around doesn’t feel right. Maybe it just doesn’t play well into the character designs or maybe it just worked too well for Happiness Charge. But there was definitely something about the Happiness Charge CG that made it tolerable even in battle. If Princess Precure decides it’ll use it for every finisher with the models it showed off, I am genuinely concerned about the show’s future. But I might forgive it in the long run if the flat action keeps up a consistent style (yeah right).

Overall, a lot of promising things. But far from an incredibly interesting watch as of now.

Love you.

Even though I gave Aikatsu! a lot of credit last week, I don’t think I can pat it on the back so much this week. It wasn’t a bad episode, and it was obviously good enough to beat out everything this week. Why? It was just a well rounded episode. Everything else this week had some glaring flaw but Aikatsu! just played safe cards and it paid off.

I honestly like Miyabi as a character. I don’t think the cast really needs anyone new at the moment (with Juri just entering a bit ago) but it’s not too far off of the first season now. I realize they did introduce both Yurika and Sakura around the same time early on in and it didn’t go too badly. Naturally the only concern will be who ends up getting screen time when the series spans out.

I generally feel like I can’t highlight too much good in Aikatsu! as the bad in everything else. But I just generally enjoyed Aikatsu! this week and Miyabi fits pretty well into the whack jobs that Season 3 has turned out so far. Assuming that she doesn’t get written out immediately, I am looking forward to what she’ll be adding in the future.

Screw that chess playing robot.

It’s really hard to give PriPara any credit when it was literally an episode dedicated to showing three lives that you’ve seen at least three times before. I think it didn’t help that they needed to say, “Well the competition has come down to the three teams! What a coincidence”. Did you really need to tell us that? Is it so hard to just say that the other teams had their stages already and pretended this isn’t some isolated world where only three teams are popular anymore?

But the real problem is there was just no buildup. Even if Falulu showed up as early as October, she hasn’t become an actual threat until the past few episodes. It’s really hard to say that this is some huge showdown when they’re facing off with a character that just came out of nowhere in a competition that comes down to one live. I guess I was supposed to care about Falulu’s back story or something in this episode. But honestly, why should I?

I get it though. This is that showdown between perfection and the ordinary human. And the end segement will be when Unicorn realizes that by just teaching a robot to do the things that humans do she’ll never triumph over the human will. And that’s when Lala and the others will beat Falulu (who will in turn learn how to be more human). I don’t know. PriPara has kind of dug itself into this hole it can’t get out of right now and it’ll take a different arc entirely to get it out.

I don’t exactly know what’s to come next week but it’ll probably be a pretty raw showdown. Precure is dropping off it’s first episode and will show more of what it’s actual budget is capable of. And the other shows will continue doing what they usually do.


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