Posted by: Leek | February 15, 2015

Little Girl Anime Power Rankings – Week 23

It’s the day (after) Valentine’s Day which means only one thing.


A completely unrelated reference. The Valentine’s meter is only at 50% this week anyways.

Previous Standings

1) Lady Jewelpet – 214 Points
2) Go! Princess Precure – 211 Points
3) Aikatsu! – 206 Points
4) PriPara – 159 Points

Lady Jewelpet still manages to stay ahead for another week. However, it’s reached that point where one really bad week could be the end of it’s lead.

Weekly Point Distribution

1) Aikatsu! – +9 Points
2) Lady Jewelpet – +6 Points
3) PriPara – +3 Points
4) Go! Princess Precure – +1 Point

A Word From the Big Man
I feel, even if there’s no way to indicate it, there is a huge gap between some of the shows this week. If I was giving actual scores to shows rather than positions I think you’d see how completely outmatched some things were this week.

Wrapping things up…again.

So I won’t beat around the bush. Lady Jewelpet was enjoyable this week, but the only problem is that it skated pretty close to the line of, “Didn’t we already see this”. I think it’d even be fair to say that the past few episodes weren’t even necessary in the first place. Why? What was the point of having Diana and Claire both seal the gate if they were going to just make up a third reason to seal the gate and essentially null the first two occasions? I might be crazy, but it would have been fine if they just had it happen once and had all the confrontation between the elder generation happen the first time (rather than waiting until now to reveal it). If you do that, you remove all the rushing that happened in the previous episodes and can span the events a little thicker across instead. But I’m not a psychic, and I can’t tell you whether that would have actually been that much better.

If you just look at the episode this week at face value, it did do what the past episodes should have done. In finally explained a lot of happenings rather than just sticking them at the end of the episodes and skating over what’s really going on. So you find yourself asking, “What the hell is going on?” a lot less often. It also had most of the characters in the same bunch this time around, thus cutting down on the massive amount of happenings going on at the same time. So, rather than being split among 5 groups of people, it was an episode that was essentially split among three.

All in all, it was just a fairly cleanly delivered amount of back story and reveals. I won’t say it was as good as what I’ve come to expect from Lady Jewelpet, but I prefer it entirely over what it’s been doing the past few weeks.

Sadly, the fourth wall appeals did not work.

The point is Precure didn’t really do anything this week. It was basically just some dribble drabble space filler at episode three. It’s not like I was expecting them to do something big, but I figured it would have been something that they could put a little more effort into. Actually, you could hardly say there was even a battle that took place in this episode. They maybe focused on it for about a minute but you could tell that this was an episode they just threw in to recover the margin of budget they blew on the first episode.

I won’t say that I’m disappointed with the series for doing this, but I’m obviously not going to award it for doing what it did. On account there are things I got out of the other series this week, I would be wrong to give Precure anything other than a fourth place finish. It really wouldn’t have hurt them to just make a silly little Valentine’s Day romp. It would have done them a lot better than this episode.

Your chocolate here.

There are those times you don’t know what to expect out of Aikatsu! And it’s not really a bad thing as much as you can’t really prepare yourself for when they really do something great. This was definitely one of those weeks.

Shun is one of those characters they added in this season that I didn’t really know what to think of. Unlike Sena, he didn’t really seem to have a point other than to look really attractive and give more eye candy to those who wanted it. And I didn’t know what to expect when it was an episode that was built around him. So was I expecting a flash back into his past? Not at all. And was I expecting it to be as heartwarming as it was? That’s a big negative. I can’t really put into words why I enjoyed Aikatsu! so much this week. It was just incredibly heart warming and managed to nail all those points that I look for in it. It wasn’t silly or over the top or anything that I usually manage to pin down in a holiday episode. But the amount of warm fuzzies it brewed inside of you was something else.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that keeps evolving in Japan to carry more meaning than it did originally. And while it naturally still carries that context of love, I think the intention of simply thanking someone by giving them chocolate has become a more popular way to look at it. Sure, it isn’t as romantic but it makes the holiday a lot less dreary for the masses. To award Aikatsu! for really nailing a modern and entertaining depiction of the holiday, it gets an extra +10 points for the 2015 Valentine’s Award. Is it a little unfair because two series weren’t necessarily in the position to do Valentine’s Day episodes? That’s not my problem.

Not a total fuck up.

I guess PriPara translates character development episodes into bad wordplay episodes. Or something like that. The absurd amount of bad puns aside, the episode could have been worse. I think I put PriPara before Precure because there were times that I actually felt I was paying a bit closer attention to it than Precure. And the truth of the matter is, I might have just been slightly biased since Mirei might be the only interesting character left in this show. So an episode dedicated to her not really developing in the least and just having some stupid fanservice here and there was all it took to take it out of last place for once.

If you can’t tell, it wasn’t really a good episode. It was more like an attempt at character development entirely rooted around bad puns. And there was some random Valentine’s Day elements to it. I won’t say it actually had anything to do with Valentine’s Day, but it was there.

I really thought about putting this post up on Valentine’s Day but when I finished writing it I realized Aikatsu! was the only show that really nailed the idea. So the lack of romanticism and warm feelings made me just leave it to be put up on the regular day. Sometimes the truth hurts like that.


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