Posted by: Leek | March 15, 2015

Little Girl Anime Power Rankings – Week 27

It’s another one of those horrendously unbalanced weeks. I guess it makes sense with a new season just around the corner though.

Don’t underestimate the power of the glasses.

I heard they can even help you see better. Technology is crazy.

Previous Standings

1) Aikatsu! – 246 Points
2) Lady Jewelpet – 244 Points
3) Go! Princess Precure – 221 Points
4) PriPara – 165 Points

Nothing’s changed? Nothing’s changed.

Weekly Point Distribution

1) Lady Jewelpet – +9 Points
2) Aikatsu! – +6 Points
3) Go! Princess Precure – +3 Points
4) PriPara – +1 Point

A Word From the Big Man
I guess the only show that’s not really leading into the new season is Precure. But since everything else is, you can imagine I have a bit of a bar that needs to be met every week. And I bet you could never guess which show can’t get over that bar.

Shion receives her latest demotion to maid.

Sakura has been one of those characters that’s kind of had a fuzzy existence as far as Aikastu! characters go. She was the first real underclassman but a few decisions eventually pushed her out of the light so that you had no reason to really care about what she was really doing. But ever since the new season started it felt like they wanted to something with her. And maybe that something finally came out and concluded itself all in this episode.

I actually really wanted to give Aikatsu! the top spot this week (up until I saw Lady Jewelpet the next day). In all honesty, it was really touching and they finally gave quite a bit of history into something that should probably mean a lot more in the Aikatsu! universe. I mean, Starlight Queen was the finale of the first season and the place where Ichigo easily suffered the most crushing defeat of her life (so much it made her take a pilgrimage to America). And my only real complaint with this episode is that it should have been spread out longer and not resolved all in a single run.

I don’t know what they want to do before April hits, but it is known by everyone that the new characters will debut and roll around at the start of the new season. So why not end the first half of this run on a really touching note like this? Chances are Sakura is going to fade into the back again, and it would be great to have the main four really dive into something before the new characters jump in. Maybe, just maybe, what they have planned for the next two weeks will prove a smoother transition to the next half, but I really doubt it. So my really big issue with Aikatsu! this week is that they rushed something that could have been even better. I still thoroughly enjoyed this week but I get the strong feeling I’ll be severely disappointed with what is to follow.

Guys. Think this through. Guys?

So what I had mentioned last week, and what was on everybody’s mind recently, is exactly what happened this week. There needed to be magic to patch things up in Lady Jewelpet, but I wasn’t exactly sure it would come at the cost that it did. Well, let’s just call it the “cost” for now. The fact is Lady Jewelpet probably put a lot into it that I wanted to see (aka Miura getting decked) and probably a bit of things I could have lived without seeing (the last five seconds before the end credits rolled).

If this was any normal anime and not something directed at kids (or it was the 90s or something), you could probably end Lady Jewelpet next week with a really small epilogue and call it done. But it’s neither of those cases and you probably need to patch a few things up before you really call it done and done. Does the after credits scene and the what’s to come really destroy the impact of that short little tidbit before the ending credits? I don’t think so. I think at that point the damage had already been done and the colossal impact of having to watch Ruby’s reaction is something you can’t really undo.

Lady Jewelpet has two more episodes and I honestly have no clue as to how they plan to handle them. But the point still stands that this week was crazy. And even though I’ve done it all season, I do give a lot of credit to the staff for doing some of the things they do. It takes a lot of balls to take certain risks and most of the risks weren’t taken at the cost of bad writing (I did call it out where I saw it though). I just hope they wrap everything up a little clean and that bad writing that came up here and there doesn’t leak into the last two episodes.

Still a bed wetter, huh?

I really didn’t hate Precure this week and, honestly, I enjoyed it quite a bit. Is Haruka kind of superhuman? In a way. She’s not the stereotype of the character that can do everything from the get-go but it does look like she can still do everything (she just needs practice for a few days).

The point is Precure introduced a character that’s either going to get flushed down the toilet or stay relevant until the end (hopefully the latter). There’s still nothing wow about Princess Precure right now, so it really needs to start adding more elements before it gets too monotonous. This episode was still enjoyable but that kind of charm can only last too long before you need to start doing something different or build upon an objective. Princess Precure is still young at this point but nothing will hurt it if it starts a little early and avoids rushing itself too heavily later on.

But honestly, I’m talking five steps ahead of where we are. The point is, Precure was good this week and it was just beat out by exceptionally interesting plot movers. Precure hasn’t reached that point that it really needs to focus on doing episodes like that, but it should start doing things that can allow it to create better ones later on.

Why do we still care about this robot?

PriPara is getting to a new arc ending and it’s…boring. I find it funny that I complained that Aikatsu! should have drawn out it’s episode to cover the rest of the season, and I think PriPara should be doing just the opposite of that. There’s absolutely no reason they should be dragging this Falulu nonsense out any longer, and they could have probably just revived her in this episode and wrapped up the glow in the dark dress nonsense over the next two episodes.

The real problem is even after doing what it did last week, PriPara still has the outstanding idea to turn every scene into a gag. It’s not like they don’t know how to be a little somber because they did it just a season ago with the end of the school arc. So why can’t they tone things down for even just an episode rather than filling it with stupid gags in an atmosphere that doesn’t welcome it? It just turns it into another show that has absolutely no planning behind it and is just relying on really cheap things to try and make itself seem different. But all it really does it make it a really bad show and something that kids shouldn’t even be watching because it’s just going to knock their IQ down a few levels.

I feel like I keep saying the PriPara staff isn’t incapable of making good things, but they might have just fired everybody that was capable after the first quarter of the show.

I feel like things will be a little less cut and dry next week. And there’s a considerably high chance I might just hate everything next week.


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