Posted by: Leek | March 23, 2015

Little Girl Anime Power Rankings – Week 28

Even if the actual season changed we’re not quite yet into the new season. But you can definitely feel the winds of change blowing.

The season of budding love has come.

Doesn’t Spring just put a smile on your face? You know, aside from the terrible allergy problems.

Previous Standings

1) Lady Jewelpet – 253 Points
2) Aikatsu! – 252 Points
3) Go! Princess Precure – 224 Points
4) PriPara – 166 Points

One of the last weeks Lady Jewelpet has to shine in the top spot before it dies and leaves a seed for a new show.

Weekly Point Distribution

1) Lady Jewelpet – +9 Points
2) Aikatsu! – +6 Points
3) Go! Princess Precure – +3 Points
4) PriPara – +1 Point

A Word From the Big Man
It’s one of those weird weeks where rather than having direct complaints with the episode, it’s just these weird inner flaws of the series that is actually bothering me. I won’t complain about the week but you’re going to notice me digging into a lot of these shows with some mini-talk here and there.

The bubbles are what give it that romantic touch.

I want to say that this Lady Jewelpet episode had me really uneasy up until the last five minutes of it. Why? Because I really didn’t want them to pull some universal reset, alternate universe, or time traveling nonsense. After all the show did, it would have felt like a total waste had they just pretended it all never happened. I know a lot of series like getting away with things like that, and I’m really glad Lady Jewelpet decided to retain all the events.

That being said, this episode was that adorable counterpart to the events of last week. Sure, Momona and Cayenne have had their moments throughout the series, but it’s hard to say they don’t deserve a bit more. So it was nice seeing them slowly remembering their relationship thanks to Ruby’s meddling. Let’s just try and ignore the fact that Ruby nearly killed Momona in the process of doing so.

My only really worry about this week’s episode is that they put a huge wager on next week. It feels as if it’s going to have to contain quite a bit and that the might be loading it a bit too heavy. So my big concern is that it might not feel as conclusive as it really should. But I can’t really see into the future and they might make something really spectacular happen. I just would hate to have come this far just to be really bitter at the end.

Hello. Goodbye. Hello, again. Goodbye, again.

So let’s get this out of the way first. I have no real quarrel with this week’s Aikatsu! It was an episode that probably needed to happen, and they did a good job of still focusing Akari throughout the entire length of it. In reality, it did about everything I could have asked from it. So what’s my real issue?

It’s an episode that took too long to happen. I realize the staff had to kind of drag their feet because of where the movie happened. And it’s evident they wanted to keep the cast around for things like the Valentine’s and drama episodes. But did they really need them present versus the Christmas episode that happened while the movie was in theaters? Not really. I can get why they took Ichigo’s relevance this far, but I don’t think it was absolutely necessary. But, to me, it still felt like it was babying people that just need to learn to suck it up and enjoy a series properly.

Any series like Aikatsu! is moved by it’s characters and it either ends, finds a way to slow down time, or suffers from Pokemon syndrome. None of those would be very effective for Aikatsu! and a lot of what make the series great is how dynamically it moves according to real time. I’m glad they did ease Akari in, but I don’t think they needed to do it for as long as they did. However, it’s not a fatal mistake and hopefully they really do keep Ichigo and friends away for all of Spring and only have them become relevant again during the final stretch. Pandering to people watching solely for certain characters is something that’s best left for series that aren’t looking for a long lifespan.

It’s not overworking yourself if you meet the deadline.

I feel like Precure this week was amusing for all the wrong reasons and also taught some really bad lessons to kids. I somewhat jokingly mentioned that Haruka was a bit of a superhuman character last week, but this week kind of takes that statement and blows it up to the size of the universe. I don’t have an issue with superhuman characters, especially with how common it is in Precure, but I just found it funny how quickly Haruka is evolving.

That being said, my real issue with Precure lies with the lesson. Sure, it’s great to chase after your dreams but there’s also a human limit. Kirara, who is shown as little Ms. Doubtful all episode, is actually correct in her actions but hardly praised for them. And Minami never owns up to the fact that she obviously let Haruka push herself too hard, despite the bags under Haruka’s eyes and her nearly collapsing in battle. I just think it’s a little wrong to be letting it just pan out like some fairy tale when it was actually a horrible story. If Minami at least said something along the lines of, “Sorry, I pushed you so hard,” or, “Try not to overdo it next time,” I really would have brushed everything off.

So kids, don’t listen to Precure. It’s great to have good work ethic but don’t turn down help when you obviously need it. Don’t let these superhumans try and fool you into doing stupid things and overworking yourself to the point of death.

Even Kuma didn’t expect the performance to last this long.

Kind of like Precure, PriPara blew my mind this week for all the wrong reasons. Now let’s be honest, letting the same song and performance go on for over ten minutes is really, REALLY stupid. And I know some people are going to think, “Oh look, Leek is beating up on poor little PriPara again”. But let’s not beat around the bush here. That performance (this episode) was horribly constructed, and you would have to be blind to not notice. Had they transitioned to a different song at some point it would have been spectacular but that never happened.

My other issue was just the episode itself seemed to completely go against what they said last episode. They went through all the trouble to explain that Falulu was created from everyone’s desire to become an idol and all the enjoyment out of performing. Yet, instead of doing exactly that, they try and objectify the live as something that is solely meant for Falulu. They don’t have “fun” at all during the live until Falulu actually becomes a real boy (er, girl) on everyone.

In fact, Lala and the gang were all completely useless. Outside of sparking the live and having shiny dresses, they were essentially worthless at the end of the day. I really feel like Lala (heck, any of them) should have been the one to realize what they were doing wrong and spark everyone to sing rather than it just starting randomly in the crowd. Instead, it was just an incited miracle that could have happened in any other format. So it wasn’t dramatic, it wasn’t touching, it just happened.

But this finally puts us close to the end of the Falulu events, and, hopefully, nothing like it ever happens again. I think I’m just frustrated that a complete writing botch had to ruin the one episode that brought “Make It” back.

I’m kind of sad that Lady Jewelpet will finally come to a close next week. It was such a dark horse that I’ll feel bad if the next series just bombs in comparison and it essentially wipes the Jewelpet series from the top spot. Then again, Precure might be doing that to itself right as we speak.


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