Posted by: Leek | May 18, 2015

Little Girl Anime Power Rankings – Week 36

It’s another one of those weeks where I’m lacking a punchline. Even I run out of references and bad jokes to throw into this opening area from time to time.

Even the devil gets sent to the hallway from time to time.

Holding onto that dry ice seems kind of uncomfortable though.

Previous Standings

1) Aikatsu! – 309 Points
2) Jewelpet Magical Change – 299 Points
3) Go! Princess Precure – 255 Points
4) PriPara – 187 Points

There’s a part of me that wants to see PriPara catch up. That’s a long way to climb though.

Weekly Point Distribution

1) Aikatsu! – +9 Points
2) PriPara – +6 Points
3) Jewelpet Magical Change – +3 Point
4) Go! Princess Precure – +1 Points

A Word From the Big Man
Are we seeing a new development? Has PriPara finally started sapping the powers away from it’s rival series?

Everything the lights touches is…hey.

I will admit that Rin and Madoka were smartly created characters if not for one particular reason. You can’t really say that Rin has the same relationship with Johnny as Madoka has with Asuka, but they both helped put spotlight on some existing positions in Aikatsu! that have never really stood out that much. Johnny has never been more than comic relief for two seasons, and it was nice to finally see some of his back story revealed. The designing standpoint seemed like it might stand out a bit more when Sora joined in second season, but it never really showed itself that strongly. And it’s hard to say Tsubasa has been much of showing any more a designer struggle as the others as much as any of his fellow designers did (but he has played a good developmental role to Akari). This episode kind of finally got to shine light on Asuka who is questionably the designer we’ve seen the most of throughout the entire series (and the most relevant to the majority of the major cast). While it was a story that was meant to shine a lot of light on Madoka, it’d be more correct to say that it was a episode dedicated to show what a dedicated designer Asuka is, and particularly how that dedication affected Madoka.

Whatever the case, this episode was great for the same reasons Rin’s episode was great. It actually created more roots and was just one of those really warm fuzzy kinds of episodes. Actually, there’s a lot of characters in Aikatsu! that would have probably killed for back story episodes like these. But, whatever the case, next week finally moves into the last development I was waiting for. And, most importantly, what will happen once all these units are actually formed.

Well, that takoyaki looks good.

I think if we had to pick a talking point for this week’s Magical Change, it would have to be about the second half of the episode. Chances are if the series continued to try and bounce gags off the main cast it would start getting old really fast, so it’s kind of refreshing to see some old faces pop in (particularly one that people didn’t even think would show up). There seemed to be a lot of shit talk of “this character won’t show up” and “that character won’t show up”, and I think this episode helped silence a lot of those opinions. All that aside, it was just one of those episodes that wasn’t amazing, but it wasn’t the worst thing to watch this week. It’s still nonsense but at least it’s consistent nonsense.

What’s with rich people and dolphins anyway?

I feel like the only way I could talk for an extended period about Precure this week would be by making a ton of Flipper related jokes. Since I’d hate to have to put everyone though that, I’ll just make it brief. There was really nothing touching or really developmental about Precure this week. It was just one of those incredibly (and I do mean incredibly) gimmicky episodes to give Minami a new power up. And if you don’t like the Flipper analogy, you could always chalk it up to a cheesy Captain Planet episode about why you should treat the ocean with respect. Not that I’m saying you shouldn’t, but we really didn’t need this episode.

Well, at least she has two catchphrases instead of one.

Up until now, Aroma has had this kind of normal stumbling buffoon kind of existence. You know, that very aged Professor Fate kind of existence where every attempt to sabotage the main characters goes in the complete opposite direction (and often turning into a self-destructive kind of accident). So it was kind of nice this episode to see that, despite her nature, she has a fairly good head on her shoulders. Up until now it’s hard to say anyone has actually “outwitted” Mirei in anyway, so seeing Aroma slowly pick her apart throughout the episode was a very fresh type of amusement.

I might have said this in several other posts, but it’s often the job of new characters to be fresh but to also highlight the traits of other characters. My issue with the past two arcs of PriPara is that it never felt like they were using characters to their full potential. And it goes without saying that I felt like Falulu did nothing for the series other than exist and leave. While Mikan has yet to do anything other than be a sidekick, Aroma has done a pretty darn good job of causing other characters to actually show themselves off. And this is all done while still being incredibly relevant to the main objective of the arc. So in short, I like it. PriPara has definitely been having trouble finding the right pieces of the puzzle to make the series work, and I think they might have finally dug out the ones they were missing. And, hopefully, they won’t get sent off on unicorns at the end of the arc.

Precure aside, I feel like getting through these shows on a weekly basis has been getting easier and easier. I can only hope that the ease stays and some fresh new competitive spirit can start rolling out as we get closer to a full year run.


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