Posted by: Leek | August 9, 2015

Little Girl Anime Power Rankings – Week 48

I guess I could have put thought into doing some kind of “summer festival” or “summer vacation” episode award, but since I hated so many of them it probably wouldn’t have been a good idea. And if I wasn’t coming up with silly stuff like that I wouldn’t have time to turn out special jokes like these.

Here’s the story of a lovely rankings…

…that was bringing up four sometimes lovely shows.

Previous Standings

1) Aikatsu! – 399 Points
2) Jewelpet Magical Change – 358 Points
3) Go! Princess Precure – 301 Points
4) PriPara – 237 Points

Jewelpet’s bonus award from last week puts it back into a comfortable position as Aikatsu! prepares to cross the 400 mark. Precure finally crosses the 300 mark and, well, PriPara isn’t dead at least.

Weekly Point Distribution

1) Jewelpet Magical Change – +9 Points
2) Aikatsu! – +6 Points
3) Go! Princess Precure – +3 Points
4) PriPara – +1 Point

A Word From the Big Man
Hey, nothing changed. I guess it’s more or less the same reasons you’ve come to expect with results like these.

Just mildly frightening.

I guess this is one of the few episodes recently where they’re indirectly setting up a future development. I guess it would be in bad sport to say any direct spoilers, but I guess the developments on the designer side was some of the more interesting hints they gave. Other than that, Aikatsu! continues to slightly do things while overall doing nothing. I guess I should be happy that they’re setting up things for the future, but we’ve been in a setting up phase for quite a while now. Sure, it’s a cute episode. I just kinda of wish there were more evident points of things going on in the world, because it feels like all the idols are just on an eternal vacation at the moment.

It’s almost like I’m watching a kid’s show.

I think the thing that will oddly always impress about the Jewelpet writers is that they can do kid’s show. I don’t know why they only sometimes do it, but they can do it just fine when they choose to. And I can appreciate them doing a gag episode that’s not strange or a plethora of jokes directed at an older audience. I’m obviously at the age that I can enjoy both sides, but it’s nice that they can prove themselves every once and awhile. Hilarious how bad the gap feels when you have an episode like last week and transition into this week. But Jewelpet audiences are probably used to it by now.

Ever been princess carried by a princess? Didn’t think so.

What can you say? It’s not good, it’s not bad, it’s hardly an episode. I guess the only thing I can say this week is that everyone was kind of a jerk. So, a guy gets injured and decides he wants to relax a bit and not worry about tennis. Just because he’s only cared about tennis until this point, doesn’t mean you can’t let the guy kick back a bit. Princess Precure sure seems to like pushing the concept of overworking yourself a lot. But let’s just write this one off as another runaround fluff episode. At least they finally got away from Towa for a bit (I’m going to really highlight the “a bit” part).

Cue the pipe organ.

So, PriPara kind of started doing the “going backwards” thing again. I guess when you’re strapped for arc ideas the easiest thing is just to start from the top. And it might have worked had there not only been two major arcs in the series so far. I guess the difference is now you’re recreating it with nine members instead of six. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll come up with something new and interesting to make a rehashed concept seem fresh. But the track record of PriPara isn’t exactly the best, and I’m pretty sure they’re just kind of strapped for ideas in the writing department. Don’t worry Pripara, you’re definitely not the only ones having that problem right now.

Yep. So the past weeks have been kind of on the bad side. I’ll just be a nice guy and blame the heat, but hopefully something other than Jewelpet generates an idea soon. At least PriPara generously sacrificed itself to allow me to make a cheesy old reference. That’s a one time title card by the way.

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