Posted by: Leek | September 27, 2015

Little Girl Anime Power Rankings Season 2 – Week 3

I was going to write this all out last evening and have it auto-post, but I opted towards getting more sleep over getting it up a few hours earlier.

Did you ever want a behind the scenes look of LGAPR?

That’s pretty much exactly how I look in front of my laptop. Just a lot less fuzzy and adorable.

Previous Standings

1) PriPara – 20 Points
2) Go! Princess Precure – 15 Points
3) Aikatsu! – 9 Points
4) Jewelpet Magical Change – 4 Points

It’s been a bit of a slow start, but things will start moving more and more as the weeks go on.

Weekly Point Distribution

1) Jewelpet Magical Change – +9 Points
2) Aikatsu! – +6 Points
3) Go! Princess Precure – +3 Points
4) PriPara – +1 Point

A Word From the Big Man
LGAPR is really like an unintended boomerang. Every time you think you’re safe, everything comes right back to smack you in the face.

I’m nauseous. I’m nauseous. I’m nauseous.

You know, I’m pretty sure I’ve used the “the writers vomited on a paper to create this episode” phrase a lot on this ranking. But it’ll be the first time I say that writers actually vomited on a piece of paper to create a character. There are those times as a kid where your parents might have sat down and watched one of your favorite programs with you. And a lot of the time it was of a program they maybe didn’t have a particularly high opinion of. And there’s that one time, you know that one damn time, that the staff just puts up the worse episode as if it was fate. This is definitely one of those episodes for PriPara, and Ajimi is definitely one of those characters you would NEVER want on the screen with your parents in the room.

Now after seeing PriPara I had a lot of choice words and analogies to describe my opinion of Ajimi. The most popular one being that there was a special level of hell that forces people to listen to her and her character song on repeat for the rest of eternity. Now PriPara has created some pretty gimmicky characters, but a literal babbling idiot is probably a new leap for them. There is actually no single redeeming factor I can find in this episode. Prince’s reactions to Ajimi would be a funny gag, but any sane human being is probably going to find common ground with him. And if you’re going to dedicate an episode where the audience can sympathize with the Prince, then I think there’s better ways to do it than creating an abomination.

If I had honestly made a rule where I could subtract points from a show I really would. If I could even give PriPara zero points this week I would. But I can’t, and I’m kind of bummed. But not as bummed as I am about being stuck watching Ajimi until they throw her into the background.

Minami decided to write a message for ants.

I really don’t have much to say about Precure this week. It was just a really sub-par character development episode that kind of pushed things forward a bit. I don’t think it achieved anything great, nor do I think it was the worst thing to air this week (very far from). The only problem is I feel I got absolutely nothing out of it, and it really just felt like noise at the end of the episode. It at least snaked it’s way into a new development, and hopefully the new development causes some interesting events.

Amazing how perfectly idols can paint a van.

You know this would have been a really great season opener for Aikatsu rather than a finale. I really felt like both seasons of Aikatsu so far have had great finales, and it’s a shame they just decided to not write one this time around. I don’t really get why this needed to be included in the third season since it didn’t really cause any more closure than last week. So why not just end the season last week and have their new plan to become better idols fall as the new season opener? Too logical?

As an episode, it was cute though, and it’s a somewhat promising (and new) development as far as the series goes. I don’t know how they plan to make everything work, but at least it’s something. And it also gives the new season more direction to help get off the ground. It also shows that Akari still has sights on the one thing that Ichigo was never able to achieve in her career (even if Ichigo’s career suffered zero from it). I won’t say it was an episode to scream over, but it held my interest more than Precure did.

Airi can talk down to me any day.

So comes another week where Jewelpet only had to be interesting enough to land the top spot. It’s a good thing it was a triple packed mess of nonsense. The writers have really seemed to take a liking to breaking the fourth wall recently, and I can’t say I have a huge issue with that as long as it doesn’t become habit. You know what they say. When you run out of jokes you start to break the fourth wall and makes references more and more. Alright, so maybe only I say that.

Well, at least we had a couple of good weeks before things started going downhill. Next week marks the new season of Aikatsu and hopefully that prevents it from turning into a complete mess like this week.


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