Posted by: Leek | October 12, 2015

Little Girl Anime Power Rankings Season 2 – Week 5

It seems the topic of fishing has come up a lot recently. A shame I’m a good distance away from any decent body of water to catch fish in.

Sea lions are assholes.

There’s no feeling quite like failing to land a fish only to get mocked by a chorus of seagulls and sea lions.

Previous Standings

1) PriPara – 24 Points
1) Aikatsu! – 24 Points
3) Go! Princess Precure – 19 Points
3) Jewelpet Magical Change – 19 Points

Look at how pretty that is.

Weekly Point Distribution

1) Aikatsu! – +9 Points
2) Jewelpet Magical Change – +6 Points
3) Go! Princess Precure – +3 Points
4) PriPara – +1 Point

A Word From the Big Man
I guess getting these up Monday will be easy as long as there’s very little deliberation required to decide the weekly positions, except that usually means a terrible week.

What do you mean you’re still the main character?

I really fail to see why the big performances always have to happen immediately after a team is formed. Fall really just began, so I found it a little odd that they needed to do the Gran Prix already. We could have, you know, put some more thought into how the secondary team is formed other than using the first 10 minutes of the episode to do it. Or maybe we didn’t need to dedicate time to Fuwari because someone miscounted and realized they didn’t have enough space to fit her into a team. Otherwise, we essentially got another episode that tried (and failed) at being suspenseful because it had absolutely no build up.

There are those tour guides that just tire you out.

Part of the real charm of Nono and Risa is it really hails back to the first season more than Akari did. Akari was already a pretty big idol buff when she entered Starlight, and, even if she was overwhelmed, she didn’t really come in at the exact same angle that Ichigo did. Nono and Risa are not only really far out of the idol world, but they also came as a pair much like Ichigo and Aoi did. This allows them to be incredibly standalone and really jump around without any direct support from the rest of the cast (even if they’ll ultimately be supported by the rest of the cast anyway). The key this season is really just keeping enough balance that Nono and Risa don’t mesh in too fast to the point they just throw them into the background.

Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance.

I think this is the second or third time I’ve made a Lion King reference in this ranking. I’d really say something about Precure this week, but it was incredibly forgettable (just not as bad as Pripara was). Instead, we should talk about how it’s not bad to have multiple dreams. Since Princess Precure seems bent on teaching you a really rigid line of thought, allow me to educate you guys. Having dreams is good and having multiple dreams is really good. Always keep your options open, and never think you have to walk one path in your life. What I’m really trying to say is, Minami is a terrible character. Her entire intent is to teach your kids to walk one path in life and overwork yourself to the point of death. Don’t be a Minami, and don’t let your kids be a Minami. That’s the real lesson of Princess Precure.

It’s like the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, just a lot less effective.

There are a lot of times after finishing an episode of Magical Change that you think to yourself, “Wow, that was really dumb,” and yet you can’t get past how genius it was at the same time. It was generally just one of those weeks where Magical Change had to be entertaining enough to beat out the lower half, but I still got a lot of kick out of it. And it all comes down to one well executed running gag.

I’m never talking about potential ever again.


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