Posted by: Leek | October 26, 2015

Little Girl Anime Power Rankings Season 2 – Week 7

In regards to LGAPR, this is supposed to be a Halloween post. But there’s still one show that plans to and hasn’t done a Halloween episode yet (not to mention Aikatsu has another chance since it’s actually airing on Halloween). So since I did want to do a Halloween award, it won’t get handed out until next week.

The fight is over. Poor Haruka, the wannabe Princess.

Your dream is lost. Run at a full stride, Haruka, till you find a beautiful dream to chase.

Previous Standings

1) Aikatsu! – 41 Points
2) Jewelpet Magical Change – 31 Points
3) PriPara – 26 Points
3) Go! Princess Precure – 26 Points

For PriPara’s sake, let’s just start saying the points don’t matter. Don’t feel bad about being last place again after seven weeks.

Weekly Point Distribution

1) Go! Princess Precure – +9 Points
2) Aikatsu! – +6 Points
3) Jewelpet Magical Change – +3 Points
4) PriPara – +1 Point

A Word From the Big Man
A slightly better week than usual. Nothing amazing, but nothing terrible either.

That pixie dust isn’t going to make anyone fly. But I’ll take some.

Aikatsu! this week was a little bit of a bloated evaluation episode. To be fair, you never actually saw any of the things that happened since a chunk of Akari’s career at Starlight was overlooked when it was still focusing on Ichigo. Because of that, Yuu never really got to have episodes as Akari’s roommate. So this was kind of that fast forwarded tape that let you know of small things that were happening on the side while you weren’t watching as well as what happened once Yuu stopped being Akari’s roommate (aka all of Season 3). It was also an attempt at a Halloween episode. I don’t know if they plan to do anything next week, but there was some (?) Halloween going on in this episode. And by that, I just mean they had everyone jump into adorable costumes and had a Halloween themed stage. It’s not like I expect them to do something like last week, but they might as well have not bothered if this is all they have planned. It’s usually better to just overlook a holiday than half assing it.

Why is everything so shiny this week?

Jewelpet seems to be recently fond of doing actual full episodes rather than the usual 50/50 story split. Not like it’s a bad thing, and it’s surprisingly refreshing for them to change it up every once in awhile. I won’t say it was fantastic this week, but it did the good kind of dumb that it always brings to the table. If Jewelpet came down to essentially Ruby and Luea butting heads for half an hour I’d happily watch it.


So it was one of those weeks where Precure did something worthwhile. Emperor Close and Haruka’s rivalry has been one of the few things that the series has done right, and it’s nice to see it come back again (weird that Emperor Close targeted Haruka out of her being the leader instead of just revenge though). It was also weird that Kanata went heel almost instantly at the end of the episode, but I don’t hate it. If there was one way to break Haruka, that was probably a really ingenious way to do it. I really don’t know where next week will go exactly, but I don’t trust it entirely. I do give credit to Precure for this week though.

My biggest complaint about the episode is just that this little charade should have went out longer. If this development didn’t take place over one episode (and will most likely be resolved next episode), then it would have been really good for them to just have Emperor Close gain more trust and have the impact be larger. And then they’d have a development they could ride out into the final confrontations and eventual finale. Princess Precure is reaching it’s last stretch and they do need to start cutting the thread soon. So if they fumble the ball from here on out, they essentially wasted this good chance to have a really clean way to end the series.

Sometimes you get the trick rather than the treat.

PriPara didn’t nothing exceptionally more clever than it’s Halloween episode last year. And since it did nothing exceptionally clever, I find that I have little reason to say anything exceptionally clever about it. So rather than waste everyone’s time, let’s just summarize it. Jewelpet had better stupid than PriPara and the only place left was fourth.



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