Posted by: Leek | November 30, 2015

Little Girl Anime Power Rankings Season 2 – Week 12

I guess if PriPara and Aikatsu can move to a late night slot then so can LGAPR.

Who says you can’t be a nerd…and an idol…and a comedian?

There’s an audience for that somewhere.

Previous Standings

1) Aikatsu! – 75 Points
2) Go! Princess Precure – 56 Points
3) Jewelpet Magical Change – 52 Points
4) PriPara – 43 Points

Only 32 points separate first and fourth place. We’ve done a lot worse.

Weekly Point Distribution

1) Go! Princess Precure – +9 Points
2) PriPara – +6 Points
3) Aikatsu! – +3 Points
4) Jewelpet Magical Change – +1 Point

A Word From the Big Man
By the standards of how things have been going you know something is up.

You can’t yell Aikatsu! just doing anythi…alright fine.

I always hate when anything goes from really lightly introducing a character into introducing another one. I think it was fine first season when a lot had mini-episodes but never really came back. They were characters created to give the girls something to do. But I get the feeling that when you actually throw a character up on stage, you have reason to bring them back. I still enjoyed Aikatsu! this week because, regardless of actually creating a different character in respect to most of the cast, it was still incredibly Aikatsu! The one thing I’ll always give the series credit for is that it never changes. It’s a good example of not fixing something that isn’t really broken. I just kind of wish they would go back to cementing the plot objective a little more firmly so something like the end of third season doesn’t happen again. If not, we’re going to end with a ton of characters and absolutely nothing for them to do again.

Do we really have to do this now?

I appreciate that Precure really fixed itself this week. If you’re going to do a character episode this late, at least give it some kick. This week was definitely just that, and the fact it’s carrying itself straight into another week is great. Kirara has just never gotten the long end of the stick when it comes to character episodes, and they’ve all basically come down to the same result. So it’s great that she’s finally getting a chain of episodes that will easily surmount everything done so far. I won’t say it’s the best time and place for this, but at least it’s better than what we got last week.

Jewelpet staff sure has a bone to pick with Level 5.

I legitimately kind of feel bad for Jewelpet, and I wonder if the staff really has no gas left in the tank. As of right now, the future of the entire franchise is completely fuzzy, and there’s no saying what’s going to happen when this season ends. But if we’re going to assume that, there’s not many episodes left and you’d think they’d want to go out with a bit more of a bang. But another small jab at Youkai Watch and another throwaway feel good episode isn’t exactly a bang.

Sorry your Prince was a Princess.

Despite the crowd reactions, I don’t think anybody was really shocked with the reveal this week. But at least the episode itself is driving the series somewhere. A shame that the final showdown with Prince (guess I have to start calling her Hibiki from now on) is essentially going to be a real let down because of the existence of Lala. Even if it would have against Hibki’s principles to lock Lala out of the final team, it would have been kind of nice for the burden to be put on the actual workhorses in the series. I just kind of want all that buildup of Aroma and Mirei training to be something more than episode screen time. But maybe PriPara will surprise me. I love surprises.

I think there was some good this week, but it doesn’t all translate to good thing further down the road. But we’ll address those hills when we get to them.


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