Posted by: Leek | January 12, 2016

Little Girl Anime Power Rankings – 2015 Awards and Final Point Tally

The thing about this year is I was supposed to keep the tally of all the stats week by week to avoid having to crunch 52 weeks worth of numbers at the start of 2016. I ended up not making a proper template and then never bothered doing it which resulted in me crunching numbers for 52 weeks at the start of 2016. You betcha.

I tried to capture everyone’s Sunday best.

You guys finally got that 2015 edition you were waiting all year for.

It’s that time again to hand out a ton of bonus points with the turn of the New Year. It’ll be a lot more interesting this year since there’s overlap not only between shows but LGAPR seasons. But before we start handing out awards we need to get some technical business sorted out.

Concerning Jewelpet and Rilu Rilu Fairilu

So I’ve brought it up quite a few times already, but it’s finally time to lay out the road plan for the rest of the month and what will be going on now that Jewelpet has ended. The lucky thing is Fairilu didn’t start at too awkward a time and will begin in the first week of February (right with the new Precure). However, this means there’s an open month where there won’t be anything to say in regards to either series. But, because I want to be completely fair to Fairilu, here’s what I decided to do.

For starters, Fairilu will inherit it’s founding projects points for the current season. I’m sure a lot of you expected this one. Two, the five weeks that Fairilu will be missing won’t be counted as actual sick days and, in it’s starting week, it will be awarded +30 bonus points (an average 6 points per week missed). You might think this is a little unfair to the other shows, but as long as none of them get a consistent last place finish all month they won’t lose out too much because of it. There won’t be a fourth place until Fairilu jumps back in, so even a bad week still results in 3 points. These weeks will still count in regards to the 2016 awards next year though, so it’s five weeks of stats that Fairilu will miss. So unless it’s really good or really bad, it’ll be that much harder for it to put up better numbers than everyone else.

And that’s about all there is to it. The nice thing for Fairilu is it will be starting fresh at the same time as Precure, so it won’t have to worry too much about being too exposed early on.

Seasonal Episode Awards

The following awards have already been distributed and mentioned in previous posts. But I’ll go over them one more time to both reiterate who won them and why. Also, you can finally see who I considered the runner up. Remember these awards were worth 10 points each.

2015 Opener Award

Winner: Happiness Charge Precure!
With it being in it’s final stages, it was pretty obvious that action packed Happiness Charge would be pretty far out in front of everyone at the start of the year. I don’t think the Dark Seiji fight was anywhere near one of the best fights in Happiness Charge (actually all of them were basically over at this point), but it was still fun to watch.

Runner Up: Lady Jewelpet
Keeping the holidays in mind, Lady Jewelpet had a cute little romp where the couples spend the start of the year together. I wasn’t really judging anything on how well it represented the New Year, but the extra holiday spirit in Jewelpet really helped it’s case. I think Jewelpet just did a good job of playing to it’s strengths, and it was about as good as you could get outside of Precure’s action onslaught.

Bonus: Mind Blown Award

Winner: Jewelpet Magical Change
I’m pretty sure without the episode I awarded it to, Jewelpet probably would have gotten this award for any of the thousands of other strange things it did. But a population of stamps being brought to life by magic and going on a pilgrimage to find a land to call home probably takes the cake. Of course, had it not been for this episode I would have not even felt inclined to give this one of a kind bonus award away.

Runner Up: Aikatsu!
Between Vampire Mystery and Oozorakon it’s hard to say that Aikatsu hasn’t gone way off the wall with it’s drama episodes this year. While drama episodes have always been a little up scaled, I don’t think anything quite matches up to these two cases. Whether it be seeing an all star cast pop up in Vampire Mystery (alongside Akari nearly going magical girl) or a giant robo battle in space, I’m pretty sure Aikatsu really gave me some surprises this year.

Booby Prize

Winner: PriPara
This is that “Starter Award” I gave PriPara after it’s last place finish at the end of Season 1 of LGAPR. I’m sure it wasn’t too much of a shocker to anyone.

Runner Up: None

Christmas Award

Winner: Jewelpet Magical Change
There was really no runaway winner for the Christmas award this year, but Jewelpet was probably the best of what we got. It was technically the show’s finale and just allowed them to set the stage at Christmastime (the time of magic and miracles). So outside of a really sappy ending, it was really just like watching any standard Christmas miracle story.

Runner Up: Aikatsu!
Aikatsu! fell off really hard this year compared to it’s usual Christmas stories, but it at least brought up the fact it was Christmas more so than the other two shows. I think if they had just not ended the tour at the same time it really could have been something a lot more fun. But it really just turned into a semi-cheap cop out to let some old characters jump on stage. Oh, and the Christmas miracle was kind of tacked on at the end.

End of the Year Merit Awards

Just like last year I decided to do the end of the year merit awards again. I decided to change up what I did them for (mostly replacing ones that felt too gap with things that can be more easily compared year by year), but they’re all still reward 10 points to the winner. Remember that some shows ran past the New Year, so they are completely valid to be mentioned here. I’m naturally putting preference on what showed up for the majority of the year though.

Best Leading Character

Winner: Akari Oozora (Aikatsu!)
It makes two years in a row, but little Akari is no longer the little self she was when we started LGAPR. With 2015 came the big stage where she really sunk into her personality and brought some new experiences to the Aikatsu franchise. While I don’t think the third season of Aikatsu was particularly as strong as the others, I still believe that Akari brought some new light to the series (no wordplay intended). And her slow development from admirer to being admired has been something really fun to witness.

Runner Up: Airi Kirara (Jewelpet Magical Change)
On account Jewelpet is such a dumb little show, it’s hard to believe I would be willing to give this award to Airi before any of the other heroines. But the point is that none of the other main characters were really that amazing this year. And Airi’s responsible yet psycho tendencies really helped fill out the humor of Magical Change.

Best Supporting Character

Winner: Mirei Minami (PriPara)
If it was Akari’s year to shine in Aikatsu, then it was Mirei’s chance to shine in PriPara. Mirei has had to run in a separate direction from Lala a lot this year, and she’s one of the few PriPara characters that runs up against a slew of personal conflicts. It’s actually more of a shame she just couldn’t replace Lala as the main character of the show.

Runner Up: NonoRisa (Aikatsu!)
So I realize this is kind of cheating since they’re two characters, but the Nono and Risa pair are kind of inseparable when you talk about them at the current moment. Of all the new characters that Aikatsu has tacked on so far, the pair have really brought back some kind of strange magic to the series. Actually, they’re good enough that I kind of hope they evolve into main characters if the show decides to go another year. Aikatsu has really lacked a great rivalry for awhile, and I think two childhood friends becoming rivals would be really fun to see.

Best Opening Song

Winner: Magical☆Change (Jewelpet Magical Change)
I’ll always admit I’m kind of a sucker sometimes for really simple is best Anisong. I think the opening of Magical Change pretty much embodies that idea in my mind. It’s definitely not an amazing piece of music, but it really puts you in the mood to watch Jewelpet every week. In terms of being a befitting opening, I don’t think anything really beats it out.

Runner Up: Lovely Party Collection (Aikatsu!)
Many a joke was made that the Headmaster had to celebrate her birthday every single week because of this opening, but Lovely Party Collection is just too much fun to not give credit to. Aikatsu at the time of Lovely Party Collection was pretty much an endless party of fanservice episodes so it was actually a pretty great fit.

Best Ending Song

Winner: lucky train! (Aikatsu!)
In that way Nono and Risa felt like a second coming of Ichigo and Aoi, lucky train! easily felt like a second coming of calendar girl. There are those occasional ending themes you just never mind sitting through, and this is definitely one of them.

Runner Up: Yume ha mirai he no michi (Go! Princess Precure)
The first Princess Precure ending really lightly touched on the, “We wanna be a Disney musical” kind of vibe. I think the second ending is where they actually worked out all the kinks and made something legitimately great. I can’t say many good things about the content of the show, but I do look forward to hearing the ending (and the rotating solos) every week. In a world where lucky train! was never written, Precure would have easily walked away with this award.

Best Finale

Winner: Lady Jewelpet
It feels kind of nice to talk about the roller coaster that was the last month of Lady Jewelpet episodes again. The real point of Lady Jewelpet is that it really paced itself so well that it really just needed to write a happy ending for everyone and call it good. And that’s pretty much exactly what they did. In terms of answering the call and giving that proper feeling of satisfaction, I don’t think anything came close to doing it like Lady Jewelpet did.

Runner Up: Jewelpet Magical Change
Is this cheating? Probably. But the point is that Jewelpet managed to turn out two finales in the same year, and they were both easily better than anything else we saw from the other three shows. I can’t reinforce how much I despised the finale they chose for PriPara, Happiness Charge had a really lackluster ending, and the same could be said about Aikatsu’s third year. Magical Change’s ending was a little abrupt, but it wasn’t really a show that had to do anything to really build up to it’s finale. But it still did a pretty good job of setting it up and having a post credits scene that really brings a smile to your face.

Best Single Scene

Winner: “Cure Flora Debut” (Go! Princess Precure)
I don’t think there’s any part of me that would recommend someone to go out and watch Princess Precure. But I think watching the first episode and seeing Cure Flora lay down the Princess law with her fists is probably worth it. Precure’s action has been very slowly improving with each season, and I think just seeing the visuals (from the fight choreography, to camera angles, to setting) in the first episode fight scene really makes your eyes pop.

Runner Up: “Lonely Gravity” (Aikatsu!)
Taking into account it’s original animation studio, it’s hard to believe Aikatsu wouldn’t see robots eventually. I mean, it’s Aikatsu, and it’s done about everything else at this point. Seeing Akari controlling a giant robot with the power of dance is something we’re probably not going to see again, and I’m kind of glad I was in the generation that got to witness it live. I don’t know what plans the Aikatsu staff has when they do another drama episode, but I think they’re going to have a lot of trouble topping this scene.

Artistic Budget Failure

Winner: Jewelpet Magical Change
While I’m pretty sure every show had it’s extreme cases, Jewelpet probably walks away with a hall of fame of really awkward looking scenes. I get the feeling Magical Change never had the largest budget to begin with but it was far too easy to tell when they were really strapped. And that just seemed to be more often than not.

Runner Up: PriPara
Since Jewelpet easily snatched away it’s first place finish, PriPara kind of walks away with the special mention. I think the big problem with PriPara is even on big episodes there are still some really awful botches going on in certain scenes. So where Magical Change just was generally bad on average, PriPara’s problem is that it’s bad is horrifying.

Sick Day Tally

This section merely adds in the points that were left out until now with concern to the “sick day” rule. There’s not much to see here other than a simple point count.

Sick Days: 1
Point Bonus: +10

Happiness Charge Precure! / Go! Princess Precure
Sick Days: 3
Point Bonus: +0

Lady Jewelpet / Jewelpet Magical Change
Sick Days: 0
Point Bonus: +15

Sick Days: 1
Points Bonus: +10

End of the Year Ranking Awards

These awards are given based on various achievements in the actual rankings. Due to it putting more value on performance overall, I decided these awards are worth 20 bonus points each. I decided to remove the Tiebreaker award this year because, for one, there were no ties and it was kind of a pointless award regardless.

Get Out of Jail Free Card
Awarded to the show that was in fourth place the most times in the weekly rankings.

  • Winner: PriPara
    31 overall fourth place finishes.

  • Runner Up: Happiness Charge Precure! / Go! Princess Precure
  • 12 overall fourth place finishes.

    To add an interesting side note Aikatsu! managed to evade fourth place for all except two weeks. One of which was a sick week.

    Number One
    Awarded to the show that was in first place the most times in the weekly rankings.

  • Winner: Aikatsu!
    21 overall first place finishes.

  • Runner Up: Lady Jewelpet / Jewelpet Magical Change
  • 17 overall first place finishes.

    Consistent Finisher
    Awarded to the show that held the longest streak of finishing in the same place in the weekly rankings.

  • Winner: PriPara
    Finished in fourth place six weeks in a row.

  • Runner Up: Everyone Else
  • Every other show tied with various standings five weeks in a row. Aikatsu in second, Jewelpet in first, and Precure in third.

    Bottom of the Pile
    Awarded to the show that held the longest streak of finishing in fourth place in the overall rankings.

  • Winner: PriPara
    Spent 35 consecutive weeks in fourth place. Yes, that is the entirety of the start of the year until the second season reset points.

  • Runner Up: Jewelpet Magical Change
  • Spent 5 consecutive weeks in fourth place.

    King of the Hill
    Awarded to the show that held the longest streak of finishing in first place in the overall rankings.

  • Winner: Aikatsu!
    Spent 19 consecutive weeks in first place.

  • Runner Up: Lady Jewelpet / Jewelpet Magical Change
  • Spent 6 consecutive weeks in second place. This actually happened twice (one 6 streak around the Lady Jewelpet finale and another 6 streak during Magical Change) and was one of the few reasons why Aikatsu was prevented from having a longer streak.

    Year End Point Tally

    So now that all the awards have been handed out, who really stood at the top of the rankings by the end of the year? The winner is…

    1) Aikatsu! – 172 Points
    2) PriPara – 158 Points
    3) Jewelpet Magical Change – 107 Points
    4) Go! Princess Precure – 86 Points

    What’s really funny is that the awards really didn’t shake the rankings that much. Jewelpet and Precure swapped places, and Precure now trails the pack by a large margin. But, in all honesty, I think Princess Precure kind of had it coming. If Mahou Tsukai Precure really turns out to be a golden goose, then it’ll make those points up eventually. And if PriPara flops into it’s usual routine, then all it’s fourth place finishes are just going to anchor it right to the bottom again. So while the rankings might not be changing anytime too soon, we’ll have to see what the new challengers will bring to the rankings in 2016.


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