Posted by: Leek | January 12, 2016

Little Girl Anime Power Rankings Season 2 – Week 18

Hopefully all of you had a chance to read the 2015 end tally so that you’re not too confused going into this week. If not, then you should probably get on it when you have the chance. And I hope no hardcore Princess Precure fans want to hurt me because I’m constantly bashing your series more often than PriPara nowadays. Chances are you already hated me by now though.

Happy LGAPR New Year.

I think the second week of LGAPR every year is just going to end up being our actual New Years edition.

Previous Standings

1) Aikatsu! – 182 Points
2) PriPara – 167 Points
3) Go! Princess Precure – 96 Points

In case you missed the post I just put up not too long ago, it explains where all these extra points are coming from. Note that because there was no fourth show to create a last place, both Precure and Aikatsu got some little extra points because it was technically a third place finish plus the sick day bonus. But, for the mean time, third place is going to be considered “fourth” as far as collecting 2016 statistics go. At least until February.

Weekly Point Distribution

1) PriPara – +9 Points
1) Aikatsu! – +9 Points
3) Go! Princess Precure – +3 Points

A Word From the Big Man
I know, it’s been ages since I’ve issued a tie. But this was one of those weeks where I honestly could not come up with any reasoning to put one show in front of the other. And it was because I absolutely enjoyed both and not that nothing deserved first place.

Who needs to dance when you can just be a diva?

I’ve been asking Aikatsu to do another arc with actual build up, and I finally feel like they’re doing so with this year’s Starlight Queen Cup. I think my biggest issue going into it was just the fact that Akari and the gang are essentially at the top of the food chain when it comes to the current year. Since Sakura walked away with it last year, it really gives high indication that it’s going to jump down to Akari’s generation finally. With that being said, it means they actually have to build up a competition between the main three (and the rest of the cast to a lesser extent). I think while this was a Sumire centered episode, it really builds up Akari and rolls us back to events from the previous seasons. I just really hope what they’re doing now gets answered with an appropriate showdown between the girls. But, for the meantime, I just loved the episode for bringing a lot of emotional power for both fans old and new.

Poverty pals assemble.

This week’s PriPara might have set a new standard since Dorothy didn’t piss me off even once. And her and Aroma being poverty pals together was probably one of the best gags that ran throughout the entire episode. Humor aside, the episode was just really solid in bouncing off of what happened last week. It’s been awhile since PriPara has legitimately run an arc that flowed smoothly. No crap episode sandwiched in the middle that feels awkward and no side events happening in the episode that really don’t need to be there. If you really made me pick I would probably have put PriPara a smidge ahead of Aikatsu! this week. But I really think both deserve the credit this one time.

And, now that everything has aired, I do feel the need to give PriPara the best opener of 2016 award. This is referring to last week and not this week, but it still would have probably taken it even if this week was it’s first episode of the year. PriPara just had the amazing timing of opening the year with a climax and lead in to a potentially really great arc. Even though I loved the reflective and emotional power of Aikatsu, PriPara’s episode really made me excited about both the episode and with the potential it brought to the series. So you can expect another 10 points to be slapped onto PriPara’s score as of next week.

Just shut up and be a Princess already.

Speaking of crap episodes that are getting sandwiched in the middle of a pretty important arc. I realize they chose an idea and rolled with it, but there’s a whopping three episodes of Princess Precure left after this week. Couldn’t we have taken a shortcut and not had the rainbow bridge take this long? The real problem this week isn’t even that though. The problem is that Haruka shouldn’t need an episode at this point, especially one this shallow. If they had swapped this episode with the one where Haruka’s dream got crushed like a bug I wouldn’t have ever complained. It actually makes a lot more sense. They could have established the rainbow bridge concept a lot earlier and not had to draw out this nonsense as long. Kanata has basically done nothing since he got his memories back, so him not getting them back until before the final fight presents zero problems. So that gives them a lot of big things to throw at the end of the series to make it feel like the end of the series. What you’re going to get instead is a really sub par last battle that just ends with a really boring conclusion. Heck, they could have even had Emperor Close die off at this point and had the last three episodes reserved for one big showdown with Despair. I get it though. Hindsight is 20/20. Blah, blah, blah.

By the way, the whole flower analogy was pretty bullshit (as was this episode). I don’t know what books on princesses Haruka has read, but I think the common opinion of them is that they are pretty damn pampered. And, actually, most non-wild flowers are pretty damn pampered as well. But that’s your fault for trying to grow them in places they shouldn’t naturally exist. Just like trying to grow Princesses where they shouldn’t naturally exist.

It wouldn’t be LGAPR if I couldn’t curb stomp something with criticism, right? Thanks for being my punching bag Princess Precure.


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