Posted by: Leek | April 4, 2016

Little Girl Anime Power Rankings Season 2 – Week 30

So you’re probably about to say, “But wait! PriPara hasn’t aired this week”. Well, PriPara changed time schedules…again. And it’s getting late enough in the week that I’m just going to have to kick it forward. It was my mistake to not do it when it originally moved to it’s Monday slot, and I’m not going to make the same mistake now that it’s in a Tuesday slot. I’ll explain more after the cut.

I’m an Idol and I’m okay.

I sleep all night and I work all day.

So, what will happen with PriPara you ask? If it were the first time this happened I would have probably cut it no slack. But since it’s never taken any off weeks during schedule shifts, I feel it’s on me to have to compensate them since I fucked up by not correcting it the first time. So I’m going to call this a freebie “sick week” for PriPara. It’ll get the point bonus, but it’s still getting the last place finish by default. That technically benefits the show on all fronts because it now has a higher chance to get a bonus at the end of the year.

Previous Standings

1) Aikatsu! – 266 Points
2) PriPara – 211 Points
3) Mahou Tsukai Precure! – 177 Points
4) Rilu Rilu Fairilu – 155 Points

Aikatsu is once again gaining a huge lead with the swiftness of the coursing river. It’s now up to it’s reboot to try and hold it.

Weekly Point Distribution

1) Aikatsu! – +9 Points
2) Mahou Tsukai Precure! – +6 Points
3) Rilu Rilu Fairilu – +3 Points
4) PriPara – +1 Point

A Word From the Big Man
To be fair, PriPara would have needed to be really good to not end up last place anyway.

Long live the Queens.

As it departs this week, I have to give Aikatsu thanks for allowing me to make so many Lion King references over the course of too many weeks of LGAPR. There are those weeks where it’s really hard to generate a caption, and Aikatsu has always given me a pretty easy job on occasions. That aside, this week is the series finale, and it did a arguably perfect job of closing the book.

If you’ve followed Aikatsu for it’s entire run now, then I think this episode can be summed up pretty easily by Akari pulling Ichigo up the cliff face and/or Akari dropping honorifics when referring to Ichigo. That’s just kind of how series like Aikatsu work. If you’ve done your job right, then it only takes very minor scenes to really move your audience. The best part of this week is that even if it was an “all star episode”, it really wasn’t. They could have done something a lot more tongue in cheek to end the series. And with how much fanservice they threw into the third season, I kind of fathomed them turning this episode in that direction. But no. They actually turned the lens to focus on the two characters that really made Aikatsu what it was. Sure the other characters showed up, but the episode had nothing to do with them. Everything in this episode was done to highlight the long journey you’ve taken on with the series. And that’s really damn admirable.

Oh, you. It’s not even the last episode yet.

Precure also had a really big episode this week in finally closing the first major arc for the series. I mentioned that the staff did a pretty good job of creating an initial objective so they could keep the series interesting, and the real challenge comes from this point on. The real objective of this week was to get to that next chapter…and it might have been a little overdone. I think that overall I liked the direction they took the episode in. It’s kind of that friend you’ve met over vacation that you’re never sure if you’re gonna see again idea. And it does work, but there might have been a little too much emotion mixed in. I think everybody can agree that this is the kind of thing we should be seeing at the end of the series and not necessarily eight episodes in. I did enjoy the majority of the episode, but it probably would have been a lot better if the dial was cranked a lot lower for the last few scenes.

The Easter Bunny Cometh.

I have no definitive explanation as to why, but I really enjoyed Fairilu this week. So much that I wish everything wasn’t as great and I could rank it higher than third. It was partly just because a lot of it was cute, but it generally felt the high points of characters finally started coming out. The first half had character interaction that I’ve been wanting to see for episodes now. The second half did a solid job of foreshadowing a lot of things that can become very relevant in the future and ties in well with the episode from a couple weeks back. And all of it really adds up to a solid pairing. Even if both halves had nothing to do with one another, they both stood well enough on their own that it created a super entertaining package. I’ve had no huge complaints to throw at Fairilu, but I’d love to see more of what we got this week from now on. It’s taking awhile but more of the potential is starting to shine through.

With the introduction of Stars, a new season of PriPara, and a new arc for Precure, next week is pretty much a fresh start for everyone that isn’t Fairilu. If the weekly standings end up the same way, then I’ll wear a pair of trunks on my head for a day.

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