Posted by: Leek | April 9, 2016

Leek’s Room of Fun and Fancy – 1st Fancy: Aikatsu! Month Week 1

In case you were worried, I didn’t break up the team and Uki and Mike are still alive. I’ve been promising you guys my “new project” for forever and a year, and I’m finally happy you can finally see what it is. Yes, it’s just that radio solo project I’ve been mentioning on SUAP for ages now. Sorry that it’s not something cooler.

The premise of Leek’s Room of Fun and Fancy is simple. I gather questions that you guys ask me, I pick up in conversation, or that I just find lying around in other places. Those questions then get translated into various small to medium sized episode where I give my two cents. Yes, it’s not that different from SUAP. But just in case you really like the sound of my voice, I think it’s a pretty good deal. It’s also a way you can duck those 3 hours monsters that SUAP always are.

If you also recall, I had mentioned a certain Aikatsu month that was supposed to occur in March. Because of sickness it got pushed forward, and this solo radio will be my way of celebrating it with you guys. I tackle all those cool Aikatsu questions that you’ve been dying to get answers to…from my mouth anyway. So with that let’s look at the agenda for this episode.

Today’s Questions
1) Do you believe Aikatsu Stars needed to be created?
2) Why did they need to change the name from Aikatsu to Aikatsu Stars?
3) What are the pros/cons of the creation of Aikatsu Stars?

If you have a question you think I can tackle (preferably in the anime or game realm), then feel free to shoot it to me at If I like your question, then you can expect to show up eventually on an episode.


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