Posted by: Leek | April 16, 2016

Leek’s Room of Fun and Fancy – 2nd Fancy: Aikatsu! Month Week 2

Today is the very basic, basically basic continuation of Aikatsu month. Do I use a form of the word basic enough times in this episode? Probably not. After the introduction to the series shift last week, we talk about the writing flaws across various seasons of Aikatsu and ways to improve them in hindsight. There’s really not much to say otherwise. You guys will get used to this new thing soon enough, right?

Today’s Questions
1) Was creating Dream Academy in Season 2 a mistake?
2) What were the flaws of Season 3?
3) What is the biggest writing conflict in Aikatsu?
4) If you could rewrite Aikatsu, how would you do?

If you have a question you think I can tackle (preferably in the anime or game realm), then feel free to shoot it to me at If I like your question, then you can expect to show up eventually on an episode.

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