Posted by: Leek | April 24, 2016

Leek’s Room of Fun and Fancy – 3rd Fancy: Aikatsu! Month Week 3

This week of Aikatsu month is meant to address a single question, “Why do I enjoy Aikatsu from a writing standpoint so much?” So rather than focusing on various questions, this episode flows a little more like a giant answer broken into various points. But it more or less will feel like what you’ve been getting the past two weeks.

Today’s Points
Aikatsu and the Competitive Series
Dynamic Time Flow
Main Character Shift and “Ash Ketchum Syndrome”
“Foot in the door writing”


If you have a question you think I can tackle (preferably in the anime or game realm), then feel free to shoot it to me at If I like your question, then you can expect to show up eventually on an episode.


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