Posted by: Leek | July 17, 2016

Little Girl Anime Power Rankings Season 2 – Week 45

The worst of summer has come and the chain of heat waves begin. So where are all the swimsuit episodes to help ease the pain of burning pavement?

You know how much adult reading is packed in these boxes?

I’m sure a lot of people’s adult reading will be multiplying by the hundreds come next month.

Previous Standings

1) Aikatsu Stars! – 341 Points
2) Mahou Tsukai Precure! – 298 Points
3) PriPara – 240 Points
4) Rilu Rilu Fairilu – 222 Points

Precure is guaranteed to break 300 before we hit the end of the season, and I think that’s really impressive after the train wreck that Princess Precure caused.

Weekly Point Distribution

1) Rilu Rilu Fairilu – +9 Points
2) Mahou Tsukai Precure! – +6 Points
3) PriPara – +3 Points
4) Aikatsu Stars! – +1 Point

A Word From the Big Man
Outside of Stars not airing this week, I had a really hard time determining who first place should go to. I tried to decide between what was weighed down most by it’s flaws, but I also just kind of gave it up to the show that got the most excitement out of me.

They grow up too fast.

It’s weeks like these that make me really feel like MahoPri was born out of the ashes that was the final season of the original Aikatsu. I wouldn’t call this week a particularly amazing episode, but it was still fun to watch and incredibly cute. You might remember that I gave that compliment a lot to Aikatsu when it was running, and Precure was a big competitor for the top this week because of the consistency factor. I would have honestly given Precure the top spot again this week, but I wanted to give Fairilu credit for what it did right. And I think Kotoha being forced to go through the exact same lesson as Rico was a little unnecessary. I just felt that rather than recycling the same ideas they could have just had Kotoha’s powerful magic bite her a bit in the butt. It feels more in line with her character than just the “mother knows best” idea.

The true devil is overwork.

I usually love Aromageddon episodes, but this week just didn’t have anything that made me scream for ice cream. I had mentioned that I don’t think Garuru adds anything to the original duo, and I think this episode enforced that point in my mind. In what should have probably been an episode dedicated to the duo’s relationship (and ultimately ended as one), Garuru just hung around as a gag extra. For just this episode they probably could have given her something else to do so they could focus on the original members.

Shalalalala my oh my…

After last week, I was kind of expecting this episode to be a bit more explosive than it actually was. Rose was really looking like the one suffering at the end of last week, and this week Rose and Lip really did an almost instant position rotation. The somewhat mellow and quick turnaround for Rose in the first half was really what brought Fairilu down for me, but I wouldn’t say it came anywhere close to killing the episode. The episode was really about the second half and the long awaited meeting of Lip and Nozomu. It’s kind of unfortunate that this closes the book on the current storyline, and I really hope next week doesn’t fall off too hard.

I’ll admit that the week always feel empty when something doesn’t air. And I can’t really say that a Pokemon movie marathon fills the gap too well either since Pokemon is another series that is in the midst of particularly entertaining episodes right now.


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