Posted by: Leek | July 25, 2016

Little Girl Anime Power Rankings Season 2 – Week 46

It was one of those really long weekends, and I did a very poor job of managing the free time I was given.

The era of Rico being the LGAPR cover girl is back.

It’s in recent celebration of her promotion from garbage daughter to garbage mother. I’m so proud of her.

Previous Standings

1) Aikatsu Stars! – 349 Points
2) Mahou Tsukai Precure! – 304 Points
3) PriPara – 243 Points
4) Rilu Rilu Fairilu – 231 Points

I got nothing. Come back in six weeks.

Weekly Point Distribution

1) PriPara – +9 Points
2) Mahou Tsukai Precure! – +6 Points
3) Rilu Rilu Fairilu – +3 Points
4) Aikatsu Stars! – +1 Point

A Word From the Big Man
As it turns out, Stars didn’t come back very healthy from vacation. Also, PriPara finally decided to do something.

Anyone notice Asahi was never mentioned in the flashbacks? Sad.

I’m honestly convinced that someone in the Stars staff screwed up and accidentally turned in the wrong tape this week. This episode would have been great…had it aired as the 38th to 40th episode of the series rather than the 15th. The thing is, we were just formally introduced to Mahiru’s character last week. So why are we getting a ton of resolution for her already? I don’t think there’s anything wrong with friction existing between Mahiru and Yozora for the majority of the series. Assuming that Stars doesn’t end after one season, they have plenty of time for Mahiru and Yozora to act like the best of sisters in another season. All this episode really managed to do was end a big part of Mahiru’s character in one swift move. It’s unfortunate, but it’s impossible to not see this as anything more than horrendously botched writing.

Did no one question Mirai about bringing a stuffed animal into the water?

I honestly had a long inner argument with myself about awarding Precure first place this week instead of PriPara. But if I did that it would show that all you really have to do is put Mirai in a bathing suit for me to call it a quality Precure episode. But, in reality, this week was just fluff. It was incredibly high quality fluff, but I could never put fluff over legitimate character development and potential story. The somewhat concerning thing is that Precure is tilting heavily towards “protect our ignorant daughter” episodes, and I just hope they don’t run with it for too long. There’s not a heavy amount they could be doing just yet, but I hope they trickle in some larger plot here and there like they did during the first half.

I’m a real girl…monster…thing.

I don’t know how big a part Aroma, Mikan, and Garuru are meant to play in this current arc, but these recent couple episode sure indicates the staff wants to do something with them. This week was just solid and did a much better job of utilizing the three in comparison to last week. It’s actually hard to believe this is the same staff that has been turning out child rearing after child rearing episode for the past couple months. Everything tied together well, it was tied to previous events in the series, and it showed that PriPara can do more than just cheap gags all the time. And while I still don’t feel like I enjoy Garuru’s character, I was wholeheartedly able to enjoy this episode.

Fairilu meets Mario Maker.

Fairilu’s issue last week is that it did a fairly poor job of following up Rose’s story from the previous week. And who would have guessed that Fairilu’s issue this week is that it didn’t follow up Lip’s story at all from the previous week. I honestly liked Fairilu this week, but the staff has showed intention that they want there to be an actual plot for the series. If you’re going to do a real plot line, then you kind of have to keep on it really closely at times. Lip finally had her chance meeting with Nozomu in the human world and you’d think that would have more impact on her afterwards. One of the episodes halves could have been done this week, but I think the first half should have been nearer to a recap episode. A really big event just happened to the main character, and, since it’s tied to that main plot, it would be a good time to slow the pace down and let both Lip (and the audience) allow the events to really sink in. I don’t think it’s a fatal mistake for the series, but it does feel like a poor decision.

We’re getting really close to that special 100th edition, but you probably shouldn’t expect anything special.


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