Posted by: Leek | August 16, 2016

Little Girl Anime Power Rankings Season 2 – Week 49

We only have three more episodes left in season two, and I just realized I have to do that mega followup sometime before the third season. At least that falls into next month so I don’t have to add one more time sink into this month’s schedule.

Things you’re missing by not watching Fairilu.

That’s a giant fuzzy thing being put in a headlock by a mystic crayon drawing.

Previous Standings

1) Aikatsu Stars! – 356 Points
2) Mahou Tsukai Precure! – 338 Points
3) PriPara – 254 Points
4) Rilu Rilu Fairilu – 246 Points

Precure got that slight boost because of the anniversary point bonus.

Weekly Point Distribution

1) Rilu Rilu Fairilu – +9 Points
2) Aikatsu Stars! – +6 Points
3) Mahou Tsukai Precure! – +3 Points
4) PriPara – +1 Point

A Word From the Big Man
Bet you weren’t expecting this.

Ako working her way into episodes as the smug, bitchy rival.

There are definitely some things that bothered me about this Stars episode (I’ll let you take a guess what). But without that, it was honesty a really enjoyable episode. When I first saw it was dedicated to a minor character last week, I was kind of worried, but it turns out it was mostly to help Yume get a little boost in her character growth. I realize that because of how the Aikatsu universe kind of works that the idea of an underground idol doesn’t really exist, but this is pretty much telling that kind of story. Seeing the small things Yume had to do to earn her fans and audience was cute, and I generally enjoy episodes like this rather than magic and miracles.

Not Gandalf tier, but pretty nice fireworks.

It’s been a long while since Precure has turned out a legitimately weak episode. I don’t think this was the worst episode in the world, but I was generally apathetic towards it. While it was nice to see the Wizard of Oz trio completely over their problems, it wasn’t a terribly impactful thing. The problem is, no other characters outside of Mirai, Rico, Kotoha, and Mofurun really matter at this point in the series. The trio had been effectively written out of the plot once the duo left the Magical World, so we’re just given a status report concerning their condition as they pop in and out. It was a cute episode, but it really felt like the old school, tacked on character episode that Precure has been doing for years now. Maybe this episode would have worked at the end of the series if the three pitched in to help combat the final boss. But them doing all this work just to shoot some fireworks into the sky doesn’t really have that much oomph.

Friend phobia featuring Hibiki.

Hibiki makes her great return and shows that she hasn’t gotten used to the friends thing. While it was probably better than the past few weeks, it doesn’t mean that it was all that fun to watch.

Good thing Deen practiced solely animating explosions for an entire season.

Fairilu soars into first place on the back of chaos that only Sanrio anime can really pull off. I’ll admit that part of the problem with the Ikemenjo Fairilu is that staff tends to pair their episodes with some unrelated heart warmer that really makes everything feel awkward. So having an entire episode dedicated to them just puts you in the mood for stupid. And Fairilu went full out, one hundred percent stupid this week.

I’m pretty sure Fairilu is passing the stupid baton to Precure next week, but since Precure hasn’t done anything really off the wall this year, I question how good it’ll turn out.


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