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Little Girl Anime Power Rankings – 2016 Awards and Final Point Tally

I had planned to get this up over the weekend so I could post this week’s LGAPR at the regular time, but I ended up having incredibly inconsistent internet connection until the weekend ended. It ended with me giving up since I didn’t have the same amount of time to work and I had to shift my priorities around so I could get necessary things done. But at least we’re not super late on it.

Oh, this crazy rankings we do do.

I know 75% of that is recycled, but I didn’t have any better shots this year.

So I actually tallied the points over the year, and then tallied them again just to see if they ended up the same. They didn’t, but everything was within a one point margin. So the stats might not be perfectly accurate, but they’re so definite that it’s not going to end with me awarding something to the wrong show.

Seasonal Episode Awards

The following awards have already been distributed and mentioned in previous posts. But I’ll go over them one more time to both reiterate who won them and why. Also, you can finally see who I considered the runner up. Remember these awards were worth 10 points each.

2016 Opener Award

Winner: PriPara
PriPara started off the year particularly strong because it was in the best areas of the Hibiki arc. It was still at the point where they were building it up as a showdown between Hibiki and Mirei, and I felt it was a really strong direction to take on account that Lala has never really delivered as a main character. PriPara hardly does episodes right, but it really does do good when they gear down and try to write something that isn’t nonsense.

Runner Up: Aikatsu! (4th Season)
Alongside PriPara, Aikatsu was building up to a final confrontation and the end of the series. I don’t think it was one of the particularly best episodes of the season, but it’s only other competition at the time was Princess Precure. And I can tell you right now that there was really no contest of what show started the year better.

Bonus: 100th Edition Award

Winner: Mahou Tsukai Precure!
During the 100th edition of LGAPR, Precure managed to take the top spot with a deceivingly story heavy episode. I had originally anticipated the week to be a lot of fluff, but it was the episode that finally revealed the last boss of the series, and actually gave Mirai some area to develop as one of the lead characters. It also further pushed the idea that Mirai, Liko, and Kotoha may end up having to go their separate ways at the end of the series. It’s still hard to tell if every conversation involving it is just bait, but it will be interesting to see how the finale plays out later this month.

Runner Up: Rilu Rilu Fairilu
Nothing else was really exceptional during our 100th edition, but Fairilu managed to throw out an interesting scenario and new character to help push it ahead of the competition. I’m kind of upset since Shijimi is still my favorite Fairilu to date, and she’s had maybe two or three speaking lines since this individual episode. But all I can do is remain optimistic about the future.

PriPara Award

Winner: PriPara
What started out as a pity award for the youngest show on the rankings when LGAPR first started finally got renamed because only one show ever wins it. PriPara looked like it might avoid 4th place at the end of Season 2, but it got edged out by Fairilu at the very end. As such, it received the pity +10 points again this year.

Runner Up: None

Halloween Award 2016

Winner: Mahou Tsukai Precure!
The Halloween episode that won Precure the award also just happened to be it’s celebrity guest episode. Precure has had very few off the wall episodes this year, but the few ones where they really messed around were really great experiences. Halloween in the magic world was complete with a lot of great animation, cheesy lessons, and great character interactions. The episode was just an all out bash, and it was really the episode that made me want to add the Halloween award this year (that and because every show actually had a Halloween episode).

Runner Up: Rilu Rilu Fairilu
In Fairilu’s defense, it probably did the best job of showing what the holiday of Halloween is really about (or at least what it used to be about). And even if they didn’t spend the entire episode trick-or-treating, it was an overall fun and amusing episode to watch all the way through.

Christmas Award 2016

Winner: Mahou Tsukai Precure! and Rilu Rilu Fairilu
I felt the need to give both Precure and Fairilu the Christmas award this year because both did similar episodes. They both combined gift delivering, Christmas miracles, and all the good stuff that you kind of want wrapped up together in the Christmas package. I really couldn’t say I enjoyed one over the other, and I was just really glad to see holiday episodes come back strong this year since 2015 was terrible about them.

Runner Up: Aikatsu Stars!
Considering that Stars had a nightmare of a Halloween episode, I had half expected it to really botch it’s Christmas episode. Luckily, that wasn’t the case and the series did a good job of referencing the original series as well as still making a Christmas episode that made good sense for the Stars cast. And that meant some cheesy Christmas romance. I really don’t know if the romance will ever go anywhere in Stars, but it’s episodes like this that make it clear that they really want to do something.

End of the Year Merit Awards

Just like last year, I decided to do the end of the year merit awards again. Remember that some shows ran past the New Year, so they are completely valid to be mentioned here. I’m naturally putting weight on what showed up for the majority of the year though. These all award the winner with a +10 point bonus.

Best Leading Character

Winner: Liko Izayoi (Mahou Tsukai Precure!)
No other character that’s shown up during the majority of LGAPR this year has managed to develop as much as Liko has. This year was a good display of what having a small cast really does for Precure, and it allowed the main cast a lot of room to develop. And since Kotoha wasn’t introduced until the second half and Mirai was meant as more of a pillar character, it meant that Liko was on her own to show off character development. It’d be wrong to rob our very own poster girl of 2016 the award she really deserves.

Runner Up: Akari Oozora (Aikatsu! 4th Season)
I avoided giving her the first place spot, but it’d be wrong not to bring up Akari one more time before she permanently leaves the LGAPR rankings. Akari got to show off her last stages of development this year, and it ended with her achieving about everything she set out to do when she started her idol quest clear back in second season.

Best Supporting Character

Winner: Rola Sakuraba (Aikatsu Stars!)
I don’t know if you can really call Rola a supporting character since she’s gathered a lot of spotlight during the year, but I don’t think you can rightfully refer to her as a main character either. Rola has been forced to go up against some of the harder struggles of the cast, and her ongoing rivalry with Yume has helped create some of the more interesting situations in Stars. And now that Yume has overcome one of her bigger obstacles, I imagine we will see Rola butting heads on stage with her even more.

Runner Up: Sumire Hikami (Aikatsu! 4th Season)
Akari got best lead, and Sumire probably deserves the runner up position for similar reasons. Sumire has come a long way since her debut at the start of the third season, and she was easily forced to take the biggest fall at the end of fourth season for the sake of Akari (quite literally). I’m still kind of upset that the original Aikatsu series had to end where it did, and I honestly feel like Sumire deserves something after losing the way she did.

Best Opening Song

Winner: Dokkin♢Mahou Tuskai Precure! (Mahou Tsukai Precure!)
There are very, very few Precure openings I’ve enjoyed since the original series. But the kind of fun, simplicity that they went with this year really won me over. Between the nonsensical lyrics and playful animation to go along with it, this is the first year where Precure managed to bait me into buying the OP/ED singles. I think sometimes Precure forgets it’s target audience, and I wouldn’t mind more fun and vibrant openings like this for future series.

Runner Up: Star Jet! (Aikatsu Stars!)
I can’t say I’ve particularly enjoyed Stars opening as much as the original series. But with the closing of Rola’s mini arc and the third opening coming into play, I feel like it’s the first opening where they really managed to nail the personality of the series. To be fair, Signalize! was far from a fitting opening for the original series, and it wasn’t until Diamond Happy that Aikatsu openings really started to match the series perfectly. While I didn’t hate the short time that 1,2,Sing for you! was being used as the opening, I think the overall animation and upbeat nature of Star Jet! stands above it. So I hope that, like the original series, they continue to along this latter line rather than shift back to their original ideas.

Best Ending Song

Winner: Kerakera Acchimuite Hoi (Rilu Rilu Fairilu)
To this day, I still miss this Fairilu ending. Fairilu has actually been blessed with adorable ED after adorable ED, and I just assume it was meant to offset how horrible it’s OP is. Actually, I don’t think any show this year has really had an ED that has managed to match any of Fairilu’s EDs, unless we were to count the fourth season of Aikatsu which already won an award last year. I’m also still angry that I never managed to win one game of Rock, Paper, Scissors versus Lip. It doesn’t feel good losing to an idiot.

Runner Up: CURE UP↑RA♡PA☆PA! ~hohoemi ni naru mahou~ (Mahou Tsukai Precure!)
I feel like I put Precure here based less on the song itself and more on the animation. The usual CG came back just as strong this year, and I think the overall nature of it (air guitar on broomsticks) was just really fun to watch every week. I didn’t really feel a need to credit lucky train! again, so I figured this would be a good spot to give a special mention to this ED.

Best Finale

Winner: Aikatsu! (Season 4)
Even if the fourth season of Aikatsu had any real competition, there was honestly no way that I would have put anything above it. The finale was really just the product of three straight years, and the writing staff really just managed to nail everything on the head. I’m sure you guys have heard me talk about it plenty enough that I don’t need to go on again. But let’s just reinforce the fact that I had absolutely no complaints by the end of Aikatsu other than the fact that it had to end.

Runner Up: Go! Princess Precure
No, Princess Precure didn’t actually have a good finale. But as I went down the list, no other show actually had one outside of these two (because Jewelpet ended the previous year). So I’m not going to talk about why Precure may or may not deserve this.

Best Single Scene

Winner: “Yume no Tobira” (Rilu Rilu Fairilu)
There are very few things this year that compare to Studio Deen zooming in on Lip’s thighs. I generally had to hand this award over to Fairilu because this scene really showed up in the most unexpected of shows. We cover two straight idol anime on LGAPR, so the fact that a full hand animated performance would come out of a show about fairies was kind of hilarious. There were very few times this year that I’ve felt so dumbfounded on so many levels.

Runner Up: “Queen of Roses” (Aikatsu! 4th Season)
I brought it up already, but Sumire’s performance during Starlight Queen Cup was legendary (for more reasons than one). I feel most viewers were confident that Akari would walk away with the crown, but I don’t think anybody predicted that Sumire would manage to take herself out of the running like she did. There’s been few rare occasions where the performances were broken with distinct motions, and watching Sumire end up on the floor was soul crushing.

Lazy Award (formerly Artistic Budget Failure)

Winner: PriPara
I feel the need to give PriPara this award not so much based on direct animation botches as much as it’s high volume of recycled CG performances during the course of this year. PriPara has managed to fill a disgusting amount of episodes with multiple performances, and this season saw a new system that allowed them to even extend normal performances past their usual run time. PriPara is supposedly overhauling itself again during the course of this year, so I hope they go back to just bad jokes over trying to buy time with multiple performances.

Runner Up: Rilu Rilu Fairilu
The Ikemenjo Fairilu are probably the most convenient thing that any staff could come up with. I mean, why not make an entire set of characters that are meant to be missing a lot of frames of animation for the sake of gags? Oh yeah, because no matter how you slice it, it still makes you look lazy as opposed to clever.

Sick Day Tally

This section merely adds in the points that were left out until now with concern to the “sick day” rule. There’s not much to see here other than a simple point count.

Aikatsu! (4th Season) / Aikatsu Stars!
Sick Days: 3
Point Bonus: +0

Go! Princess Precure / Mahou Tsukai Precure!
Sick Days: 3
Point Bonus: +0

Rilu Rilu Fairilu
Sick Days: 1
Point Bonus: +10

Sick Days: 0
Points Bonus: +15

End of the Year Ranking Awards

These awards are given based on various achievements in the actual rankings. Due to it putting more value on performance overall, I decided these awards are worth 20 bonus points each.

Get Out of Jail Free Card
Awarded to the show that was in fourth place the most times in the weekly rankings.

  • Winner: PriPara
  • 33 overall fourth place finishes. Yes, that’s a new record.

  • Runner Up: Rilu Rilu Fairilu
  • 9 overall fourth place finishes.

Number One
Awarded to the show that was in first place the most times in the weekly rankings.

  • Winner: Go! Princess Precure / Mahou Tsukai Precure!
  • 30 overall first place finishes. Every single one of those was achieved by Mahou Tsukai, by the way.

  • Runner Up: Aikastu! (4th Season) / Aikatsu Stars!
  • 14 overall first place finishes.

Consistent Finisher
Awarded to the show that held the longest streak of finishing in the same place in the weekly rankings.

  • Winner: PriPara
  • Finished in fourth place 9 weeks in a row.

  • Runner Up: Mahou Tsukai Precure!
  • Finished in first place 7 weeks in a row.

Bottom of the Pile
Awarded to the show that held the longest streak of finishing in fourth place in the overall rankings.

  • Winner: Rilu Rilu Fairilu
  • Spent 25 consecutive weeks in fourth place.

  • Runner Up: PriPara
  • Spent 14 consecutive weeks in fourth place.

King of the Hill
Awarded to the show that held the longest streak of finishing in first place in the overall rankings.

  • Winner: Aikatsu! (4th Season) / Aikatsu Stars!
  • Spent 36 consecutive weeks in first place.

  • Runner Up: Mahou Tsukai Precure!
  • Spent 13 consecutive weeks in first place.

Year End Point Tally

So now that all the awards have been handed out, who really stood at the top of the rankings by the end of the year? The winner is…

1) Mahou Tsukai Precure! – 181 Points
2) Rilu Rilu Fairilu – 138 Points
3) Aikatsu Stars! – 135 Points
4) PriPara – 125 Points

The awards this year got pretty evenly distributed which means the rich got richer and the poor didn’t really go anywhere. Fairilu managed to sneak ahead of Aikatsu due to it’s lack of sick days, but it’s such a minuscule lead that it most likely won’t benefit or hurt either series at all. PriPara got a little bit of an extra boost to help it catch up, but it’ll really be on it to pull itself out of the fourth place vacuum this time around. Judging by this, it’ll really be on the new Precure series to determine how the rest of the season plays out. If it manages to do as well for itself early on like it’s predecessor, I don’t think that healthy lead will be going anywhere.

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