Posted by: Leek | April 5, 2017

Little Girl Anime Power Rankings Season 3 – Week 30

A little delayed this week because of some random unforeseen kinks in a still unstable schedule. Luckily things should shape up next week just in time for the onslaught of new series.

High level tree hugging.

I can understand wanting to kiss mother nature goodbye after those EPA rollbacks.

Previous Standings

1) Kirakira Precure A La Mode – 261 Points
2) Aikatsu Stars! – 213 Points
3) Rilu Rilu Fairilu – 202 Points
4) PriPara – 148 Points

Maybe by adding “Idol Time” before it’s name, PriPara will pull off an ugly duckling scenario and turn out to be a graceful swan.

Weekly Point Distribution

1) Aikatsu Stars! – +9 Points
2) Kirakira Precure A La Mode – +6 Points
3) PriPara – +3 Points
4) Rilu Rilu Fairilu – +1 Point

A Word From the Big Man
Fairilu was off for the week, and that’s probably the only reason there was no real shift in the rankings.

Yukari shows her first sign of weakness.

I don’t want to say Precure was necessarily bad this week, but I wouldn’t call it a terribly groundbreaking episode. I’m rather apprehensive about yearly shows that too often generate episodes off of a minor character of the week. It just usually ends with the main cast never developing that far and hurts the overall series. This is A La Mode’s first offense though, and it really wasn’t an outstandingly bad an episode. I’m just afraid of it occurring this early in the series because it makes it feel like it will become a regular thing.

Now where did they find the time to rehearse that?

Of all the final episodes of the three shows that ended in the past couple weeks, Stars is the only one that really put the seal on everything. Fairilu ended up sealing the bottle and opening it up again, and PriPara just kind of placed some saran wrap over things and called it good. Stars did open the door for the second season, but at least it closed a chapter to make it feel like you took a journey.

This week’s Stars was just clean. It did a good job of passing the baton onto the new generation of S4 members while still letting use see some last bit of character from the graduating. Actually, to the end it’s still a mystery what they wanted to do with Tsubasa’s character. Yume may be looking up to Hime, but Tsubasa has taken care of her (and about every other student) more than any other member of the S4. And most of Tsubasa’s behavior during this final episode really indicated that the staff seemed to want more for her character than what the overall story accommodated for. But I’m not sure how much of that is them just wanting to give Morohoshi the largest role model character given that she voiced Ichigo in the original series.

As a side note, I won’t refuse to acknowledge that the S4 tree moment was weird. And I don’t think I will ever get used to those super queer moments Stars refuses to leave out.

The Force will be with you. Always.

PriPara decided to dedicate the last episode in it’s first series to Falulu. If I had an answer to why, then I would give it to you, but I’m really drawing blanks as to why this was their best idea for an all star episode. I feel like this was their huge chance to do something really crazy, and instead they kept it fairly low key and found the most awkward way to squeeze all characters into the formula.

Oh, and Juri got demoted from a Goddess to a lesser version of Santa Claus that only gives gifts to little girls. Just don’t mistake that for the criminal variety who attempts to do the same thing.

This week was an end and next week will be a beginning. Hopefully the beginning will be better.


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