Posted by: Leek | May 5, 2017

Some Unnamed Anime Podcast Episode 21: Wrapping Up the Winter 2017 Anime Season

I had to put SUAP on a bit of a hiatus at the start of the year due to what happened during the month of March. If you’re curious as to why Episode 20 is mysteriously missing; it’s actually not a typo. We recorded it earlier in January, but it’s quite lengthy and requires a lot of editing time, something I haven’t exactly had once February started.

I wanted to get back onto our regular schedule ASAP which is why I’m prioritizing the seasonal reviews. The end of the season thing that happened is just a one time thing as we merely didn’t record it at mid-season due to, again, my personal affairs going on during that time.

We do a bit of a shorter episode than usual having mild spoiler filled talk concerning anime of the Winter 2017 season. That’s it.

People on the Show
The regulars you can find more about on the radio page.

Part 1: “Expectations vs. Reality”

Download this episode (right click and save)

Part 2: “I’m a friend, he’s a friend, she’s a friend, we’re all friends, hey”

Download this episode (right click and save)

Part 3: “Virtual Romance”

Download this episode (right click and save)

Part 1 Timestamps
00:00 Intro
01:20 Show Intro
03:16 Season Overview
10:35 Pick of the Season
14:20 Idol Jihen
20:40 Seiren
32:40 BanG Dream!

Part 2 Timestamps
00:00 Koybayashi-san chi no Maid Dragon
12:00 Kemono Friends

Part 3 Timestamps
00:00 One Room
09:00 Masamune-kun no Revenge
29:28 Gabriel Drop Out
47:32 Mystery Not Question
50:00 More Kemono Friends

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