Posted by: Leek | May 22, 2017

Little Girl Anime Power Rankings Season 3 – Week 37

Just business as usual.

Pick your favorite facial expression.

Dante actually looks like he’s dying in the back.

Previous Standings

1) Kirakira Precure A La Mode – 304 Points
2) Aikatsu Stars! – 255 Points
3) Rilu Rilu Fairilu – 243 Points
4) Idol Time PriPara – 162 Points

I never really track the exact point margin across weeks, but it feels like we’ve more or less reset to where we were before Aikatsu went on a tear.

Weekly Point Distribution

1) Aikatsu Stars! – +9 Points
2) Kirakira Precure A La Mode – +6 Points
3) Rilu Rilu Fairilu – +3 Points
4) Idol Time PriPara – +1 Point

A Word From the Big Man
Much better than last week, but there were still a lot of holes in the bottom two spots.

How to bake a steamy daytime drama.

I really like Yukari as a character, and it’s nice to have someone as cunning as she is in the main cast. The problem is I expected Rio/Julio’s character to make it at least to the halfway point in the series, very much akin to Dokurokushe in Mahou Tsukai. But, at the rate we’re going, it’s hard to tell if Julio can remain a villain for more than a few more episodes. In the case Julio isn’t defeated, he can no longer maintain his Rio persona, and that severs a lot of his effectiveness as a main villain.

Julio first came off as really cool and cunning, and felt like he could be a real long time burden on Precure. But his identity getting exposed within four or five episodes of his introduction kind of undoes that entire image (no matter how clever you make Yukari out to be). It’s obvious they want to do something with his character before the second half of the show begins, but, in hindsight, it might have been worth introducing him at the start of the series to help establish him as a real villain.

The recent approach to writing in Precure is to push out a lot of miniature arcs within one series rather than ultra-focusing on a single struggle. There are definitely series where this kind of thing works, but it does feel a little rushed, to say the least, in the case of A La Mode. This may just be a fault of expanding the cast, whereas a series like Mahou Tsukai started with only two main characters (or three if you want to count Mofurun).

Rola doesn’t know how to react to even the smallest of victories.

What I thought was going to be a Kirara centered episode quickly did a one-eighty to Rola. It honestly didn’t signal any of it during the first half, but it quickly shifted during the second half of the episode. I didn’t know how they had planned to elevate Rola so she could stand on the same stage as everyone else, but the staff finally gave her the boost she needed so she can actually go toe to toe. Overall, I was really happy with this episode, and my only real worry is that Rola will eventually get dragged through the mud (again) once Yume shoves her off the podium (again).

I had talked a lot about how I felt confused by what the staff wanted to do with Tsubasa’s character, and I’m fairly certain they didn’t plan much of what actually ended up happening. I just can’t imagine that they would have had her jump across so many characters, only to have her transfer all her responsibilities and traits to Rola in the following season. Don’t get me wrong, I think them deciding to raise Rola as the new Tsubasa position is great, but it would have helped to see Tsubasa have any shred of influence on Rola in the first season.

As it stands, Tsubasa directly had an episode with every character in the main cast except Rola (unless one was erased from my memory). But the character Tsubasa interacted with the most with was Yume, and the senior character that interacted most with Rola was Lily, which was only during Rola’s short development arc. I know I said I wanted to see Tsubasa interact more with Ako, but that was coming from the angle of how they could have worked more of Ako’s character into the first season. But if they had planned to do this with Rola’s character, then it would have been logical for Tsubasa to spend more time by Rola’s side over any other character.

Rin sure seems to enjoy the pain of others.

Fairilu experimented this week by doing it’s first really off the wall segment during the second half of the episode. And, unfortunately, it kind of fell flat on it’s face. Sometimes you can throw a ton of nonsense at a wall and it will stick, and sometimes it just falls flat. This nonsense was definitely the flat falling variety.

Something about shoebills.

PriPara suffers from the exact same problem this week that the Kuma episode suffered from a couple of weeks ago. If you only plan to throw gag characters into an episode, then you reap what you sow.


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