Posted by: Leek | August 1, 2017

Little Girl Anime Power Rankings Season 3 – Week 47

There’s finally a LGAPR post for every original Pokemon.

You ever been stabbed in the back by a glowstick before?

Personally, I prefer the idol fans that front stab me with glowsticks.

Previous Standings

1) Kirakira Precure A La Mode – 375 Points
2) Aikatsu Stars! – 312 Points
3) Rilu Rilu Fairilu – 295 Points
4) Idol Time PriPara – 186 Points

Nothing to see here.

Weekly Point Distribution

1) Idol Time PriPara – +9 Points
2) Kirakira Precure A La Mode – +6 Points
3) Aikatsu Stars! – +3 Points
4) Rilu Rilu Fairilu – +1 Point

A Word From the Big Man
This week was really a comedy of errors.

This is why you don’t come up with combinations on the fly.

This week on Precure was the Yukari episode I’ve been requesting for awhile and it finally gave an actual eye into her real character. The problem is all the positives of the episode were heavily outweighed by overly dramatic moments and a terrible episode plot. There were probably better ways to spark more interaction between Akria and Yukari, but the staff seemed pretty set on dishing out a pure fanservice episode. We’ve hardly had that many episodes between Akira and Yukari, but they’ve evidently been getting very close in all that time off screen. A real shame because this episode would have felt a lot less like a ploy had they just taken the time to show any development between the two on screen.

Frankly, I feel like I want to put Precure lower on the totem pole this week, but the other shows just had that many more mistakes.

An offer you can’t refuse.

This Stars episode would have probably felt like less of an issue if Yume didn’t have a similar episode just a few weeks ago. It is cute to see Yume interact with fans and all, but it’d be nice if she was given other ways to draw inspiration. Not to mention, the overly extended cheering scene took up a lot of time in an episode where we already had two stage performances. And seeing a lot of time trying to be bought on really trivial things isn’t usually a good sign (or fun to watch).

The most interesting aspect of this episode is the position it puts Kirara in, mostly in regards to her relationship with Elza. But it was such a very small piece of the pie and most likely won’t come into play until later (or potentially never).

How to kill your best friend without really trying.

It’s kind of forgivable when Fairilu makes up arbitrary rules for things that aren’t completely relevant or don’t really affect any aspect of the first season, but this episode kind of did both of those. You’d think if there was a life threatening aspect to the human/Fairilu buddy system that it would be outright taught. But, evidently, it’s not worth warning your students about when it can make for real handy episode material down the line.

It’s really a problem of making Ren look incredibly incompetent. You really can’t make him outright voice his concern about maintaining the balance between the two worlds, but also have him fail to warn his students about something that can interrupt the balance between the two worlds. Or, at the least, make him reflective that he screwed up tremendously.

It gets more surreal the longer you look at it.

While I still had issues with some overall direction and character choices in PriPara, it’s writing has been fairly tame and episodes have been marginally easier to get through as of late. So this week is a good example of why consistency gets rewarded. I’ll probably always have issues with Dressing Paffy and make fun of their name at every opportunity, but Leona and Dorothy provided amazing supportive roles this week. They’re also the first of the veteran cast to actually feel like mentors to one of the new idols. And having multiple influences on the same character is quite the plus. The hilarious turn around to that is it might end with Nino ending up as a better rival character than the entirety of Dressing Paffy ever was.

The real question is the whole autograph from WITH situation. If only males are allowed into DanPri, then how exactly did they plan for one of the girls to get an autograph from WITH if the members were all in DanPri doing an event. Are you telling me that PriPara was actually encouraging it’s patrons to break the law? Remember to be law abiding citizens, kiddos.

Hopefully everyone steps up the execution a bit next week.


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