Posted by: Leek | September 14, 2017

Little Girl Anime Power Rankings Season 4 – Week 1

It’s time to travel into the belly of the beast for the fourth time.

A new semester, a new season.

At least there was one point in his life where Ichika’s dad dressed like a normal person.

Previous Standings

1) Idol Time PriPara – 10 Points
2) Kirakira Precure A La Mode – 0 Points
2) Rilu Rilu Fairilu – 0 Points
2) Aikatsu Stars! – 0 Points

We’ve been here a couple of times before.

Weekly Point Distribution

1) Kirakira Precure A La Mode – +9 Points
2) Rilu Rilu Fairilu – +6 Points
3) Idol Time PriPara – +3 Points
4) Aikatsu Stars! – +1 Point

A Word From the Big Man
Everyone started off on a good foot this season, but there can only be one number one.

To hell and back in time for the new semester.

Somehow I found the funniest part of PriPara this week that Mimiko’s character exit was essentially the extent of Japan’s summer vacation. Her return was semi-late, but since the new semester had only started in the context of the show anyway, it really makes her running away feel more like a gag than anything else. I’m fairly sure it wasn’t the intention, but it does teach kids a good lesson. Not the running away part, but staying in school and not skipping classes.

Jokes aside, PriPara used this week to tie up the last loose ends with Mimiko so they never have to deal with her character again if they don’t desire to. And seeing as they’re preparing to introduce new characters again, it’s probably for the best that Mimiko’s character isn’t hanging in limbo and leaving everyone curious whether she’d ever return as a major idol or not.

I’m overall happy with what the episode achieved, but it was lacking a bit of oomph to propel it into one of the top two spots.

Go figure the daughter of a karate teacher to punch in her sleep.

PriPara kind of nibbled at the mother/daughter theme this week, but Precure bit cleanly on the hook. I’ve been attacking Precure a bit on overdramatizing a lot of situations that don’t need it, and this week finally hit a nice balance. I don’t really attack shows for a lack of realism, nor do I heavily expect realistic situations, but it really does help you identify with characters. Every scene with Ichika’s family felt really genuine, and it was that realism that gave the episode a really satisfying punch.

At the same time, I don’t think Precure overstepped it’s boundaries. I do feel bad that Glaive was used as an accessory to the episode, but I’m glad they didn’t try to force a villain into the situation. Just the same as performances in PriPara and Stars, there needs to be a baddie to take down somewhere in a Precure episode. So I am glad that they made it feel as least intrusive as possible to the overall events of the episode, and it did play well into how Ichika had come to terms with everything.

Overall, I’m happy. Ichika’s character really did need an episode like this since her character has been left fairly untouched since the start of the series. The only trade off is I really doubt she has room for any further development down the line (her mom was really her thing), but she’s probably better off serving as a pillar to the other cast members at this point. So I can’t really argue against the timing, but I hope they don’t force her mother to be a plot hostage later (akin to what happened to her dad early on).

Jesus, Rin, it was a wonder I was even born.

Fairilu sends Lip and Rin back into the past so we could see exactly how Sonia behaved when she was their age. When put against everything else this week, there was no relevant relation to the major plot present, but it was generally just a charming story to give you a fresh look at a character as well as teach a good lesson. It’s also that classic episode to show kids that their parents and teachers went through the same things, potentially attended the same school, and just maybe suffered through the same teachers.

The most surprising thing about the episode was how reliable Rin was. Rin never comes off as the brightest character due to her tendency to fall asleep, but I had expected her to panic slightly more given the situation. And seeing her having to babysit Lip for once was fresh, and maybe a little sad when you think about the fact that Lip is both Rin’s senior experience wise and main character wise.

Don’t let Rola hear about this.

I’m still at a bit of a loss of how I feel about this week of Stars, and I feel like a huge part of it is just that I still have whiplash from last week. I feel like a bit of it could have been simply remedied by cutting a chunk of the episode to just lay out exactly what happened after last week, because I didn’t feel like I was on the same page as all the characters. Koharu was definitely the right character to keep the focus on, but there was really no slow acceleration into the week’s events. Instead, I feel like I missed a stop in-between last week and this week, and instead I was already getting taken full speed to the next location.

But the rough start to the episode aside, the content was good. Koharu did miss the greater majority of Yume’s development into what she is now, so seeing her childhood friend older and more self-sufficient would be shocking, to say the least. And the episode does finish out the one development that was hinted at since the first season. Yume and Koharu really did intend to take on the idol world together, and working within the same brand finally gives them the ability to chase their dreams as one entity. I wish I could have reacted to the development more, but they did kind of spoil that it was going to happen for awhile now in the arcade commercials. Maybe not the best of ideas.

A real promising way to start the fourth season.


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