Posted by: Leek | March 14, 2018

Little Girl Anime Power Rankings Season 4 – Week 27

There’s that feeling of being caught up, but also the realization that I’ll be doing another LGAPR post in less than half a week.

Hardware stores are pretty intimidating.

Particularly when they’re built to the scale of Hana’s dad.

Previous Standings

1) Idol Time PriPara – 237 Points
2) HUGtto! Precure – 193 Points
3) Aikatsu Stars! – 164 Points
4) Rilu Rilu Fairilu – 138 Points

Still no major changes.

Weekly Point Distribution

1) Rilu Rilu Fairilu – +9 Points
2) HUGtto! Precure – +6 Points
3) Aikatsu Stars! – +3 Points
4) Idol Time PriPara – +1 Point

A Word From the Big Man
Quality took a bit of a dive this week.

And here I thought Hibiki was supposed to be the cheesy movie star.

Somehow it’s probably fitting that PriPara closes itself out the way it lived: horribly. It doesn’t matter how you slice it or what tiny bits of dialogue you add during them, half an episode of lives is still half an episode of lives. The entire episode really felt like watching recap, except worse because recap usually involves you seeing rehashed content a second time. This episode is watching rehashed content for a tenth or eleventh time.

There’s a reason I reacted so negatively to the end of last week, and it was because it was pretty obvious what they were planning to do next.

Find a woman who looks at you the way Saaya looks at power tools.

Precure gives a sneak peak as to what we can expect from future episodes. While all of it might not be similar, it appears like a good number of episodes may end up as dynamic career shadowing to teach kids the ins and outs of various workplaces. It may not sound terribly exciting, but let’s not get into the target audience lecture.

But this week did mix it up quite a bit in that the career shadowing aspect didn’t take full control. There was a lot more shenanigans than working and, while I don’t want every episode to turn into a Minday and Buttons segment, I do hope they carefully plan episodes so an appropriate amount of stimulation occurs. It’s good to teach kids, but it only goes so far if they get bored of an episode halfway through.

One thing that they did again this week was actually lead into the next episode at the end. I mentioned before that Precure tends to be very episodic, but this is another time we’ve seen them tease the next episode outside of the preview. I don’t think they always have to feel the need to attempt minor cliffhangers, but I do enjoy feeling a stronger sense of continuity from week and to week. It gives you an actual feeling of obligation to keep up with the show.

You’re gonna need a bigger Ark.

Newly purified Elza decides to let any idol on her boat. And that would be a great idea until you realize that boats aren’t that big. Jokes aside, I was really hoping they would let the entire Venus Ark cast hang around until the end of the series, but I guess they really wanted to force focus onto a final showdown between Hime and Yume.

This week wasn’t a bad episode per se, but it was really just watching a candle slowly burn out. There was no real oomph, and we’ve seen this game of tug of war between Elza and her followers in too many episodes at this point in the season. Rather than this mellow end to the Venus Ark, I would have really appreciated a bit more a bang. This really just felt like a waste of personality.

Magical invasion of privacy.

Fairilu got a bit overshadowed in the previous week by better episodes, especially when it didn’t do anything particularly horrible. Luckily, it came back even stronger this week with another drama heavy episode.

Nozomu has always been a character that seems to fade in and out of relevance as he’s needed, and I feel like he’s had very few good episodes to really show off real emotion. But he finally did a get a chance to let out everything this week and actually come to terms with the relationship he’s maintained with Lip going all the way back to the first season.

It took a bit of another strange driving force (Anchusa was far better though), but I do enjoy the direction for Nozomu and Lip from here on out. I don’t know how ambitious they’re willing to get given that they have another season to think about, but Fairilu has done enough strange things that I’ll just let them sit at the wheel and hope for the best.

Only three weeks remain of the PriPara and Aikatsu we’ve known for the past three seasons of LGAPR.


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