Posted by: Leek | June 20, 2018

Little Girl Anime Power Rankings Season 4 – Week 41

I’m a little sad we’re not getting any random soccer episodes to celebrate the World Cup, but I guess we’re in a season with both a Captain Tsubasa remake and a new Inazuma Eleven series.

At least she didn’t try to put the proposal after the credits.

The only way you can get someone to wait through credits nowadays is if it’s a Marvel movie.

Previous Standings

1) Kiratto Pri☆Chan – 306 Points
2) HUGtto! Precure – 284 Points
3) Aikatsu Friends! – 224 Points

Nothing big to note.

Weekly Point Distribution

1) Aikatsu Friends! – +9 Points
2) Kiratto Pri☆Chan – +6 Points
3) HUGtto! Precure – +3 Points

A Word From the Big Man
Definitely a lot of wow factor missing this week.

Mirai tackles some high level idol theory.

PriChan enters it’s first real competition in a format that we’ve seen all too many times before. The difference is, there’s no extra bells and whistles tied to this competition (at the current moment). Unlike it’s predecessor, PriChan doesn’t have any kind of fantasy element mixed in, so the staff only needs to focus on writing a raw competition. So it’s best (at the current moment) to look at PriChan as closer to the original Aikatsu whereas Aikatsu Stars was most comparable to PriPara when it was airing.

It wasn’t a bad episode, but there was really nothing that set it apart from the rest of the pack. It was just an okay episode with some cute moments here and there.

The baby probably shouldn’t be right next to the sick parent.

This week fully initiated Ruru and Emile into the Precure team. On paper it’s a pretty huge episode in the context of story events, but it turned out to be completely forgettable. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Ruru and Emile getting to both be members of Precure because “miracles can happen”, but I don’t think an entire episode trying to say it is particularly thrilling content. There’s been a lot of lead up until this episode, and it felt like a waste to not write a proper scenario for it.

Not to mention, I’m not sure I’m okay with Precure breaking into song during a fight being a norm at this point. It’s a little late to be complaining about it, but I don’t know why this became a thing. At this point the team is best off full committing and writing an entire series where the main cast are all just idols. If you’re going to force character songs into the series, you might as well find a way to make it logical.

Someone looks unamused.

Mio finally commits and decides to ask Aine to partner up with her in a more humorous episode than anything. And, to be honest, I think the good humor of the episode was what made it as charming as it was. I really don’t think drama suits the cast very well (probably has something to do with Aine coming off as an idiot), and trying too hard to work it into episodes is probably what has turned me away from certain weeks. The episode was well balanced and it felt like a good break from what we’ve been given recently.

At this point, this is where I feel like Friends can break away from it’s predecessors and attempt new things. It doesn’t mean that every episode is going to be a new experience, but if they want create a new experience, then it’ll be on the back of the actual Friends concept. So hopefully we see a lot of pair activities over solo episodes from this point onward.

I’m already ready for Fairilu to be back. It might be on extra mouth to feed, but I miss the variety it brings.


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