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Little Girl Anime Power Rankings Season 4 – Week 50

They released a free version of Inazuma Eleven on the 3DS awhile back and I’ve finally gotten to playing it. That piece of information is completely irrelevant to anything in this post, but I couldn’t think of anything else to write here.

Someone get the camera.

That shot is an easy hundred Instagram followers.

Previous Standings

1) Kiratto Pri☆Chan – 366 Points
2) HUGtto! Precure – 339 Points
3) Aikatsu Friends! – 283 Points

Remember when PriPara could hardly break 200 points? Now just imagine if PriChan had control for an entire season with it’s current pace.

Weekly Point Distribution

1) Aikatsu Friends! – +9 Points
2) HUGtto! Precure – +6 Points
3) Kiratto Pri☆Chan – +3 Points

A Word From the Big Man
Maybe not as good as last week, but still good.

Baby panda or not, that’s still not okay.

Why worry about whether you send your characters to the beach or the mountains during the summer when you can just do both? PriChan follows up it’s beach episode with the common counterpart that you’re bound to see in an anime covering the summer season. It more or less follows along with the idea we saw last week, but had a few more bumps in the road this time.

The problem with PriChan this week is it really looked like they tried to write plot for the sake of plot. I didn’t really mind the bare bones the episode was going with. Having Rinka trick the team into the investigating the paranormal was enough to provide all the gags and nonsense to fuel an episode, and that alone would have been perfectly fine. The problem is they turned it into a team squabble that did little more than fill some extra time. And that really seemed to be the objective of a lot of this episode.

I don’t know. Maybe halfway through they couldn’t think of anymore gags to fill the gaps and ultimately lead the group to the punchline. But I would have enjoyed them to think a little harder and not make up extra time with two performances and a half baked attempt at creating and reparing a rift among the members. I know stupid fights happen in friendships, but this was a sloppy attempt. A real shame because the actual fluff parts of the episode were honestly keeping it well elevated above the average line.

Of course Emile still fits into that.

In case you’ve been turning a blind eye to it, Precure has been really at this year in pushing social equality issues. The past few years of Precure have really been a read between the lines kind of approach, but HUG has established it doesn’t want to be as gentle. So this week was all about how love has no boundaries.

This week was structurally similar to the previous week. There was a side character that the episode was really about, but a chunk of the plot was faintly tied to a main member. While I didn’t think Saaya was integrated too smoothly the previous week, Ruru did a better job of meshing with the subject matter this week. It wasn’t terribly intrusive either, and it allowed them to kind of tie everything together nicely at the very end of the episode.

Precure was honestly cleanly put together, and it was really just edged out by lacking as much substance as Aikatsu. But, unlike PriChan, I really don’t have any real gripes about it.

Call Kaguya now for your free reading.

Aikatsu concludes it’s first real competition this week with Aine and Mio coming out on top. Overall, it was a pretty big step forward for the series as it laid out a good foundation for things to come. With Aine and Mio coming out as the victors it punches them a ticket to perform on a bigger stage and potentially get knocked down a peg by greater rivals (which makes the most sense given how early fall is into the year run). And having Maika and Ema lose allows them to get properly setup in a rival position to the main pair. The two Friends pairs have been existing in separate planes up until now, and this episode finally unified those planes so they could more properly see eye to eye as rivals.

This week also revealed that Sakuya does have a younger sister and not an evil doppelganger. While we’re still in the dark about Kaguya’s character (other than her incompetence compared to her sister), we were able to get a few clues here and there about their relationship. I’m still on the fence about how I feel about Sakuya’s sudden introduction in the first place, but we’ll just have to see how it plays out over the next couple of months.

I do have my gripes about the episode though. I feel the need to mention that Aine, Maika, and Ema were unnecessarily put in the wrong for doing something smart. All three eliminated distractions to focus properly on a task, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Frankly, I was hoping Aine’s friends would have apologized near the end of the episode for not properly thinking about the situation they were putting her in, but Aine ended up being the character to apologize. It was definitely a situation where logic was thrown out the window in an attempt to make things work. It just came across as a forced situation so they could explain Pure Palette coming out on top.

The shows will go on, but only two more weeks remain for LGAPR.

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