Posted by: Leek | September 4, 2018

Little Girl Anime Power Rankings Season 4 – Week 52

Summer vacation has come to an end, and with it, the end of LGAPR.

Friends machine broke.

Unfortunately, Aine is like the Terminator of making friends.

Previous Standings

1) Kiratto Pri☆Chan – 372 Points
2) HUGtto! Precure – 354 Points
3) Aikatsu Friends! – 298 Points

The standings still don’t change after you add in this week, don’t worry about it.

Weekly Point Distribution

1) Aikatsu Friends! – +9 Points
2) HUGtto! Precure – +6 Points
3) Kiratto Pri☆Chan – +3 Points

A Word From the Big Man
Not as great as past weeks, but not a bad week to go out on either.

They call him Croissant, Croissant, fat as a whale.

The previous week of PriChan was already a little rough around the edges, and this week didn’t do anything to really improve. But I did mention that PriChan was due to slow things down for awhile, and it did do a decent job of buying time until the new semester. The most prominent thing in this episode is that it started hinting at the newest story development that we should expect come next week. Otherwise, it was a negligible episode.

If only excessive service was a problem on flights.

Precure finally took a step back from it’s hard hitting lessons to focus a bit more on the fluff. This week might have thrown in a last minute lesson, but the majority of it was meant for the laughs. And that’s really all there is to it. All shows were trying to do the same thing this week by bringing an end to summer vacation and leading into the new semester. Aikatsu rolled more heavily with the story, and Precure brought better fluff to the table than PriChan.

Tamaki was never this aggressive with the girls.

Aikatsu continues to cool down after it’s first major competition, and this week was a bit of a transition to the next major set of events. It actually introduced a handful of characters, and I am somewhat curious how relevant some will be down the line. What’s really funny is a lot of the characters introduced seemed to sport a lot more personality than major cast members, so it will be a shame if a lot turn out to be throwaways.

Overall, it was a really well balanced episode. There was a lot of good humor strung throughout the episode, but also paired with a good scenario to let Aine and Mio show off the best of their characters. From what could have been a really chaotic episode given the amount of characters, it actually served as a good pivot to show how far all the various characters have come. I’m not sure if it was intentional, but Aikatsu really timed itself well with the new semester. It might have missed some fun in the sun like other shows, but this episode really brought me some confidence looking forward.

Farewell, ladies. Farewell, ladies. Farewell, ladies. We’re going to leave you now.

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