I have to admit it’s been a remarkably long time since I’ve written any form of article for anything. But if we were taking stock of how many times someone said, “shut up” then I believe you could fill a book with many of those encounters. Because of this I figure it is healthy to keep around some sort of backlog of information so I can hear those two words considerably less. Well, something like that.

Frankly I can’t say I have any intention of specializing my posts. After thoughts and experiences in different fields I find that doing such a thing is incredibly boring. More or less just expect what’s interesting to me at the time. It could be me analyzing episodes of anime, rambling about my daily Nico ventures, rambling about my attempts at five seconds of fame, answering the questions of the world, or a long story of sipping a cup of hot cocoa. Whatever mood strikes, you’ll expect to see this here.

That aside, I’m not on any quest with this space I feel. I expect friends and acquaintances to drop by for the most part and read what interests them. So feel to comment on what you want, throw in an opinion. I’ll find a creative way to get back to you, I’m sure.

As of now, I’m also looking into hiring anybody interested to write articles here. In case that interests you then be sure to read how to start the process.