I want to be an author!

Despite the overall personal look and feel of the space, a lot of people said something of a similar affect to me. Something along the lines of “Hey Leek, you said you were going to start a new blog. Any chance I could post my stuff there?”. Actually I got it a lot when I said I was coming back and I still have nothing against it. I won’t force you to contribute regularly but I’m not against publishing your stuff. Just like everything else, there are guidelines on what to do if you want to be an author for me.

In simple words send an e-mail with the title “Author Application Request” to oretokudo@gmail.com. This will ensure that I get to your e-mail with the right attitude and don’t treat it like I would other business. Along with this, I’d only like to see a sample article or something you may have done elsewhere (like if you had a mini-blog or something of your own previously). I just want to run a quick check to make sure you aren’t going to put anything up that I think would discourage people from visiting or offend the masses. I’ve seen more then a few co-authors go crazy and eventually had to be let go in the best interest of the blog owner. Not pretty stuff.

Aside from that you’ll need an account on WordPress so I can give you proper privileges and access to the blog. From there I can talk to you more about what you plan to do and properly bring you into the family.

Simple isn’t it?